What are audiobook conversion services? How experts can help you turn your ebook into an audiobook?


What are audiobook conversion services? How experts can help you turn your ebook into an audiobook?

Audiobooks or read-aloud books are changing the way textual content is consumed. Audiobooks allow users to listen to each and every word within a book, playing and pausing the audio when needed. Books with hundreds of pages can now be converted into audiobooks with audiobook creation and conversion services. While many people might still be new to the concept, many users around the world have been using audiobooks for years.

Around 46% of Americans have read an audiobook at least once, and the percentage is increasing every year. Most audiobook consumers prefer the format as it allows them to relax, listen to the written content on the go and many find it entertaining. Read aloud ebook conversion services are helping all kinds of publishers convert their text into audio to capture a larger readership base.

Books of all categories – education, food, fiction, biographies, how-to books, comics, and historical – can be converted into audiobooks. Audiobooks not only help people multitask but empower visually impaired users as well. Despite being a new-age technology, audiobooks have retained the age-old book reading tradition by reading out the textual content word to word.

In the following blog, we will study the features of audiobooks, popular audiobook platforms, how experts add audio to eBook, and the advantages of outsourcing audiobook conversion services.

What are the features of audiobooks?

Good audiobooks incorporate many features to help users (or readers). The most important aspects of audiobooks are their design, voice clarity and quality, easily operable reading speed controls, and the ability to play across devices. Here are some of the features all good audiobooks must have:

  • Smooth sync: A good audiobook design incorporates smooth synchronization between the text and audio content.
  • Reading speed controls: Reading speeds from 0.25x to 2x must be available to enable users to read and listen to the content at the speed they are comfortable with.
  • Superior voice quality: Human and human-like voice with proper modulation to avoid monotony and engage the reader.
  • Streaming without internet: Premium users must have the option to download and stream audiobooks offline.
  • Sleep timer: Helps readers save the energy of their devices and sleep to their favorite bedtime stories.
  • Device Flexibility: Audiobooks are great when they can be played in the car and on big speakers.

SunTec India has created numerous high-quality fixed layout eBooks of all genres, to improve reader’s speech and language learning. All their eBooks incorporate all the features mentioned above as well. With over a decade of experience as an audiobook conversion service provider, their eBook conversion services are among the best in the market.

Top audiobook platforms

Top audiobook platforms

There are several platforms most publishers want to publish their audiobooks too. Individuals, business owners, publishers, libraries, and academic institutions are converting their new and old books into audiobooks. Machine languages such as CSS3 and HTML5 are used to convert print and eBooks into audiobooks.

Here are some of the popular audiobook platforms (websites and apps) you should publish your audiobooks to:

1. Audible

Many consider Audible to be the undisputed leader in audiobooks. The platform consists of over 200,000 audiobooks and works of the most popular authors and publishers can be found here. Audible also allows users to exchange books for the same price, which makes its subscription model quite user-friendly.

2. Google Audiobooks

Developed by the most popular search engine in the world, most audiobooks are available and easily searchable on Google Audiobooks. Users can buy full eBooks individually and don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee. As an individual or publisher, you should publish your audiobook to Google Audiobooks.

3. Kobo

Kobo Audiobooks has a large audience base, thanks to its affordable pricing. The Canadian company has a huge range of audiobooks, and the platform’s quality is quite superior. The platform offers its users a 30-day trial period. So if you have a good audiobook, there might be a chance your audiobook converts trial users to paid subscribers.

4. LibriVox

LibriVox consists of several audiobooks and is largely made up of public domain eBooks. If you have published or are looking to publish public domain books, LibriVox is the platform you must target.

eBook conversion services require embedding audio into books, and this can be done in several ways (as mentioned below). SunTecIndia provides eBook formatting services and has published eBooks on all the platforms mentioned above, besides others.

How do experts turn your eBook into audiobooks?

Converting eBooks into audiobooks requires a good amount of technical know-how as well as subject knowledge. Subject matter experts (SMEs) and language experts ensure the final audio content is in sync with the text content. There are four basic ways experts convert eBooks into audiobooks.

1. Using human voice to create audiobook narrations

If you wonder how experts add audio to eBooks, one of the ways is by using the human voice. Many users are comfortable with human voice over machine-generated voice. Experts are hired to narrate the plot and the audio is integrated with the eBook. The audio is then integrated into the eBook and synchronized with the text for smooth playback.

2. Creating audiobook applications from eBooks

Your read-aloud eBooks can be integrated with audiobook applications, including the ones mentioned above. Experts can also help you create your own audiobook application for one or multiple books. Many users prefer downloading mobile applications, and if your book is available on an application, it will certainly help. Read-aloud features can also be added to your applications so that you can listen to the audio content over your headphones.

3. Audio Embedding in eBooks

One of the benefits of outsourcing eBooks to read-aloud ebook conversion to experts is the value you can add to eBooks. Audio can be embedded into existing eBooks. This is a highly technical process and one of the key reasons why experts are needed to convert eBooks into audiobooks.

Audio embedding involves a chain of processes. Immersion reading is applied so that the text being read aloud is highlighted. Upgrades, content additions, and effects are added to help enhance the narrative.

SunTec India has provided audio embedding services successfully, as in the case of this Swedish client.

4. Using tool-based conversion

Tool-based conversion helps experts incorporate specific features into your eBook. Features such as text-to-speech engines and eReading software are included in your read-aloud audiobooks. All features that are added are selected based on the publisher’s requirements. The latest technologies and sophisticated software are employed for tool-based conversion.

Why should you outsource read-aloud eBook conversion services to SunTec India?

You should outsource eBook conversion services to experts to create top-notch eBooks at minimum prices. SunTec India offers ebook formatting services at the best industry rates and complete data confidentiality. You can know more about the process in detail by getting in touch with experts. With SunTec India, you get several advantages such as:

  • 100% data privacy
  • 99.95% data accuracy
  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • 20+ years of industry experience
  • Query response within 24 hours

You can get a free quote by emailing all your requirements to info@suntecindia.com.

Top Questions Answered:


What are read-aloud books or audiobooks?


Read-aloud books or audiobooks are digital books or eBooks that can be read aloud by converting the text into audio. The audio can be played and paused according to the user’s requirements. eBooks are great for multitasking and also for visually impaired users.


What are the various eBook distribution platforms?


There are various eBook distribution platforms. Some of them are Google Books, Kobo, Audible, and LibriVox. All these distribution platforms have a huge range of audiobooks and offer good packages to publishers as well as readers. However, publishers require some technical knowledge and expert assistance to publish their eBooks to such platforms.


Why should you outsource audiobook conversion services to SunTec India?


SunTec India provides audiobook conversion and distribution services of the highest quality at minimal costs and minimum turnaround time. We discuss the project with your team and come up with a robust strategy for eBook conversions services for maximum reach and profits.


What other similar services does SunTec provide?


SunTec India provides 360-degree ePublishing, conversion, and development services. Some related services offered by SunTec are eBook distribution services, eBook cover design services, and Book-as-an-App development services.

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