Top 5 Photo Editing Companies in India and USA [2022 Updated]

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Top 5 Photo Editing Companies in India and USA

Outsourcing photo editing services can help photographers in many ways.

  • Save post-production time.
  • Redirect your efforts towards other productive things.
  • Get high-quality outcomes quickly.

In fact, online photo editing services have proven their worth across the globe. Higher profits, better reputation, fast turnaround, happier clients-you name it.

The benefits are numerous; the catch- you have to find a suitable vendor.

So, what is the best photo editing company for you? How will you ensure that your chosen partner will provide the results you want, do it quickly, and stay within budget? Where can you find a befitting photo editing services provider in a market filled with them?

Easy. We have the answer.

Top 5 Photo Editing Company Reviews: An Analysis By Experts

1. SunTec India


The first look at this website gives you a lot to digest.

SunTec India is an over two decades old IT outsourcing company. It is not only a photo editing company but also specializes in all types of data, eCommerce, ePublishing, development, and digital marketing services. That tells us something about their range and reach.

Their collection of professional photo editing services is extensive!


They also sport an impressive global clientele of 7800+ enterprises, including some well-known names like Nielsen, DreamWorks, Panasonic, Bose, etc.

A 4.6 Clutch rating and 4.3 on Goodfirms, plus a bundle of dazzling reviews on these sites as well as Google- together, it all paints a picture of an experienced photo editing services provider that knows what it’s doing.

Location India, USA Average Rate $15-$25 an hour
Founded In 1999 Minimum Project Size None
Experience 23 Years Employee Size 1500+

What We Like About SunTec India:

In a shell, quite a few things:

  • 12 to 24-hour delivery
  • IP security & data confidentiality armors
  • ISO-certified processes
  • Cost savings
    • At SunTec India, the cost is a flexible concept. Clients have the freedom to pay by the hour, project, or individual tasks. You can scale your team up or down as per requirement. So, there is no pressure to come up with a certain amount of work continuously to get the worth of your expenditure. If you have more load, add more photo editors to your team. If you have less, cut down on the team size. At times, this flexibility has allowed their clients to save as much as 60% on photo editing services seemingly.
  • Compulsory NDAs for every project
  • Free consultation with professionals
  • A dedicated manager for every project
  • Very transparent communication

Overall, a global reach, ingrained experience, and B2B friendly terms of services push SunTec India ahead into the race for the best photo editing company.

Recommended Services:

  • Product Image Editing
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Background Transformations
  • Ghost Mannequin Editing
  • Portrait Editing
  • Wedding Photo Manipulations & Editing

What They Can Do Better:

  • A visible portfolio

You will not find a direct portfolio on the home page for SunTec India’s photo editing services. Instead, as you explore every service, you can find examples of their work.

That is inconvenient from an end-user’s point of view but certainly not a deal-breaker.

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 5

Which Is The Most Popular Photo Editing Software in 2022?

Going both, by their popularity and their strengths, our experts believe that the following photo editing software will get the job done with finesse.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Corel PaintShop Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • ACDSee Ultimate
  • CyberLink PhotoDirector
  • DxO PhotoLab

The learning curve for these photo editing software may differ. Before choosing any, you must understand your capability to use them to their maximum effect and create the best outcomes that these tools allow for.

Otherwise, you can consult professional photo editing services that use these tools.

2. PhotozWorld


Photozworld is our second top choice. The primary reasons are a vivid portfolio, a comprehensible service package that caters to all the major business verticals, and flexible pricing strategies.

I.e., you get the most in-demand services at a reasonable price and get professionals with experience in your niche to do the job.

Take a look at their service range- one of the reasons why we like this photo editing company.

  • Photo Editing Services
    • Image Enhancement
    • Photo Retouching Services
    • HDR Blending Services
    • Panorama Photo Editing
    • Photo Restoration Services
    • Image Cropping/ Resizing
    • Photo Colorization Services
    • Photo Correction Services
    • Photo Post-processing
  • Portrait Retouching
    • Portrait Editing services
    • Portrait Enhancement
  • Background Removal
    • Image Masking Services
    • Image Clipping Path
    • Image Cut-out Services
  • In addition, they offer photo editing services for the real estate business, eCommerce stores, and all kinds of events.

    Plus, a quick review of the website shows up a lot of subsequent benefits, like the following:

    • Unlimited revisions
    • 24-hour turnaround
    • Niche-wise service packages
    Location India, USA Average Rate $15-$25 an hour
    Founded In 2007 Minimum Project Size None
    Experience 15+ Years Employee Size 200+

    What We Like About PhotozWorld:

    1000+ global clients & 1500+ big projects.

    For this photo editing services provider, reach and clientele are significant qualifiers. They have a presence in the industry, and their work is accepted as a standard, which can come in quite handy if you are, for instance, an eCommerce business owner looking for conversion-optimized photos.

    Despite being on the pricey side, Photozworld allows its clients to get a lot done through its flexible pricing modules, which is undoubtedly a plus.

