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Custom eBook Development With 4-Column Page Layout

Project Background:

As the client had a complex eBook design to be developed, they were looking for professional eBook development services that were cost-effective and reliable. Since this eBook was different from the usual eBook format, the client wanted a service provider who could do exceptionally well in developing an eBook just as they’d thought. After checking SunTec India’s website, past work, portfolio, and reviews, the client finally decided to go with SunTec India and place an inquiry through email. Soon after discussing the project, our team at SunTec India rigorously worked on this project until its final delivery for 16 days.

Client’s Requirements:

  • Develop an enhanced & engaging eBook in ePub format embedded with rich media content such as images, interactivity, annotations, cross-references, footnotes, links, etc
  • The book was to be developed in a similar pattern (a few pages in four-column tables), just as the client had provided us
  • Convert more than 1000 pages in a short time period of sixteen days
  • Ensure that the eBook content was easy to read, provided a seamless reading experience, and had a smooth navigation
  • Test the converted eBook on different fixed-layout supportable devices & eReader

Major Challenges Involved in the Project:

Unlike other eBook development & conversion projects, the complexity level of this project was comparatively high. This was mainly because of the eBook design & format in which the content was to be placed. The team had to relentlessly work on this project and spend a lot of time designing the page layout as many pages of the title had four-column table format. Moreover, the text size used in the book was too small that the team slightly faced difficulty in placing it throughout the ebook. However, at SunTec India, our team is always ready to embrace challenges and overcome them in the best possible way.

Solutions Offered:

  • We created an eBook that was aesthetically pleasing, enriched with valuable content, and embedded with rich media files like pictures, links, cross-references, etc.
  • Our meticulous professionals made sure that no data is lost during the conversion process. Thus, our experts focused on thorough checking and proofreading, to make sure that the eBook was completely error-free.
  • We spent adequate time in designing the page layout for the eBook as the title had several pages in which the text was arranged in four-column table format.
  • We delivered the eBook in fixed-layout ePub format & focused on extensive quality checks. We also tested the same on different fixed layout supportable devices & eReader like iBook, Kobo, Readium, etc.
  • Allocating a dedicated team for this particular project, we achieved a quick deadline & delivered the final eBook within 16 days.

Final Output:

As the client was struggling to develop an ebook in the desired format and pattern, they were extremely happy at the final delivery of the project. The client simply loved the fact that SunTec India kept their requirements at the core of their eBook development process & came up with solutions that best matched their needs.

This project not only brought success and great outcomes for the client but also strengthened our confidence to handle complex and challenging projects in a short turnaround time. This keeps our conviction strong and motivates us to perform even better for our clients.

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