Why does your business need professional photo editing & retouching services?

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Why should you outsource your photo editing & retouching works

How well you present your business and your products online can make or break your customer’s buying decisions and brand image. And so, it’s critical to keep your visuals on top priority.

Whether you are into the real estate business, eCommerce business, a professional photographer, or in any other business, good-quality photos are the life of your business. Vibrant & clear pictures can speak a ton about your business. These images are vital for your product pages, website pages, social media, marketing ads, etc. to catch and be in the eyes of the customers. However, no matter how great photos you capture, there is a need for touch-ups & photo editing to turn them into flawless images, ready-to-be-used for any business. This is where outsourcing professional photo editing services help! Learn how…

Importance of photo image editing in your work?

Leveraging professional photo enhancement services, you can remove flaws & imperfections and produce high-quality images that can lure your potential customers. For your business to attract any traffic, having dull, distorted, blurry, or unattractive images turn down the customers immediately. On the other hand, good quality photos prompt the customers to click and explore your services further which automatically increases your opportunity of getting more potential customers.

If you’re still wondering why photo editing is important, give a look at these stats:

  • According to Hubspot, 32% of marketers, images are the most important aspect of their efforts.
  • A study by Etsy found that 90% of shoppers said that the quality of photos was “extremely important” or “very important” to their buying decision
  • When deciding on a potential purchase, 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos
  • Your content is 40% more likely to get shared if you are using good visuals/images on social accounts
  • If your content is backed with images, it has an average of 94% more views than the one without any image.

Whether it is removal or change of background, creating a masking effect, giving touch-ups, or resizing an image without distorting them, it can be outsourced to a reliable photo editing company that can skillfully perform these tasks for your photos.

Professional photo editing services can not just enhance the appearance of your photo but can also help you with:

  • Image Retouching
  • Enhancement of Image Colors
  • Image Cropping
  • Change/Modification of Colors
  • Addition of Objects, Elements, or Logos
  • Removal of Unwanted Objects, Elements, or Logos

As photo editing tasks are time-consuming and need skills to work on advanced photo editing software, outsourcing photo retouching services can save you valuable time, and you can watch your business thrive. Furthermore, performing image editing in-house will require heavy investments in terms of infrastructure, software, and resources. Thus, outsourcing photo editing services can help you get complete photo editing solutions at a much lower cost than in-house photo editing in a short turnaround time.

Even if you are a professional photographer, do you want to spend your time sitting behind a computer, and keep editing images from a past event or a wedding shoot? Of Course no, right! As a photographer, you should focus on capturing moments for your clients. By saving precious time, you will be able to book more clients & collaborate with other shooting sessions. Thus, by leveraging photo editing services for photographers, you will in fact be saving your business money.

How much does it cost to outsource photo editing?

While outsourcing photo editing services, the pricing of your project is primarily based on the following factor:

  • Project complexity: The task of simply editing the picture may sound simple, but it can actually involve a lot of work. However simple jobs like removing the background or adjusting the contrast may be less complicated but certain tasks like restoring old pictures or clipping photos can be tricky. Depending on the type of product you need to retouch and the nature of the edits, the final cost is calculated.
  • Turnaround time: Some outsourcing companies may charge more if there’s a tight deadline, but can deliver your edits within a few hours or days. Many companies are available 24/7 and can provide you a quote instantly, depending on how early you want the images to be edited & delivered.
  • Volume: The pricing also depends on how many photos do you need to edit? You may think that giving only a few images will cost you less, but the reality is many companies give discounts for high-volume projects, so you’ll end up paying less per photo when you place large orders.

Most of the photo retouching outsourcing companies work on a per-image basis, hourly basis, or can also dedicate a full-time resource for your image editing project if you have a large project. The normal photo editing rate per image is as low as 25¢ per photo while the hourly rate is as low as 7$ per hour. However, this may vary as per your project requirements.

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Top reasons to outsource your photo editing retouching work

  • Faster turnaround time: If you are involved in a business like eCommerce or real estate, your sales & conversions highly depend on your product or property photos. Since photo editing tasks are tedious & time-consuming, outsourcing photo editing services can ensure fast delivery of edited photos. If required urgently, some outsourcing companies can even deliver high-quality pictures in a few hours. Giving photos in bulk can also allow you to dedicate your time to other core business activities.
  • Expertise of photo editing experts: Let professional photo editors do their work. When you outsource photo retouching services, their professionals have years of experience & expertise in working on advanced photo editing software & tools. They can modify your photos, and turn them into appealing pictures that inspire sales. Photo editing professionals can even handle any complex tasks like clipping masks, color correction, photo manipulation, and photo retouching, ensuring that you receive the highest quality photos for your business.
  • Keeps you up with the rising demand: There is simply a never-ending demand for quality & compelling photos for websites, social media, marketing, etc. that is hard to keep up with. Since you cannot use outdated photos, the best option is to outsource photo editing and get new photos edited every month or whenever needed. You can also give a contract of bulk pictures and get edited pictures in a short turnaround time.
  • Frees up your time and resources: Bringing perfect & captivating pictures is not easy! Photo editing is a necessary part that can greatly impact your business image and sales. Editing photo backgrounds, removing shadows, maintaining white balance, adjusting contrast, removing unwanted elements, etc takes enormous time and may become overwhelming. Having the photo editing outsourced will help you save valuable time & resources.
  • Boosts your brand image: Outsourcing your photo editing needs can help you get new customers for your business and boost your sales and marketing efforts. Furthermore, using high-quality and engaging images helps in brand building that creates a positive impression about your business. Beautiful and flawless images create an appeal to your customers and they have a positive view of your product and services, thereby encouraging them to buy your products/services.
  • Saves money on expensive tools & software: By outsourcing your photo editing services you save a hefty amount on expensive photography equipment, tools, and photo editing software. As quality pictures demand the latest & advanced photo editing software, they can be highly expensive. Outsourcing photo editing services can benefit you by eliminating all these costs & saving money.

What should you look for in a photo editing company?

While looking for reliable photo editing services, here are the features that you should look for:

  • Quality of work: Make this your first priority as you can’t afford to lose the quality of work! Make sure to give a look at the company’s portfolio and past work, to get a fair idea of the quality provided by the outsourcing company.
  • Past experience: Experience beats everything! Experienced photo editors not only bring quality to the work but also bring professionalism and commitment to the work. When you are looking for an outsourcing company, make sure to choose a service that has a good experience.
  • Pricing: As mentioned earlier, pricing depends on the volume and type of images. Look for a company that neither charges you too high nor too low (as it may affect the quality of your pictures).

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