SunTec India's "10 Years+ Club" Is Growing Actively, with More than 100 Employees! Learn What Makes it One of the Best Companies to Work with

Established in 1999, the leading IT outsourcing company, SunTec India has been giving its employees several reasons to stay with the company for a long term. The company’s retention strategy has been successfully working in its favor, helping the company to witness consistent growth in its “10 years+ club”. The club includes all the employees who complete their 10 successful years with the company. At present, the company has over 100 employees in its 10 years+ club, with numbers still growing consistently.

With a motive to retain talented employees in a company and form a long-term association, SunTec India has been upfront in providing a great learning & growing environment to ‘SunTecites’. In recent years, the company’s attrition or churn rate has gone as low as 2%. Despite the recent wave of the pandemic, where companies downturned many of its employees, SunTec India did not go for any ‘layoffs’ as its cost-cutting measure. Rather, the company focused on strengthening & supporting its employees throughout the crisis. Consequently, the company’s 10 years+ club is growing and setting up an example for other companies.

What Makes SunTec India a Great Company toWork with?

  • Great company culture: For more than 25+ years, the company has been rapidly growing and providing a great office culture to its employees. Supportive environment, fun activities, and personal & professional development activities make a favorable office culture, giving SunTecites a reason to stay in the company for a long time. Even during the recent pandemic, the company gracefully adopted work from culture and left no stone unturned to make sure that the employees got comfortable with the setup.
  • Flexibility: The company offers its employees liberty and flexibility to work at their own pace, provide suggestions and work in their own ways. By providing more flexibility to employees, SunTecites say to have better work-life balance and improved morale.
  • Great leadership: Company’s leaders constantly encourage their team members to do better and continuously learn. The leadership team of the company offers guidance to all the employees and leads them where they want to be. Great leadership & mentorship that focuses on continuous learning and training, make its people feel like they are learning & growing without the need to find another role.
  • Great salary structure: SunTec India follows an agile approach in its hiring process. The company also offers a great salary structure along with attractive incentives, performance rewards, office perks, health insurance, and promotion opportunities. This indeed has been one of the biggest reasons why SunTecites look forward to a long-term association with the company.
  • Recognition & Appreciation: To boost employees’ morale, the company recognizes and appreciates the efforts of its members. Whether it is the completion of a complex project or being associated with the company for a longer time, the employees get rewarded and recognized for their dedication and achievements.

“For me, the SunTec community is no different than my family. We work not just for bringing greater returns for the company but to also support and help the individual goals of the employees associated with us. We take pride in saying that our 10 years+ club is growing and will soon touch the score of a hundred. We express gratitude to all our members of the club for their decade-long contribution and being the pillars of success. Our strength lies in them and we hope to see many more SunTecites in the list.” Says the CEO & Founder

Take a glance at SunTec India’s 10 Years+ Club here.

About SunTec India

SunTec India is a bespoke IT outsourcing company with over 25+ years of experience. The company offers a mixed pool of IT outsourcing services including app & web development services, e-Publishing solutions, eCommerce development services, Data related services, digital marketing services, e-publishing solutions, and more. The company has helped numerous global organizations overcome their biggest challenges and realize transformative outcomes.

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