Rohit Bhateja, Director-Digital at SunTec India, honored as Most Admired Brand Leader

World Brand Congress

SunTec India is thrilled to share that our Director of Digital Division and Marketing, Rohit Bhateja has been rewarded as the Most Admired Brand Leader at the recent 31st World Brand Congress held by CMO Asia.

Mr. Bhateja received the prestigious honor at a ceremony on February 14th at Taj Lands End. The award celebrates his phenomenal leadership and contributions towards building the SunTec India brand over the years.

"I'm honored to accept this award, though it represents the culmination of efforts beyond just my own. My role was to rally my team around a goal that once seemed impossible, amidst a constantly transforming digital marketing culture. Now, this award shows we are charting the right course."

- Rohit Bhateja

Mr. Bhateja also participated in discussion about the transforming digital marketing industry with other attendees and shared his insights on the changing paradigm of branding at the Congress. He emphasized that thriving brands must embrace constant change, disrupt norms, and evolve quickly to retain customer loyalty in today's digital landscape.

"The brand leaders of tomorrow are not defending their castles, but rebuilding them daily in full view of their customers," he further added.

Since joining SunTec India as the Head of Digital Marketing in 2016, Mr. Bhateja has led the charge on honing our brand image. Under his leadership, SunTec India has:

Armed with over a decade of digital marketing expertise focused on customer acquisition, retention, analytics, and more, Mr. Bhateja also lends his knowledge as a consultant to elevate other brands. He actively drives thought leadership, pushing boundaries through his forward-thinking ideas and insights.

At SunTec India, we feel privileged to have Mr. Bhateja propelling our digital marketing strategies to new heights. We're excited to continue this upward journey with him, as we keep aiming higher.

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