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Voluminous Conversion Project for Proprietary Formats including Processed PDF, Sprint and KES

Project: DAISY (DTBook XML format) Conversion
Industry: Government Body

Client: A Netherlands-based non-profit organization

Our client has carved out a niche as a leading organization by providing information and literature to produce digital texts for reading or software dyslexia software and hybrid book which combines reading and listening. In addition to this, every year the organization distributes about 90,000 publications (on an average) in Braille and 8,500 titles (on an average) in large prints for people with visual / reading impairment. Furthermore, each year the company produces more than 300 different spoken newspaper and magazine titles which are recorded in company’s in house studies spread across Grave, Rijswijk and Amsterdam in Netherlands.

Client Requirements

As Dedicon approached SunTec India it was under immense pressure to quickly cut turnaround times associated with software dyslexia software and hybrid book production. The production of Dyslexia project named “Speks” was estimated to be around 3 years. The client initiated the business association for a period of 5 months initially to gauge our turnaround and capability to handle proprietary format. As the project continued, the association was further solidified to continue till the entire project was completed.

Key Challenges

  • The project involved production of Processed PDF files i.e. merging, cutting to size and division of PDF files in Adobe
  • These files were subsequent converted into Sprint and KES. Herein the Sprint and/or Kurzweil Production involved down sampling and establishing the text priority as Primary, Secondary or Tertiary text and application for the corresponding reading order
  • On an average nearly 7700 pages per month were required to be converted into three formats -- Processed PDF, Sprint and KES, which lengthened the process and hence conversion turnarounds
  • Here the biggest challenge was WordSprint didn’t have undo-button or option, which left us with no scope for mistakes to correct at later stages in conversion


The client turned to SunTec India for our ability to quickly and efficiently establish a process for converting their content into subsequently three formats including Processed PDF, Sprint and KES. A highly skilled technical workforce was and state-of-the-art digital content conversion facility was employed for carrying out customized and cost effective content transformation.

We conducted volume stress testing to prove that the process could scale to meet the demand and sustain 100 percent on time delivery. Thanks to SunTec India, the client was well on its way of achieving its goal of having some 7700 pages every month converted into three formats such as Processed PDF, Sprint and KES.


  • Apart from the existing needs, the project requirements were recently extended to converted files to a proprietary “TagEd” format as well.
  • The detailed client specified WordSprint Manual and DTD was followed to ensure 100 per cent accuracy and complete client satisfaction.
  • Each element of the eBooks was carefully handled. Removing client-specified particulars such as Publisher’s information etc., adapting mentioned background colour, language, reading order, special cases etc. were some of the crucial points mentioned in DTD that were fully adhered with for complete client satisfaction.

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