Outsourcing in the Healthcare Industry: Everything You Need to Know

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Outsourcing in the Healthcare industry: Everything you need to know

The Healthcare industry is constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality healthcare services. For achieving maximum efficiency & better patient care outcomes, healthcare outsourcing services can be the best bet for hospitals. By outsourcing non-core operations, you can assign the respective responsibilities to another vendor that has expertise and specialization in a specific area. This ultimately helps you in focusing on your core operations & delivering better patient care.

The success of any healthcare organization highly depends on the back-office operations that keep running the hospitals smoothly. Since there are a lot of functions that need to be performed by any hospital or healthcare business like patient data entry, claims settlement, public relations, tax preparation, etc, outsourcing these services can be one simple way for hospitals to cut down costs, improve efficiency & lessen critical mistakes!

Need for Outsourcing Services for Hospitality Industry

Whether you own a big pharmaceutical company or a small healthcare practice, running a healthcare organization is not easy! To solve the growing challenges, hospitality industry outsourcing services come to play. The role of any healthcare business is not just to deliver healthcare services, but also to handle multiple back-office operations and tasks. By outsourcing these tasks to a reliable service provider, these operations can be effectively looked after, thereby leading to greater profits & smooth operations.

As healthcare is an ever-challenging industry, the most notable reasons for healthcare outsourcing are to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase flexibility to meet changing market needs. Outsourcing service providers have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to effectively handle the varied requirements of healthcare organizations. This further enables them to focus on their most critical role- serving the patients with the best services!

What can the hospitality industry outsource?

Over the years hospitals adopted the practice of outsourcing to specialized companies. Healthcare organizations usually outsource non-clinical tasks such as:

Medical data entry

Healthcare organizations are responsible for maintaining countless medical records & processing unimaginable volumes of data. This is where outsourcing medical billing services can help! The outsourcing service providers can efficiently manage your data so that they can concentrate on core business activities. As healthcare services run on data, from recording the information of the patient to maintaining the patient’s medical history records, having consistent & easily accessible data is a must to ensure smooth patient treatment.

By outsourcing medical data entry services you can unify the following data:

  • Hospital Records
  • Medication Records
  • Medical Billing Data Entry
  • Test Reports
  • Lab Data Records
  • Surgical Process Data
  • Clinical Data
  • Demographic Entry
  • Patient Information
  • Appointment Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Medical Claim Form Processing
  • Text and Numeric Data Entry
  • Handwritten Documents Data Entry
  • Image Record Data Entry
  • Charge Entry, among others

Data managing & processing services

When you outsource data management & data processing services, their professionals can handle multiple data types, sources, and structures. Furthermore, they also employ the best data cleansing practices to cleanse, de-duplicate data, and enrich data in order to keep your database clean & up-to-date. Data professionals can also standardize the digitized data of your patients, make sure that it is consistent, and further update all the medical records at regular intervals, following the best practices.

Data mining services

The purpose of data mining is to identify useful patterns by analyzing large sets of data that help predict industry trends, and then give insights on what to do about them. The Healthcare industry is doing wonders by harnessing the power of data mining techniques.
Data mining techniques can be used to decrease costs by increasing efficiencies, improve patient quality of life, and can be put to use for various purposes.

In healthcare, you can use data mining for predictive medicine, customer relationship management, fraud detection, healthcare management, analyzing the course of actions, and measuring the effectiveness of certain treatments. Outsourcing data mining can help you uncover the best practices for improving patient care while reducing costs, and improvise clinical processes.

Medical billing & coding

As a healthcare provider, you offer all the essential services, but to run a successful organization, you need to be paid for your services. This makes medical billing & claims processing an integral part of the healthcare business. As Healthcare organizations often struggle to streamline their medical billing process & accelerate the pace of revenue generation, healthcare BPO has the required infrastructure and expert resources to effectively process healthcare claims adjudication and streamline the verification and claims adjudication process while maintaining accuracy close to 100%.

Outsourcing the medical billing process can streamline the medical coding process, look after declines in reimbursements, handle insurance adjudication, etc. that leads to a smooth revenue generation cycle. Here are some of the major medical billing services that your outsourcing partner can look after:

PR, Marketing & sales support

Medical companies can hugely benefit from outsourcing sales and marketing services. Whether you’re running a big pharmaceutical company or a small healthcare practice, Outsourcing companies can provide the right medical sales representatives to help you meet your sales goals for your organization.

