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SunTec Helps an Online Hotel Search Site to Optimize Their Data for Data Driven Marketing Activities

Marketing Activities

An Australian multinational specializing in internet related services and products in the field of hotels and metasearch collaborated with SunTec recently. The client is one of the most successful startups and the first search engine of its kind in Australia. Ten years since, it is still one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.

The client wanted SunTec to help optimize their data driven marketing strategies as they did not have a single view of customer activity and behavior, available across their various databases. As a solution to this problem, the client was looking for a service provider who could provide them with a single view of their customers, a clean central database free from data duplications, data driven marketing environment supported by quality data and internally accessible data platform offering complete view of customer activity.

After carefully analyzing the client requirements, SunTec provided an extensive selection of data solutions including, maintaining data hygiene for multiple databases by appending, de-duplicating and validating customer data, and creating unique contact ID by eliminating duplicate entries from individual files.

"Team SunTec kept us updated about latest development in every phase of the project. The team was highly cooperative, which contributed immensely to the success of the project."

Database Manager from the client side

To make sure that client's active customer base and unsubscribe base is always up to date, the data management team at SunTec carries out a continuous weekly process – feeding around 20 different data inputs into a data warehouse where they match and merge records that correspond to the same customer from several databases or even within one database, consolidate and enhance data.

The team at SunTec, as part of their weekly process provide key cleansed file outputs to the client for their advanced digital marketing cloud platform. The team also analyzed and segmented past customer data to help the client identify repeat customers and their brand supporters. SunTec was successful in helping the client to effectively utilize their database, CRM, and marketing platforms to their optimum capabilities. By choosing SunTec as their preferable data partner, the client attained the ability to take full control of their business data. SunTec supports the client in increasing the scale, manage complex database so as to offer the desired outcomes.

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