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Ionic Framework Application Development

One of the major challenges that businesses face when developing a mobile application is the increased cost of building native apps for different platforms. We at SunTec solve this by using Ionic framework for developing hybrid mobile apps.

Ionic framework application development is carried out by our highly experienced developers, who are proficient in working with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, etc.

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Creating Flexible, Feature-rich and Highly Scalable Apps with Ionic Framework & Angular JS 

SunTec combines Ionic with Angular JS to get most out of the framework. Angular JS fits well with Ionic, which supports our developers in building features that not only interact with web services in the backend but also other external features that might be used. Our developers give preference to Angular JS, while developing apps that are highly data driven.

Angular JS makes the code scalable, hence it is best for businesses planning to scale up their apps in terms of performance after its initial launch.

Ionic is a powerful HTML5 framework for mobile application development that helps in building native-feel hybrid apps with popular web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Hybrid Apps are primarily small websites that run in your browser having access to native platforms. Using Ionic as front-end user interface can help you effectively manage the look and feel of your app providing it an attractive as well as compelling look. Getting a Hybrid app developed can be extremely beneficial as it supports multiple platforms, is easy to develop, saves time and allows access to third party codes. To be able to function like a native app, Ionic framework requires wrappers such as PhoneGap, etc.

Our team of experienced and skilled developers can help transform your designs into engaging and interactive mobile apps using web technologies that you have always loved to work with – HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

It's Easy When You Know How

Why SunTec for Ionic Framework Development?

Our Ionic Expertise

We have over a decade of experience of developing Android, iOS or hybrid mobile apps tailored to meet your business requirements.

Ionic Know-how

Our experienced team of developers have extensive knowledge of working with all the predesigned HTML/CSS components and JavaScript features that come along with Ionic framework.

SASS Proficiency

We frequently use SASS stylesheets to power your CSS for your apps inside the Ionic framework so as to create enticing designs.

Interacting with Angular

We incorporate AngularJS magical properties to develop robust mobile apps loaded with numerous interactive features.

Customizing Components

Our team of developers are proficient in working with Ionic components such as modals, templates, form elements, popups, etc., and also JS directives like alerts, navigation and action sheets that are customized to meet app development requirements.

Supporting All Platforms

Ionic provides complete infrastructure to build any application. We use Ionic to build native as well as hybrid apps for popular platforms like iOS, Android, etc.

Experience an Enterprise-Grade Scalability and Performance with Ionic: Our Services

We are dedicated to providing our client's with effective and outstanding cross platform mobile applications that match their business needs.

Cross-Platform Application Development

We use Ionic framework to transform an AngularJS web apps into a cross-platform mobile application.

iOS and Android Apps Development

Developing hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms, so as to reach out to a greater target audience.

Shareable Apps

Share apps with customers and clients from across the globe without having to visit the app store.

Icon and Splash Generation

Generate icons and splash screens for all platforms and devices using a single command.

"SunTec's developers are really good at designing apps for kids. We wanted an app which boosts the creativity of the kids and makes learning fun for them, and the developers at SunTec were successful in doing it. The interface and the functionality, both were excellent and we are very happy to see the popularity of our app grow with each passing day." Luke Sharron, Student coordinator,
For Children's App Development Project