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Multilingual eBook: English & Arabic Used Within The Same Title

Project Background:

The client was struggling to find an experienced and reliable provider of multilingual eBook conversion services that could develop an eBook in English & Arabic language. The client also wanted to give a professional and polished look to the eBook, just when he came across SunTec India’s website. As the client placed the query for a multilingual eBook development, one of our exports spoke to the client and developed an understanding of what were his expectations in terms of eBook development. After a productive discussion, the client gave us a thumbs up to commence with the project and deliver it within a week’s time.

Client’s Requirements:

The client required a team of experts that could help in multilingual eBook conversion & give a professional & aesthetically pleasing look to the eBook. Some of the key requirements for this project highlighted by the client were:

  • Develop an eBook of more than 900 pages in both English & Arabic language in a short turnaround time of seven days
  • Delivery of eBook in ePub fixed-format and test it across different fixed-layout supportable devices & eReaders

Key Challenges:

As compared to other projects, the difficulty level of this was slightly high because of the fact that we had to create a multilingual eBook with English and Arabic language that were used within the same title. The whole task was quite critical as the language understanding gap could result in severe mistakes. Furthermore, the project had a strict deadline of seven days, where all the steps right from ebook designing, content proofreading, adding interactive elements, quality checking, etc. all were to be done within a week’s team. However, with SunTec India’s proficient & skillful team of content architects, ePub & Mobi experts, interactive and instructional designers, testing & QA Analysts, we took up this project & started with our eBook creation process.

Solutions Offered:

  • We engaged English & Arabic language experts to precisely understand, translate and proofread content as per the client’s requirement
  • As English & Arabic, both languages were used in the same title, our experts had to work with the utmost care to make sure that there were no errors .
  • We delivered the eBook in fixed-layout ePub format, following the defined standards & requirements
  • Our eBook conversion specialists embed rich media content such as video and audio, interactivity, annotations, cross-references, footnotes, links, etc., into the multilingual eBooks to make them interesting for the readers.
  • We tested the eBook thoroughly on different fixed layout supportable devices & eReaders like iBook and Readium.
  • The entire text was proofread by our language experts to ensure textual accuracy close to 100%.
  • As per the project requirement, we achieved the quick deadline with delivering the eBook within 7 days, without compromising on its quality .

Project Outcomes:

As we delivered the project by the end of the seventh day, the client was extremely delighted to have an eBook just as they’d expected! The client was happy to see that SunTec India maintained the highest accuracy levels and delivered a top-notch multilingual eBook through which the client could increase its readership. As a result, the client also referred our multilingual eBook development services to other authors & institutions looking for similar services.

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