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With Quality Product Content, SunTec Supports an Online Marketplace – Creating 35% More Sales Opportunities

SunTec India Helps an Online Marketplace in Managing and Updating Product Content For More Than 15,000 Sellers For Better Customer Engagement and Increased Sales.

Success of an eCommerce business largely depends on the presentation of products and content that helps in engaging customers and consequently boosting response rates, conversion figures and business' bottom line.

SunTec India, a full-cycle eCommerce service provider, recently supported a Norwegian online marketplace – a leading supplier of nutritional supplements and sports gear. SunTec India helped the client in managing, optimizing and updating product information for over 15,000 sellers and distributers worldwide. Considering the volume of the project, the Company employed a dedicated team of 30 product data entry specialists, 8 copywriters, 6 image editors and a Quality Assurance professional to ensure accuracy and precision. The team, being supervised by a Project Manager, delivered customized product content to the client including precise and engaging product descriptions, attractive images and accurate product attributes for new as well as used goods.

The project was aimed at helping sellers and distributers provide high-quality, consistent and updated product content to customers, thus strengthening web offerings across millions of product SKUs. The experts managed content of nearly 2.5 million SKUs, creating unique and optimized product titles, writing informative and compelling product descriptions, editing and enhancing product images and assigning accurate attributes.

Given the comprehensive industry experience in online retail management, SunTec India helped the client efficiently manage and update product content across brands, and different categories and sub-categories such as health food and ingredients, dietary supplements, vitamins, nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, energy drinks, herbal products, functional foods, fitness apparel and training gear, etc.

"Running an eCommerce business has never been more challenging for entrepreneurs. Online merchants have to provide customers with accurate, complete and up-to-date product information that engages them and yields high conversion rates," said Ravi Kant, Vice President, eCommerce Division at SunTec India. "With our strong industry knowledge and full-spectrum catalog management and product data entry services, we helped our client provide engaging and informative product data to better engage their customers and boost sales," he further highlighted.

The eCommerce experts at SunTec not only created customized product content that highlighted USPs of each item but also enriched the data, ensuring it is SEO-friendly, consistent and correct to the last detail. Keeping in mind the target market, the catalog copywriters used easy-to-understand language and an engaging tone while discussing the product's usability and benefits.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management and ISO 27001:2022 Certified for Information Security Management, the Company delivered high-quality product data to the client while adhering to stringent security measures and maintaining complete data security.

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