    Recommended Services:

    • Portrait photo editing
    • Wedding photo editing
    • Real estate photo editing
    • Quick photo retouching

    What They Can Do Better:

    Pricing seems like a sore thumb, especially if you compare all the entries for our top 5 photo editing companies.

    But, here’s the catch- that pricing is very pliable and encompassing.

    So, until you apply for a consultation (free, in case you were wondering) and weigh the photo editing services you require with what they are offering, the actual value of their pricing strategy would be hard to determine.

    Overall Rating: 4.8 Out of 5

    Is Photoshop Still The Best For Photo Editing?

    Photoshop has remained the golden boy of photo editing for a long time. Even in 2022, it is likely to be the top choice of editors for quick manual edits and extensive retouching.


    Because Photoshop is the only one of its kind- a software that allows multiple types of photo editing work in a single suite. It enables us to create graphic designs, digital art, and even web designs.

    • Layer-style editing allows for high-grade transformations.
    • Advanced tool support enables quick yet efficient editing.
    • Advanced image formats (think RAW or 16-bit) can be easily processed in Photoshop.
    • Lots of choices in automated photo editing.
    • Easy photo and video import and organization.

    But, is there anything better than Photoshop?

    You have choices. GNU image manipulation program, Procreate, or Photopea are a few examples. But, nothing is as automated and well-scripted as Photoshop, even if the Adobe monopoly is a downer.

    Overall, at present, Photoshop remains the leading photo editing software out there.

    3. Weedit.Photos


    The first impression of Weedit.Photos is a good one. You have a base price in hand and a five-photo large gallery showcasing its primary service types and prices.

    The service range of this photo editing company includes the following.

    • Portrait Retouching Services
    • Wedding Photo Editing Services
    • Color Correction Services
    • Glamour Retouching Services
    • Photo Retouching Services
    • High End Photo Retouching Services
    • Background Removal Services
    • Photo Correction Services
    • Photo Post Processing Services
    • Photo Enhancement Services
    • Photo Post Production Services
    • Photo Culling Services

    Amidst the best features & offerings of this professional photo editing services provider, you will find:

    • 30,000+ photos edited a day
    • 24/7 support
    • 24-hour delivery of photos
    • quite a few positive reviews
    Location Lviv, Ukraine Average Rate Starting from $0.25
    Founded In 2003 Minimum Project Size None
    Experience 19 Years Employee Size 50-200

    What We Like About Weedit.Photos

    The turnaround is quick, for real. You can expect a small bunch of photos to be delivered within two days.

    The quality of the final result is decent enough, if you go for simple retouches. If you choose the pro-package, you will find the results stunning and worthy. If you wish to compare their outcomes to a standard, magazine retouching would be ideally suited here.

    Their packages are quite cost-effective. For small and medium businesses, Weedit.Photos presents an enticing deal that combines reasonable photo editing with budget-friendly prices.

    Recommended Services:

    • Skin tone retouching
    • Make-up adjustment
    • Object & people removal
    • Cloth adjustments

    What They Can Do Better:

    • Complex manipulations
    • Stray hair removal

    Overall Rating: 4 Out of 5

    Lightroom Vs. Photoshop- Which Is Better?

    Lightroom or Photoshop- which is the choice of professional photo editing services? Here is a comparison to help you make that decision for your enterprise.

    Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom
    Difficult learning curve Easier learning curve
    Best for high-level image manipulation & manual tinkering Best for image organization & light processing
    Uses layers and masking for adjustment Uses universal photo adjustment sliders
    Per-pixel editing Broader strokes

    For the best results, photo editing companies suggest using both- Photoshop and Lightroom -and switch according to need.

    4. FixThePhoto


    FixThePhoto presents a good outlook in terms of experience and expertise. It has an almost comprehensive service set, very detailed photo editing options, well laid out pricing patterns, and a decent standing in the market.

    This online photo editing services vendor gets you a lot of edits in a single bundle.

    • Portrait Retouching
    • Body Retouching
    • Newborn Photo Editing
    • High End Retouching
    • Wedding Photo Editing
    • Clipping Path
    • Photo Manipulation
    • Photo Restoration
    • Product Photo Editing
    • Jewelry Photo Editing
    • Real Estate Photo Editing

    You will understand the range of their photo editing services much better by taking a look at their pricing models.

    That makes things very clear for clients. You can assess all these models and choose the one that suits you most.


    The entire home page of FixThePhoto is a gallery of their work. That is immensely helpful if you want examples of work similar to what you want done with your photos.

    Location Brooklyn, USA Average Rate Starting from $2.50
    Founded In 2003 Minimum Project Size None
    Experience 19 Years Employee Size 50-200

    What We Like About FixThePhoto

    While FixThePhoto is not as cheap as Weedit.Photos, it is quite reasonably priced. With a very detailed pricing module, you can easily determine where the best worth for your money lies.

