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SunTec India redirecting its efforts in expanding data capabilities for AI/ML services

data capabilities for AI/ML services

From the perspective of rapid advancement in the business of digital technologies, conventional developers & companies are persistently attempting to level up with the ML/AI bandwagon. In this process, it is crucial for businesses to diligently use data as it is the core of any ML/AI algorithm. Keeping in mind that the technologies like AI/ML are going to take the industries by their storm in the coming year, SunTec India, a prominent global data annotation service provider, is redirecting its efforts in expanding its data capabilities to help its clients make better & faster decisions while improving their business outcomes with AI/ML models.

Now that the tech-enabled AI/ML models are becoming imperative for businesses in 2021, the company is advancing its capabilities to develop smart models with data annotation in machine learning & artificial intelligence. Having a diverse pool of accredited professionals, access to the most advanced tools, cutting-edge technologies, and proven operational techniques, SunTec has geared up to improvise the quality of their client’s AI algorithm predictions.

Focusing on delivering high-quality structured data support for AI/ML models, SunTec has been providing comprehensive Data Annotation Services over the years. Their wide variety of data annotation services primarily include:

  • Image Annotation Services
  • Video Annotation Services
  • Content Moderation Services
  • Text Annotation Services

In the past few years, companies have been witnessing an unprecedented rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions that are notably transforming the way organizations function. Not only are these solutions saving time and cutting costs for businesses, but they are also empowering them by providing predictive and real-time data analytics to facilitate critical and time-bound decisions. Increasing demand for customized AI and ML solutions is perhaps the strongest reason why SunTec has taken this move.

Adding to that, the CEO of SunTec India said, “Having a skilled team integrated with the right tools on our side will further accelerate the company’s innovation on developing AI/ML models and intelligent decision-making. Alongside, the clients will be benefited from embedding data-driven decision-making into their organizations, best-in-class quality solutions, internationally compliant data management, and high standards of data confidentiality.”

He further added, “At SunTec, we want to empower our customers all around the globe to lower their costs, become more agile, and innovate faster in the ever-changing business environment.”

With the perfect blend of experience and skills, world-class workflows, proven operational techniques, a diverse team of accredited experts, and multi-dimensional perspectives, SunTec has worked with clients all over the world across different industry verticals such as Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, eCommerce, and more. As a matter of fact, the company has invested a heavy amount this year for improvement in these areas.