SunTec India is a Multi-specialty IT Support Partner with Strong Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction, Says Director Rohit Bhateja

With advanced expertise, SunTec India delivers high-quality business solutions, globally. This article by GoodFirms highlights the whole journey of the Director of Data & Digital Division at SunTec India- Rohit Bhateja.

SunTec India is a multi-process IT outsourcing company that delivers mobile, web, data solutions, ePublishing, eCommerce, and digital marketing services. Founded in 1999, the company possesses 1500+ professionals involving sales and marketing professionals, coders, designers, data processing specialists, writers, and law graduates, providing premium business solutions to clients.

The dedicated and passionate team members strive hard to offer business value to more than 8530 clients worldwide. The team holds expertise in industries related to Online Retail, Finance, Accounting, Mortgage, Academic Institutions, Manufacturing, Publishing, Insurance, Law Firms, Real Estate, Travel, and Hospitality, to name a few. The company provides top-notch business services and has gained an esteemed position among the top data entry companies in India at GoodFirms.

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to talk to the company Director, Rohit Bhateja, to learn more about his company's services and growth plans.

While introducing SunTec India and concisely explaining his role within the organization, Mr. Bhateja stated that the company serves as an IT outsourcing company and a business process management support provider that focuses on web and app development, data support, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Further, the service sphere of the company has expanded to ePublishing, photo editing, and web research over the last 24 years. Their dedicated team has experience working with Fortune 500 companies, multinational enterprises, several world's leading brands, and many small and medium businesses globally.

As the director of the Data & Digital Division, Mr. Bhateja expressed that his role is quite multi-dimensional. He and his teammates help businesses navigate their marketing set-ups and grow online.

Success Story of SunTec India

Mr. Bhateja recalls that starting SunTec India was a very demand-driven and situational call. In the late 90s, rapidly evolving technologies became an obstacle for every business that was trying to make it big. The abruptly growing prerequisites swiftly became market barriers; consequently, the definition of a resource changed, and companies that were facing challenges in maintaining market relevancy had to choose between upgrading their systems and upgrading their personnel.

Eventually, the company's founder saw an opportunity- a tech support unit was needed to enable businesses to bridge the gap between them and their target users without having to spend much time or effort in the process. Hereafter, the team worked as a multi-specialty support partner for all types of companies. Consequently, they started off with data services and supported over 500 business processes with a group of 1500+ in-house resources.

Mr. Bhateja added that the ideals that drive the teammates have always been the same. The company desires to deliver the highest quality services and solutions in the IT segment to valuable clients, enhancing their business performance. By creating superior customer value, the company has become one of the most trusted and reliable business process outsourcing solution providers across the globe.

Type of Business Model

When enquired about the company's business model, the Director clarified that SunTec India follows a complete in-house model. The company recruits qualified, experienced personnel for every service sphere. The company's objective is to retain and develop the best talent within the company so that clients' requirements and challenges can be efficiently met.

Distinguishing Factors

Mr. Bhateja mentioned how the company differentiates itself from the competition by declaring that:

  • The company works on the principle of "Trust," the most extensive market differentiator.
  • The dedicated team members ensure that the clients trust their processes and judgments by delivering good work consistently.
  • The company believes in keeping the infrastructure updated.
  • The knowledgeable team members regularly go through upskilling programs and training so that the team competently solves the clients' challenges.

Industries Served

Team GoodFirms also questioned Mr. Bhateja about the industries they generally cater to. He replied that primary service verticals include data, eCommerce, ePublishing, apps and web development, photo editing, digital marketing, and business research. They have managed projects for various industries like eCommerce, IT, digital agencies, real estate, healthcare, finance, logistics, automobile, transportation, travel and tourism, hospitality, supply chain, and online publishing.

Moreover, their repetitive client association rate is over 90%. The company supports 500+ services, out of which the popular services for which the clients mostly approach them are listed here:

  • Data Support: It includes data entry, B2B list building, data mining, data enrichment, data cleansing, data management, and medical billing.
  • eCommerce: Product listing creation and optimization, product data entry, copywriting, PPC, SEO, SEM, and eCommerce development come in this category.
  • Web and App development- It covers mobile app development, website development, cross-platform development, and on-demand app development.
  • Data Research- It covers data scraping, data extraction, social media mining, LinkedIn data mining, and complete data support for diverse research purposes.
  • Data Support for AI: This service comprises image annotation, video annotation, text annotation, and sentiment analysis.
  • Product Editing: It covers photo retouching, product photo editing, 3D product modeling, wedding photo editing, real estate photo editing, and much more.
  • Digital Marketing: Content writing, social media marketing, PPC management, and SEO are part of this category.
  • ePublishing: It involves document conversion, eBook creation, book-as-an-app-development, and eBook distribution.

Last but not least, they also offer dedicated virtual assistants to clients depending on varying project requirements.

Customer-satisfaction Rate

Discussing the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Bhateja replied that he estimates the overall customer satisfaction rate of SunTec India at nine on a scale of 10, as 90% of the clients return seeking more support. Many clients started with short-term projects but presently, they have full-time teams devoted to them.

Furthermore, to maintain these client satisfaction levels, the company takes a disciplined approach to every project, maintaining high levels of client retention and satisfaction. To avoid miscommunication, the clients get complete access to their teams and a dedicated manager. Experienced team members support high-level business requirements of the clients and the managers ensure timely task alignment and delivery.

The Director added that good communication gives way to mutual trust. To ensure that, and the company has a robust system to lessen gaps between teams and clients. They have a propriety Employee Time Tracking Management System that enables clients to request support, submit queries, and monitor resource tasks. The team releases daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly work reports. The team ensures that the clients get the complete picture of their project.

Below-mentioned review highlights that the company provides impeccable business solutions to clients and firmly believes in maintaining long-term relationships with them.

Payment Structure

While explaining the payment structure, the Director elucidated that the company possesses a dedicated team-based pricing model where clients can hire resources five days a week and 8 hours a day. In a fixed-price model, the team follows project milestone-based billing. Clients with small projects can effortlessly access the services with hourly billing.

Further, the company determines the bill based on the project's complexity, the required number of resources, and the estimated duration to complete the project.

While summing up the interview, team GoodFirms asked Mr. Bhateja where he sees his company in the next decade; he gladly replied that the company is moving to more transformative spaces, into new spheres, and hopefully will continue to lend a hand to more businesses and inspire its own growth with the clients.

To explore more about the futuristic thoughts of SunTec India, Director, Mr. Bhateja, you can go through the detailed interview published on GoodFirms' site.

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