    The expanse of their services is another huge plus. FixThePhoto operates across a lot of regions, ensuring that clients from their best markets can receive prompt assistance in no time. These areas include:

    • USA
    • US
    • Canada
    • Brazil
    • Europe
    • New Zealand
    • Australia
    • China
    • Japan

    The turnaround is decent. It is, however, suggested that you discuss the expected date of delivery since every project timeline can vary by its volume, quality, and types of edits required.

    Recommended Services:

    • Wedding Photo Editing Services
    • Portrait Editing
    • Photo Restoration

    What They Can Do Better:

    • Communication

    User reviews suggest that while choosing any pricing module, prospective clients should discuss all the inclusions in that package and ask about any additional charges that they may need to pay post-completion of the project. Since that has been a problem in the past, it will be better to steer clear of it in the future.

    So, pay attention to your communications seriously if you choose this photo editing company.

    Overall Rating: 4.5 Out of 5

    How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Photo Editing Services?

    If we go by most market reviews, then delegating a single photo editing project will likely cost you anywhere between ¢80 to $10. For bigger projects, the price as well as the pricing module will vary.

    If you choose to hire a photo editing company, the cost will depend on several factors, including the following:

    • Professional resource numbers
    • Expected expertise
    • Tools
    • Turnaround time
    • Project complexity
    • Expected quality of outcomes
    • Pricing structure choices

    5. Tucia

    Born on a college forum, Tucia has come a long way and is now recognized as an international photo editing service provider with headquarters in Vancouver and Hangzhou.

    The first impression of its website is stunning. The sleek design and to-the-point overview offers clarity to a client.

    The very first fold lets you know that 24-hour delivery applies to a bundle or six or less images and that you will get unlimited free revisions, among other things.


    Its range of services, however, are not comprehensive. Rather, Tucia can be considered a specialized photo editing company that offers intense quality with niche editing expertise.

    Its service range includes the following:

    • Basic Editing (1 Credit per photo)
      • Skin Retouching
      • Body Shape Improvement
      • Small Object Removal
      • Color Grading
      • Digital Makeup
      • Card Designs
      • HDR Effects
      • Interior Retouching
    • Extensive Editing (3 Credits per photo)
      • Image Transformations
      • Photo Manipulation
      • Double Exposure Effects
      • Dispersion Effects
      • Unique Family/Wedding Card Designs
      • Face/Body Swaps

    Additionally, at Tucia, you can get quite a few benefits with any package.

    • Free revisions
    • A 14-day full-refund policy for unsatisfactory results
    • Transparent pricing
    • Quick results
    • Volume-related discounts
    • Business account benefits
    Location Vancouver, Canada Average Rate Starting from $8 Per Credit
    Founded In 2007 Minimum Project Size None
    Experience 15 Years Employee Size 50-200

    What We Like About Tucia

    Tucia is the best photo editing company for exclusive skin tone corrections, in our opinion.

    You can place orders instantly and do it on mobile just as easily. The turnaround is quick. Their customer support is excellent. Plus, the price, despite being on the mid-range, is justified because of the realistic skin enhancement, color improvement, and tonal adjustment services that they provide.

    Recommended Services:

    • Skin tone retouching
    • Digital makeup
    • Zero gravity floating effect
    • Creative newborn photo background manipulation

    What They Can Do Better:

    Tucia runs on a credit system. That can easily confuse a client looking for quick edits. Here’s how that works.

    You can buy credits on Tucia. The charge is $8 per credit. These credits can then be used like a currency to order edits. A basic edit like color correction or skin tone correction will cost you 1 credit per photo (essentially $8 per photo.) High-level photo editing services like body swaps, face swaps, background removal, etc. will cost you 3 credits per photo (essentially $24 per photo.)

    If you understand this system, ordering photo editing services online on Tucia will be a breeze. But, if you don’t get it, the confusion could easily ruin the experience for you.

    Overall Rating: 4.8 Out of 5

    How Can I Get My Photos Professionally Edited?

    Professional photo editing services are your safest and best bet if you want

    • High-quality photo retouching services
    • In less amount of time
    • At a reasonable, budget-friendly price

    You have explored our choices for the 5 best photo editing services for Pro photographers, businesses, and companies.

    • SunTec India
    • PhotozWorld
    • Weedit.Photos
    • FixThePhoto
    • Tucia

    Make Your Choice With A Healthy Respect For Your Budget, Competition, & Trends

    What are the 5 best photo editing services for pro photographers?

    The answer to this question depends as much on who’s asking as on who’s answering.

    Why? Because requirements vary, as do the industry of implementation, the target market, and the value of this service from a business’s point of view.

    For instance, portrait retouching, background transformations, and entity removal are critical photo editing services for a wedding photography firm. Meanwhile, a fashion firm is more likely to assign value to skin corrections, color corrections, highlights, portrait retouching, etc. At the same time, a real estate business would want a photo editing company that offers high-grade perspective corrections and plane corrections with lots of exposure and light adjustments.

    Therefore, while we stand by our choices (and you have the reasons for it), we suggest thorough research before choosing the best photo editing company for your needs.

    If you still have questions, drop them in the comments, and we’ll get to you.

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