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Wearable Device App Development Services

Make your products smarter and your users happier with customer-centric, cross-platform wearable app development services from SunTec India. With over two decades of IT outsourcing experience, our wearable app development company builds cutting-edge, enterprise-grade solutions optimized to reduce costs, amplify productivity, and attract profits.

Benefits of Platform-independent Wearable App Development

Wearable Device App Development Services

Our pixel-perfect wearable application development workflow leverages the latest and best wearable technology, designed, developed, and helmed by professional development teams. Through these visually powerful and customizable wearable experiences, your business gets the opportunity to explore market possibilities, target new user demographics, and maintain a consistently high standard of service.

End-to-End Wearable App Development Services

Amplify your product’s utility with full-cycle wearable devices’ app development services from SunTec India. Simultaneously working on innovative technology upgrades and creative logical solutions, our teams of wearable device app developers transform your business solutions into impactful tools for profit generation and reputation enhancement. With a customer-engagement strategy tailored to fit start-ups and enterprises alike, we create feature-rich apps for wearable Android and iOS products, developed in line with the latest wearable technology.

UI UX Design

Only the UI UX elements most likely to invite interaction are incorporated into our wearable apps. To achieve such precise design, our development teams undertake research to understand specific wearable app usage, user’s familiarity with the intended device and application, the limitations and expectations around user experience, and optimum device operability, thus putting together design elements that are simpler to use with extended functionality.

Migration and Re-engineering

Our developers handle all aspects of wearable application solutions’ re-engineering. From a change of platforms to the addition of features like navigation, push notifications, recording, calling, sensor calibration, NFC, projection, or one-push services, we leave no stone unturned to turn your wearable app solutions into their latest, most upgraded, and efficient versions while assessing and establishing a synchronous and seamless connection with the concerned devices.

Back-end API Development

Our full-scale wearable app development services include complete front-end and back-end support to ensure seamless functioning and transition, thus allowing the best user experience for your customers. Through strategic back-end wearable application development approaches and ready-to-use APIs, we provide scalability, optimize performance, establish visualization standards and iterative controls.

Multi-Language Support

As a globally-operating, two-decades-old wearable app development company in India, we support enterprises, religions, and cultures worldwide. Keeping in line with that idea, our wearable applications support multiple languages, RTL (Right to Left) and LTR (Left to Right) scripts, locale resources, text and number formatting, and secondary language support for different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, among others.

Testing & QA

Quality testing is an inherent part of our wearable software development company. While designing device-specific test cases, we focus on the biggest wearable app development challenges and craft automation-test approaches that examine the application’s design, functionality, usability, user interaction, and connectivity, data synchronization, screen responsiveness, and battery optimization. Using emulators as well as the devices under consideration, we ensure acceptable performance quality for the wearable app.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Extend the functionality of your wearable applications across different platforms and technologies, including Apple iOS, Android, Google, and other devices, with our wearable app development services. While we stay up-to-date with the latest advancements related to cross-platform wearable app development, we also create platform-specific and device-specific versions of your wearable app on demand so that all target user demographics can access your product.

Diverse Wearable Application Development Solutions

At SunTec India, wearable device app development services are closely governed by a tried and tested methodology that involves research, testing, and implementation. We utilize optimum market research, agile workflow, multi-layered QA processes, and frequent client feedback integration to render exceptional digital experiences through highly-functional wearable applications. Focused on innovation, risk mitigation, and efficiency, our comprehensive cross-industry, cross-device, and cross-platform wearable app development services conveniently visualize your business solutions through smart wearable technology.

Apple Wear Applications

Drive brand awareness, engage customers, and generate revenue with top wearable apps for the Apple iOS platform. Depending on the model, issues, and version of your chosen Apple Wear device, we integrate the wearable app with appropriate features, including contactless payment, GPS functionality, navigation, physical activity tracking, duplicating phone notifications, among others.

Android Wear Applications

As veterans in the Android wearable app development niche, we’ve created applications that run directly on the device as well as in coordination with your phone, leveraging the device’s sensors, GPU, and the Android SDK to create engaging user experiences, incorporate intuitive features, manage data (text/images/other multimedia), monitor synchronization, and present a dynamic front.

Smart Bands Applications

Through real-life use cases, consumer surveys, market research, and trend analysis, we create enterprise-specific smart bands with heightened functionality, efficient battery life, polished front-end, synchronized back-end, and customized UI/UX. Our smartwatch app development services are tailored to enterprise requirements and device preferences.

Smart Glasses Applications

At SunTec India, we create smart glass solutions that facilitate critical data sharing, seamless transitions, effective virtual walkthroughs, and hence, improved productivity for the user. As a prominent, globally-active wearable app development company, we’ve created applications for various smart glasses, including Google Glasses and Apple Glasses.

AR/VR Applications

We offer smart solutions for wearable applications that leverage AR and VR technologies and utilize computer-generated simulations to create enhanced virtual interactions for users, thus giving way to highly-engaging user experiences, typically for devices like head-mounted displays.

IoT Wearable Applications

Gain traction among your consumer band with highly functional IoT-integrated wearable apps that support instant access, interoperability, data collection, push notifications, access authorization, privacy and security provisions, profile management, and effective synchronization between different users and devices.

Wearable Payment Applications

Through customized wearable payment applications, we equip your business with a wider payment ecosystem while supporting your user’s desire for convenient, on-the-go transactions. Our developer teams help you leverage the technologies in embedded wearables (like wristbands, smart glasses, etc.) to make effortless payments through a single tap or wave against POS.

Enterprise Advantages of SunTec India- A Prominent Wearable App Development Company

SunTec India is a 20-years-old IT outsourcing company with a firm foot in the wearable app development service niche. We offer bespoke web, mobile, and wearable app development services to clients worldwide, backed by a pool of multidimensional resources, a state-of-the-art infrastructure stack, advanced technology, and the best industry practices.

Client Speak

Client Speak

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Outsource Wearable Device App Development Services to SunTec India

Our wearable app development services span a wide range of industries, including sports, entertainment, medical, utility, enterprise, education, health & fitness, gaming, and multimedia domains. With an extensive resource library, efficient development processes, and successful history of executed projects, our wearable app development company stands strong as a leading and preferred choice for tailor-made, tech-based wearable application solutions. To know more about our services or how they can help your organizational goals, get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com.


Usually, wearable app development cost depends on the research, design, integration, features, behavior, cross-functionality, technology, and the cost of the resource/developer. At SunTec India, we combine all these features with a reasonable and flexible pricing strategy to ensure cost-friendly quotes for our clients.

If you want a closer project budget estimate, please send your requirements to info@suntecindia.com.

Our wearable app development services include-

  • Apple wearable apps
  • Android wearable apps
  • Smartband and Smartwatch apps
  • Google Glass apps
  • Virtual reality apps
  • IoT wearable apps
  • Multi-platform integration
  • QA, maintenance, and support

We follow an integrated process to ensure effective and timely project deployment. That involves:

  • Business requirement analysis
  • App flow architecture design
  • UI/UX design
  • Wearable app coding
  • 3-P integration
  • Analytic integration
  • User acceptance testing
  • Deployment and support

Depending on the app's complexity and requirements, we can create a wearable application between three to ten months. For an exact estimate, talk to our consultants at info@suntecindia.com.

When you outsource wearable app development services to us, you get the benefit of-

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • 2X faster time-to-market
  • Dedicated developers and managers
  • Industry-best technology infrastructure

We do not limit your wearable application to any native platform. Instead, we use an appropriate combination of technologies to cover effective functionality for all targeted operating systems.

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