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Data Entry of Energy Efficiency Parameters for Home Appliances

Ensuring sustainable energy supply and usage in modern-day homes is a prominent challenge of our times. The increasing amount of energy consumption over the last few years has become a worrying cost factor in most American households. Considering the circumstances, certifying household appliances with energy-efficiency labels encourages energy conservation at consumption premises.

SunTec India supports this endeavor for a client by creating a time and resource optimized data entry & processing solution for their business problem with scaling capacity and rapid results.

The Client

The client is a well-established US-based company that issues third-party certifications regarding the health, safety, energy efficiency, & water usage of home appliances. The company creates efficient approaches to help their partners capture market opportunities, mitigate risks, and differentiate themselves from competitors via certified products and ongoing compliance with national energy efficiency standards. This client’s firm is dedicated to increasing the energy efficiency of existing homes across the US while saving costs and reducing environmental impact.

Business Problem

At the time, the client was looking to increase their operational competence when uploading complete details of installed & certified home appliances on their website.

Scope of work required:-

  • Reading client reports about certified appliances and equipment across different home units
  • Updating accurate and complete details on the client’s website using their predetermined format
  • Identifying the appliances being used and validating their Energy Star Rating according to the Energy Management System for homes in the US before attempting data entry

Challenge Identification

The issues deflating the client’s in-house data processing attempts included a requirement of personnel with a thorough understanding of the Energy Management system for home appliances in the US. The process involved frequent use of jargon, technical terminology, and details, which required diligent attention to detail. Even momentary negligence in checking the certifications and source documents could result in monumental quality lapse.

Some of the target/required fields on the client’s website where the details needed to be filled include:

  • Heat Pump
  • Central Cooling System
  • Furnace System
  • Water heater
  • Heating/cooling type of HSPF, SEER
  • Certificates of Completion/Installation e.g., AHRI certificate

Proposed Solution

After identifying these challenges, the data architects at SunTec India concluded that a fair amount of prep work would be necessary on our part.

After reaching an initial understanding of the requirements and primary challenge, we set up a live training session with the client. We put a core team of a few efficient and experienced resources on the project. They received stepwise instructions from the client about the process, website, preferred data entry parameters, required data validations and verifications, and related technical sources. The core team was then expanded according to the volume of the project’s data, and every member was trained on the client’s requirements in-house.

Our remote data entry experts worked in sync with the client’s team to set deliverables and deadlines. A sample was delivered for an audit to the client. After its approval, we resumed the data entry for energy efficiency details of certified household appliances at scale.

The project’s execution was evaluated in-house by client-determined performance metrics. We conducted periodic sessions with the client to resolve ongoing queries. We also employed a multi-tier data security framework for frequent accuracy validation and used double-key entry for extensive quality assurance.

Processing Positive Outcomes

For this particular business challenge, the SunTec India team provided the client with the expected outcomes.

  • Shorter processing cycle time
  • Two-step data quality and accuracy verification
  • Resource optimization for the client’s in-house team

We successfully removed the bottleneck of data backlog while preserving integrity and precision in a timely fashion. The positive results and smooth sailing that the client experienced with SunTec India strengthened their belief in us. We have received multiple extensions of this certification data entry project from them with increased data volume recently.

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