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Read Aloud Fixed-Layout eBook With Multiple Features

Project Background:

SunTec India holds expertise & experience in turning a wide variety of print titles into read-aloud audio eBooks with its read-aloud fixed-layout ebook conversion services. As these read-aloud eBooks have gained huge momentum in recent years, one of our clients placed an inquiry through our website to create several eBooks with read-aloud features. As the client was facing content conversion challenges in handling fixed layout ePub conversion backed with Read-Aloud features, leveraging professional services was the most sought-out solution. Just after our first consultation, the client was assertive in handing over this project to SunTec India. Furthermore, after seeing some of our sample work, the client became even more confident in giving the project in our hands.

Client’s Requirements:

As the client approached us, the client had clear requirements:

  • 5 interactive eBook creation comprising more than 400 pages with read-aloud features that makes the reading experience unique & fun
  • Quick delivery time within 7 days while maintaining the highest accuracy level and standards
  • The eBooks users should be able to listen to the audio word by word that highlights along as per the audio file
  • The eBooks were to be delivered in read-aloud ePub format with interactive and engaging elements
  • Test and do the quality check thoroughly on different read-aloud compatible devices and eReaders
  • A large volume of high-quality content with interactivity elements & advanced features in the eBooks

Key Challenges:

Now that we had clear requirements from the client, the major concern was to deliver multiple eBooks with read-aloud features in such a short turnaround time. Since read-aloud features in eBooks call for appropriate & precise audio-text synchronization, it is the most critical and time-consuming in the entire eBook development & conversion process. Since we already had more projects in hand, developing multiple eBooks in ePub format with a lot of interactive elements, rich media and engaging content in this short deadline was not less than a daunting task. However, at SunTec India, nothing is impossible. Our team of professionals left no stone unturned to deliver this project successfully.

Solutions Offered:

As we also had other projects in hand, we divided the team and gave special attention to this project (without compromising on the other projects in hand) to complete & deliver the project within the stipulated time. Below mentioned are the solutions that we offered:

  • We maintained high precision in highlighting words as they were being listened to in the narration.
  • We offered full control of handling audio files to the users as per their preferences. We incorporated some additional features like the listener could turn on or off the soundtrack as well as choose to turn off the page automatically along with the narration.
  • We provided the client with five enhanced & interactive eBook productions with media-rich content, seamless navigation, illustrations, pictures, and audio-video files.
  • As demanded by the client, our team made special efforts to equip the ebooks with features like bookmarking, zooming options for better clarity, text search, linking, among others.
  • We tested the eBooks on different read-aloud supportable devices & eReaders like iBook, Readium, and Kobo.

Business Outcomes:

As audio-text synchronization is the most critical and time-consuming aspect of read-aloud book conversion in ePub format, our professionals focused on this task and were able to deliver all five eBooks with utmost precision. As a result, the client was extremely delighted with SunTec India’s overall service offerings and its commitment to delivering the projects on time regardless of the complexities of the work volume involved.

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