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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast changing from a mere buzzword to ground reality in every sphere of business. An increasing number of businesses are embracing AI/Machine Learning as a solution to extract insights from huge datasets.

Applying machine learning and data science to business operations not only gives business owners better control of operations but also enables them to make smarter business decisions. AI-powered solutions offer a number of advantages ranging from automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, precise processing of complex data, to easy management of business operations. However, applying AI to data-driven processes is easier said than done as it calls for expensive human resources, expertise at handling data, huge volumes of data, access to the latest machine learning tools, and the right infrastructure. If you want to get past all these stumbling blocks, outsourcing data support of AI/Machine Learning is your best bet.

Making Sense of Outsourcing AI/Machine Learning Project

Artificial intelligence is changing business outcomes in such a tremendous way that entrepreneurs are tempted to jump into the bandwagon and set up their own operations. However, it is important to realize that machine learning is a potent technology that can take your operational efficiency to the next level and hence should be applied to your business by experts. If you want to leverage these latest technologies, you will have to prepare the proper infrastructure. In addition to this, the hardware and software required are also very expensive to procure. Then hiring experienced human resources to apply AI/Machine learning solutions to your data further erodes your financial resources. All of this makes business sense if your core business is AI solutions, but if you just want to use the technology to enhance your operations, hiring the services of a reputed vendor is your best bet.

AI/ Machine Learning-Based Data Support Services that You Can Easily Outsource

Outsourcing data support services for AI/ML projects is fast catching up in industries across the board. By outsourcing these services businesses are able to make their operations smarter without having to invest in expensive emerging technologies. The most commonly outsourced data support services for AI/ML are:

Image Annotation Services

By outsourcing image annotation services you can manage your image data more efficiently. It also allows you to process the image information precisely and draw insights that add value to your overall business. In an outsourcing arrangement, AI/ML data support experts annotate all sizes and types of images using accurate capturing tools making the images recognizable to machines. Businesses dealing in training data can benefit a lot by outsourcing image annotation services as it allows them to create training solutions based on machine learning.

Video Annotation Services

Video annotation has become an integral part of the autonomous vehicles industry and businesses that deal in human tracking. The Healthcare industry also leverages annotated videos to study human posture. When you outsource video annotation services to a specialized vendor, experts capture every subject in the video with frame-by-frame accuracy, thus making it recognizable to computer vision. The vendors that provide AI/machine learning data support have access to the latest tools and hence can accurately annotate live videos as well.

Text Annotation Services

Text annotation services are a boon for law enforcement agencies and businesses dealing with complex financial data. As financial services are the backbone of all the businesses, text annotation has become one of the most outsourced AI-based processes. In-text annotation, experts add metadata to all sorts of datasets in multiple languages. It makes the data visible to robots and automated machines.

Content Moderation Services

Data-driven content moderation services enable businesses to maintain a reputation in the marketplace by greatly improving the brand image and products. When you outsource this AI-based process, experts apply tools to your content to weed out unwanted attributes such as violence, drugs, extremism, etc. These tools can also bring you content in sync with statutory guidelines and rules.

Pick the Right Vendor to Outsource Data Support Services for AI/ML

While it does make sense to outsource data support services for AI/ML, choosing the right service provider is of great significance. The right outsourcing partner can give you customized services and still save a lot of your productive time and hard-earned money. The mark of a good outsourcing company is its industry experience, domain expertise, and ability to provide dedicated AI/ML experts whom you can supervise in real-time. Your vendor should also be able to optimize your outsourcing cost with highly flexible and scalable outsourcing models. Data security and quality of service should be the forte of your outsourcing partner.

SunTec India: Your Ultimate Partner to Outsource Data Support for AI/ML

SunTec India is a reputed name in the outsourcing industry for more than two decades. We have a team of AI/ML data support services experts that has a proven track record of serving industry vertical across the board. As an ISO certified services provider, we provide world-class security to your data. Being a reputed industry player STI offers highly scalable outsourcing models to suit your budget. You can start by hiring a single resource and then add on more resources to your team as and when required. For more information on our data support services for AI/ML drop a line at info@suntecindia.com

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