SaaS Application Development Services

Develop, modernize, and scale your SaaS applications across web, mobile, and cloud platforms with our development experts

Reduce Time-to-Market and Operational Costs with Agile SaaS Platform Development

Looking to develop a custom SaaS solution or expand your existing one? Partner with SunTec India to build scalable and secure SaaS applications that turn your vision into a recurring revenue stream.

As a leading SaaS application development company, we have the expertise and resources to:

  • Build SaaS solutions from scratch using frameworks like Django, Angular, and Vue.Js
  • Re-architect existing solutions or add new features to them without compromising performance or capacity
  • Migrate existing SaaS applications to the cloud (using AWS Migration Hub, Azure Migrate, etc.)
  • Perform containerization (Docker and Kubernetes) and orchestration

We've delivered secure and scalable SaaS products for businesses across industries, leveraging modern tech and development best practices. From app design to its deployment and maintenance- let us handle the technical complexities while you focus on your core business initiatives and scalability.

Our End-to-End SaaS Application Development Services

From app ideation to launch & migration, we support your project at every stage with our full-cycle SaaS product development services.

SaaS Consulting

Transform your SaaS concept into a market-leading product and maximize its chances of success with our consulting experts. We help you in:

  • Evaluating product-market fit and idea viability
  • Formulating a strategic roadmap and ROI projections
  • Recommending the right SaaS architecture, technologies, and tools
  • Providing counsel on maintaining, supporting, and scaling your SaaS products

Cloud Architecture Design

Maximize performance and uptime for your SaaS applications with scalable and secure cloud architectures, even during peak loads. We future-proof your SaaS products by:

  • Assessing and recommending the optimal multi-tenancy designs (single, multi, hybrid)
  • Designing the chosen SaaS architecture with modular, decoupled components
  • Architecting for global deployment, data partitioning, and replication
  • Implementing a secure API architecture for integration and controlled data access

Custom SaaS Application Development

Get scalable and secure SaaS applications developed on the latest frameworks for wearable devices and mobile (iOS and Android) & cloud platforms. Hire our SaaS application development experts for:

  • Wireframing and prototyping (using tools like Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, etc.)
  • Front-end development (user interface, user experience, web/mobile apps)
  • Back-end development (server-side logic, APIs, data processing)
  • Feature enhancements or modernization of existing applications

API Development & Integration

Enhance the functionalities of SaaS products by integrating them with third-party services, applications, and data sources, using existing or custom APIs. As a part of our API development and integration services, we:

  • Analyze integration requirements and work on API design & architecture
  • Identify and choose the appropriate integration tools
  • Conduct API testing and debugging
  • Deploy and host API (on-premises or cloud)

Product Testing

Our testing experts ensure that your SaaS applications meet quality standards, function as intended, and provide a seamless user experience. Utilizing automated and manual testing techniques, we conduct:

  • Performance testing (load testing, stress testing, scalability testing)
  • Security testing (vulnerability assessment, penetration testing)
  • Accessibility testing (WCAG compliance, screen reader testing)
  • Regression testing (after updates, patches, or new features)

Support & Maintenance

Keep your SaaS applications high-performing, secure, and updated with our dedicated support and maintenance services. We ensure maximum uptime for your applications by handling:

  • Bug fixing and issue resolution
  • Security & software updates and vulnerability management
  • Performance monitoring and optimization
  • Feature addition or enhancement requests

Data Migration to SaaS

Migrate your on-premises applications or those from another cloud to your preferred platform with our experts. We guarantee a secure, complete migration with minimal downtime and zero data loss by:

  • Assessing data migration risks and creating a plan to mitigate them
  • Handling data loading, integration, conversion, and formatting
  • Performing data migration testing and verification
  • Providing post-migration support and troubleshooting

We Build Custom SaaS Software that Can:

  • Scale with your customer base
  • Boost profitability and growth
  • Enhance user experiences
  • Reduce development costs by up to 70%
  • Accelerate time-to-market

Our Technology Stack for SaaS Platform Development & Migration

Our Approach to SaaS Application Development

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Blueprint Development
  • Product Design & Customization
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Maintainance & Support

Why choose SunTec as Your SaaS Product Development Company?

We understand the unique challenges businesses face when developing or customizing SaaS applications. To meet our clients’ tailored needs and expectations, we utilize top-tech talent and cutting-edge tools.

From startups to enterprises, our clientele across 40+ countries have placed their trust in our SaaS application development company. Some of our key differentiators are:

Agile Development with Human-in-the-Loop Approach

Leveraging a blended approach that combines the speed and consistency of automation with our human expertise. We rapidly prototype, iterate, and deploy advanced SaaS products without compromising on quality and ensuring customization.

Flexible Engagement Models

Control your project costs and get the SaaS expertise you need with our flexible staffing options. Our flexible pricing models let you scale your team up or down as needed, so you only pay for resources you utilize and stay within budget.

Scalability and Security

Building cloud infrastructures that automatically scale to meet your SaaS application's workload demands, seamlessly handling traffic spikes and reducing costs during downtime. For every project, we ensure IP protection by signing and strictly adhering to NDAs.

Industry-Leading turnaround times

We prioritize deadlines. Our team can work round-the-clock to deliver solutions on your schedule. We collaborate in your preferred time zone, making real-time adjustments based on your feedback to ensure a smooth launch.

SaaS Apps we Develop

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • BPM
  • Project management
  • Data analytics
  • HRM
  • Productivity apps
  • LMS
  • Customer service
  • Marketing & sales
  • Accounting
  • CMS
Types of business apps
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Media & entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Telecom
  • Software & hi-tech
  • Education
industries we work with


The cost of custom SaaS software development depends upon several factors, like its complexity, level of customization required, features, and integrations. We offer flexible engagement models to cater to your tailored requirements. You can share your project details with our experts at and we will provide you with a quotation after assessing your requirements.

We offer post-launch development and maintenance support to keep your SaaS application running smoothly and securely. We proactively fix bugs, handle version updates, and apply security patches, ensuring maximum uptime and seamless performance on cloud environments.

You will have complete control over our SaaS application development team. We assign you a dedicated project manager as a primary point of contact, keeping you informed at every stage of development. You can collaborate with our team for feedback, real-time updates, and other queries via your preferred communication channel (Skype, Slack, Zoom, or any other).

As an ISO-certified SaaS development agency, we prioritize security in every project. We implement robust data encryption, regular security audits, strict access controls, DDoS mechanisms, and codebase management. Our team is trained in the latest security best practices to protect your sensitive data throughout the development lifecycle.

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