Diving Deep into the Future of Information Ownership in the Age of AI Search Engines

AI search impacting the digital landscape

Rohit Bhateja, Director of the Digital division at SunTec India, shares his insights on the evolution of search engines and the subsequent challenge for businesses to be a credible brand.

As AI search engines like Google's SGE (Search Generative Experience) have begun to take center stage, businesses face a frightening reality: how will they survive and thrive in this new landscape? This thought-provoking article explores the ethical and practical implications of AI search, challenging the current paradigm of information ownership, and offers invaluable insights for businesses navigating this uncharted territory.

Concerns addressed in the article:

  • With AI coming to mainstream, what is the future of businesses that rely on Google for traffic and leads?
  • Writers have already been borrowing online content to curate their write-ups for years. What difference does picking up content from AI make?
  • Google holds 90% of the search market. What will be the future of businesses whose websites are filled with AI-generated content?
  • With the advent of AI search engines, how will a website rank or gain more visibility online?
  • Public sentiment towards AI search is turning positive. What can businesses do to stay relevant online?

Innovative and unique content would continue to be a key differentiator determining website rankings. But, relying on organic ranking can no longer be a feasible SEO strategy. Now, brand mentions are the future of backlinking and publicity is the new SEO. As AI will conquer all search engines, the only thing to do is to be a brand people recognize.

- Rohit Bhateja, Director-Digital, SunTec India

Read through the article: AI search engines and the future of information ownership , and discover how re-imagining your content creation and marketing strategies can help you ace the battle, in the face of AI!

About the Author

Rohit Bhateja leads the Digital division of SunTec India. He also heads the International Sales and Marketing Division for Data and ePublishing services. He has over a decade of industry experience and specializes in helping businesses navigate the D2C and B2B markets.