Other than simply focusing on sales and marketing that directly leads to revenue generation, having a strong PR strategy is also important for any healthcare organization. As a result, you can outsource healthcare PR services that are responsible to publish & distribute your medical research papers, take care of external communications, write your press releases, and maintain your goodwill in the market.

Website or app development services

If you want a dedicated website or an app for your healthcare organization, outsourcing web and app development services is the best solution! Outsourcing companies have skilled and experienced developers who are well aware of the best technologies and web designing & development practices to help you get a robust website with great UI/UX design, customized designing, and responsive design. You can further add functionalities to your website including direct doctor appointments, online consultations, and much more!

Just as telemedicine is also gaining prominence, especially after the pandemic, you can create a customized mobile app that would facilitate users to check doctors’ availability, get prescriptions via the app directly from the doctor, video call with the doctor, and do a lot more! Since developing a mobile app requires expertise & high coding knowledge, outsourcing app development services to a reputable outsourcing company can help you save money and get a high-performing app in a short turnaround time.

Advantages of outsourcing healthcare services

  • Helps in business expansion: By any means, if you are planning to expand your healthcare business, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to expand your reach. Work expansion becomes easy as you can have a pool of proficient resources who can clearly understand your requirements and offer your relevant solutions. For eg., if you are planning to develop a telemedicine app for your business to reach more people, outsourcing healthcare app development services is the best bet.
  • Avoid critical mistakes: As medical companies & hospitals deal with a lot of data, accurately entering, storing, and managing it is challenging! Especially processes like medical billing & coding processes that are complex, need utmost precision to avoid losses. Surprisingly, a total of 82% of medical bills contain errors. By outsourcing these services to a reputed healthcare BPO you can have a dedicated and well-trained team on your side who has expertise in handling billing matters with ease.
  • Top-notch services at a reduced cost: Outsourcing healthcare services can cut down major costs associated with infrastructure and manpower. Outsourcing companies can help you save up to 40%-70% of your overall costs. The best part is, you get cost-effective solutions, without compromising on the quality of services! Another advantage of outsourcing is that it cuts down your hiring costs as you do not have to recruit excess staff and train them.
  • Access to the skilled workforce: Getting healthcare experts from outsourcing companies ensures that you get a skilled workforce who can take responsibilities and handle tasks of varying complexity. Depending upon your requirements, these professionally qualified and experienced experts can perform tasks diligently ensuring that you get the best quality services.
  • Improved focus on patient care: In a hospital, your main purpose is to take care of the patients and provide them the best medical facilities. However, when you delegate your resources in handling back operations or other non-core operations, they get caught with the cumbersome and routine administrative tasks. Through outsourcing, your medical staff can entirely focus on patient needs and deliver quality care.
  • Better patient experience: Since your outsourcing service provider takes care of all your non-core tasks, you will be able to better concentrate on patient care, which in return improves your patient experiences, goodwill, and public image of your hospital.
  • Scalable solutions: Healthcare outsourcing services are highly scalable. This means, if you are planning to expand your operations, you can quickly gain support from your service provider, additionally, you can hire more resources as per your increasing needs.

How to select a healthcare outsourcing company?

When it comes to finding the right healthcare outsourcing company, you must pay attention to the following things:

  • Experience: Make sure that your outsourcing company has relevant experience in the industry. Having a good experience will ensure that they are well aware of the changes, trends, and practices in the healthcare industry.
  • Check for client reviews: Before finalizing your outsourcing partner, make sure that you do thorough research about the company. Also, go through all the relevant reviews posted by their clients that demonstrate their quality of service!
  • Cost-effective solutions: Most outsourcing companies offer services at competitive rates. While it is not advisable to go with the company that offers services at a very low price (as there is a possibility that the quality of services may not be up to the mark), do not go for an overpriced company as cost-cutting is among the major reasons for outsourcing. It is better to go with a company that has cost-effective solutions that come with quality services.
  • Hiring flexibility: Depending on your requirements, make sure to discuss all the possible hiring models. While some companies offer resources on an hourly basis, others can change you weekly or monthly. You must ensure that their hiring plans suit your requirements.
  • Security policy: As you may share a lot of your confidential data and patients’ records with your outsourcing vendor, make sure that your service provider has a strong data security policy in place.
  • An overall fit: In the end, go with a company that is an overall fit for your healthcare organization. With reference checks, website analysis, review analysis, and other screening processes done, you must select an ideal company & go with it! Make sure that your services are delivered in a quick turnaround time while maintaining accuracy in the final outcomes.

SunTec India: One-stop destination for all your healthcare outsourcing needs!

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