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ePub and Mobi Conversion

About the client & client requirements:

The client was looking for professional ePub conversion and Mobi conversion services, just when they found us. With a large volume of work of more than 25,000 pages, with interactive & rich-media content, the client wanted the final output to be delivered within the short turnaround time of 50 days. The client wanted faultless ePub conversion services & Mobi format delivery with an accuracy level close to 100%. The client also wanted us to thoroughly test the formats on different devices & readers to make sure that there was no room for errors and wanted to provide a seamless reading experience to its readers.

Key Challenges & complexities involved in the project:

The major challenge involved in the project was the large volume of work that was required to be delivered within a short turnaround time. We received this project in August when our team was already loaded with a bundle of projects. However, we accepted this challenge and allocated dedicated professionals, especially for this project. As the client wanted digital content in both the formats i.e. ePub & Mobi, we had limited time to turn more than 25,000 in the desired formats and make sure that the eBook was enriched with valuable content & looked aesthetically pleasing.

Approach & Solutions:

  • SunTec India assigned a dedicated team of content architects, ePub & Mobi experts, interactive and instructional designers, testing & QA Analysts, for this project to ensure its timely delivery.
  • We delivered the content in ePub & Mobi format with flawless digital content backed with illustrations, pictures, and other media files.
  • The team ensured that the charts, images, and illustrations were optimized as per the desired formats & standards
  • The entire text, covering every single page was closely proofread by experts to ensure textual accuracy
  • We thoroughly tested both the formats on different fixed layout supportable devices and eReaders like iBook, Readium for ePub, and kindle for Mobi.

Business Outcomes:

As we delivered the project, the client was highly impressed with SunTec India’s overall service offerings. As we delivered the complete project with high accuracy levels, in such a short time frame, the client personally thanked the entire team for doing such an incredible job. As a result, the client also recommended our ePub conversion & eBook creation services to others in the same domain & who were looking out for a reliable service provider.

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