SunTec India Featured in GoodFirms Survey on SEO Pricing Insights in 2024

SunTec India Featured in GoodFirms Survey on SEO Pricing Insights in 2024

SunTec India has contributed valuable insights to a GoodFirms survey on “SEO Pricing Plans: How Much Does SEO Cost in 2024?”. The advent of Search Generative Experience (now known as AI Overview) and updates like HCU (Helpful Content Update) have significantly impacted Google search results, prompting businesses to reconsider their SEO strategies. The current debate centers on whether to increase SEO budgets or adhere to traditional methods.

The GoodFirms survey, which included input from SunTec India and other industry experts, revealed that 57% of businesses are planning to increase their SEO budgets by 10-20% in 2024 to appear in top SERP results.

However, increasing the SEO budget is only part of the solution. SEO analysts from various organizations emphasize the need to adopt new ways to optimize traditional SEO techniques, like in-depth keyword research, link building, E-E-A-T content creation, and local SEO. Our SEO specialist asserts that quality content creation will remain at the core of all SEO efforts in 2024.

"We will likely shift to high-level strategies with a hybrid approach of AI tools plus human creativity and strategic thinking. I do feel the need of the hour is to clearly communicate the value of human touch in SEO" - Mike Wilson, SunTecIndia.

To stand out in the competition, it’s essential to create quality content that reflects your brand personality and aligns with your target audience's needs. By focusing on user-centric content, businesses can stay relevant to Google’s search algorithms and improve their search rankings.