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Pre & Post Sales Support Services for an ePublishing Client’s Authors

The dynamic and competitive nature of present-day marketplaces has created the need for services that not only speak to a customer on a business-level but also a personal one. Especially in the ePublishing industry, where taking an author from their first inquiry to their eBook distribution involves numerous layers, comprehensive support and assistance differentiate the best service providers from the rest.

Keeping in mind the active role of support services in marketing and sales, SunTec India took up pre and post sales support services for a renowned ePublishing client.

The Client

The client is a US-based company with a prominent presence in the nation’s publishing domain. This company is often lauded for its deep-seated experience and expertise. It is known to possess the international network that authors seek and need to be successful in today’s ever-evolving publishing industry. They provide end-to-end publishing solutions for the author with comprehensive marketing support solutions. Their contracts are among the most generous in the industry and coveted by thousands of authors because of the accompanying availability of international opportunities and a wide range of online and offline distribution channels.

Business Problem

The client needed a professional support expert to help the multitude of its authors with pre and post sales assistance, including-

  • Resolving queries related to eBook conversion and publishing on email
  • Managing the life cycle of every service related to an author
  • Monitoring production and progress
  • Maintaining a database for every author
  • Handling eBook distribution for assigned authors across many outlets

Challenge Identification

Working with the client’s requirement for efficient technical support, we revisited the scope of this project to understand the obstacles better and create effective deliverables.

For one, this project needed a resource well versed in publishing domain’s terminologies, concepts, and jargon, preferable with experience in online consulting, conflict resolution, and prompt troubleshooting. Since the client’s primary objective was to eliminate long delays in author-support, the planned resource would need to handle multiple queries concurrently while maintaining a quick response time.

In addition to rapidly resolving pre and post sales support roadblocks, the resource must keep all stakeholders on the right track, monitor progress, and maintain records.

Proposed Solution

SunTec India filtered its in-house resources using the predetermined constraints. The client chose the required number of people and the project commenced in time. We provided database maintenance services using Act! CRM (known as SAGE ACT at the time of this project’s lifetime.) We also created a set of pre and post sales support offerings to enhance the efficiency of process workflow.

Pre Sales Support

  • Author Query Resolution
  • Related Market Research
  • Inquiry and Appointment Handling
  • FAQ Support
  • Lead Nurturing

Post Sales Support

  • FAQ Support
  • Post Sales Enquiry Handling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Complaint Processing
  • Reselling Services /Nurturing Client Relationships

Processing Positive Outcomes

For this client, the SunTec India team achieved improved operations, higher conversions, and increased satisfaction.

  • Converted existing author leads for eBook conversion services
  • Generated new leads for the client
  • Achieves 40% increase in revenue
  • Streamlined eBook management and database organization workflow
  • Conducted qualified pre and post sales support activities

Because of a mutual business approach, constructive feedback incorporation, and favorable outcomes, our client was content with the quality of services and appreciated the results. In turn, SunTec India received a long-term association with another industry leader corporation.

About SunTec India

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