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custom mobile apps developmentcustom mobile apps development

With the mobile apps revenue projected to hit $188.9 billion US dollars by the year 2020, it is quite clear that mobile application development has become the need of the hour. The enormous increase in the number of mobile app users has surely helped new businesses realize that they just can’t go on without having one. Connecting to and building a large customer base is what they want, for which they need to increase their visibility. What better than a custom mobile app to do that?

custom mobile apps development

On that note, here are some of the reasons why custom mobile app development is important and why your enterprise must opt for it at the earliest:

Custom mobile apps: Importance

The importance of having a well-designed mobile app cannot be overstated, especially for a business. Whether it’s a small business or a large one, a mobile app is necessary if you want to gain the upper hand. Still not convinced? Well, you’ll be once you go through the reasons mentioned below:

Customers need 24*7 visibility

As mentioned earlier, the best way to reel more customers in is by making yourself visible at all times. A mobile app will help you do that. Customers will be able to trust you better if they have easy access to your business via an app.

Your business requires a direct marketing channel

marketing channel

Every business needs a promising marketing technique. A mobile app can be easily used to connect to your customers in that regard. Need a channel to disseminate new information to your customers? Use push notifications via your business app and convey anything as and when you want.

Important for brand building

Building a brand is a time-consuming process and certainly a tricky one. But if you leverage a mobile app right, you’ll discover unlimited possibilities for brand building and recognition. It largely depends on how you design your mobile app. You need to make it interesting, functional, and upbeat so as to involve as many customers as possible. As the level of engagement increases, your brand’s recognition will also increase.

To stand out from the competition

Small businesses usually don’t go for a mobile app right away. This is where you can gain an edge over your competitors. Providing your customers a mobile app will definitely make you stand out. As for the large businesses, if you already have an app, you can work on it to improve its functionality and make it more engaging.

Custom mobile apps: Benefits

Custom mobile app development can benefit your business in multiple ways. Here are some of them:

Greater efficiency

Business apps are usually custom built according to the business requirements. This can help improve efficiency when it comes to your employees. This can also lead to increased productivity which in turn, could result in a greater ROI.

Simplifies project management

Custom apps make it easy to manage a project as these can be used to keep track of the progress and the associated deadlines. All the stages of project can be kept under check easily with the help of a suitable app.

project management

Improved scalability

Unlike a regular app, a custom mobile app is built keeping in mind certain parameters that are likely to change in future. For example, as your business grows, your app needs to be robust enough to handle the increasing load. A custom app, in that case, can easily be scaled up to suit the requirements.

Aids customer relationship

Businesses are all about quality customer engagement. To accomplish that, they must connect to their customers and build long-term relationships. A custom mobile app can be used to send personalized updates to the customers. Also, a feedback section can help you interact with your customers better and thus, aid your business.

Custom mobile apps: Latest trends

Mobile app development has been evolving ever since it first came into action and has been giving rise to new trends. Here are some of the latest ones:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI and ML have gained enormous popularity in the past few years. They have even caused a shift in traditional custom mobile app development. A number of exceptional mobile apps have been created using machine learning techniques. When combined with custom development, these technologies help businesses define new approaches to target their customers. One example of a famous app developed using these technologies is Pokémon Go. Other than that, HTML5 game development is in trend too.

Blockchain apps

The concept of blockchain is spreading widely, giving app development companies a chance to innovate. Companies can very well change the face of payment-related application development for blockchain in the future.

Blockchain apps

Cloud-based mobile apps

Cloud-based mobile apps have been in trend for quite some time now and the technology is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Custom built apps in the future will be aimed at fetching data directly from the cloud storage, thus sparing the phone’s storage space.


Internet of Things has been helping a lot of businesses in simplifying lives with the use of wireless technology. Custom mobile apps are expected to be built in the future that would be used for operating devices based on the IoT concept.

The demand for quality custom mobile apps is rising, thanks to the changing mobile platforms and the need for quick turnaround time. And it’s only reasonable since custom apps are so much better at scaling up to a business’ individual requirements, and that too without any difficulty. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your business grow, custom mobile apps are the way to do that!

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