Why Does Every Publisher Need eBook Conversion Services?


Why Does Every Publisher Need eBook Conversion Services

It has not been long since paper-based books have been replaced with ebooks. Especially after the unprecedented pandemic, when it was not possible for authors to make their books available to readers, ebooks came as a boon to reach & engage readers in intriguing ways. Further, pushed by the digital transformation, electronic books or ebooks are a way of adding a whole new dimension to reading.

For readers, these eBooks come with a bunch of benefits. These can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, ebooks may contain rich multimedia content including images, animations, graphics, assessments, quizzes, etc. not just to entertain the readers but also to keep them glued to the ebook. By simply leveraging eBook creation & conversion services you can develop or transform your old books into their digital versions.

Need for eBook creation & conversion services

If you are a publisher or an author who wants to reach a wider audience, go global, and improve your books’ standards, then converting your books into digital format is highly recommended. Consequently, eBook conversion has become much needed to increase the visibility of your digital publications by making them available for users in different formats and also making them accessible via smartphones, tablets, or any other popular e-readers.

However, converting written books and publications into electronic books is not as easy as it may seem. Deciding which digital format to go for, which digital publishing tool to use, how to do ebook formatting, & paying attention to other aspects of ebook conversion requires a lot of effort and skills. This is where professional ebook development & conversion services come into the picture.

Benefits of eBook Conversion Services

eBook Conversion Process

The ebook conversion process typically involves:

  • Writing ebook content/ importing content if already written
  • Organizing ebook content
  • Developing a style guide (setting up standards for writing, formatting & designing)
  • Adding images, visuals & other interactivities
  • Converting the ebook in the desired format
  • Ebook exporting
  • Publishing & sharing

Most popular eBook formats

When it comes to ebook creation & conversion, eBooks are available in several formats ranging from epub to MOBI and a lot more! In fact, to reach a wider audience and get your ebook published on multiple platforms, you can also convert your ebook into multiple formats.

Some of the most popular formats include:

1. ePub

This XML-based ebook format is one of the most popular & recommended ebook formats. This format is a globally accepted format for 200+ e-readers & digital publishing platforms including Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Books, Barnes, Noble Nook, Apple iBook, etc. This format can be naturally displayed on multiple devices such as PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc. The best part is, it supports both fixed-layout as well as reflowable layout content. Hence, ePub is indeed used as a standard format among all reputed publishers.

  • Reflowable EPUB: This file format is designed in a way that allows the content and images of the ebook to reflow to fit all screen sizes. This format is best suited for text-heavy eBooks and is widely used for distribution.
  • Fixed-layout EPUB: Fixed layout EPUBs, on the contrary, have sophisticated designs. You can keep all your content, images, and layout intact in a fixed layout. This layout also supports interactivity and animations. Another great thing about this format is, you can develop read-aloud ebooks in which words on the screen get highlighted while a voiceover reads the story, thereby making it a great option for children’s ebooks.

2. Mobi

This Mobipocket ebook format is also compatible with multiple platforms and eReaders. However, this is predominantly a Kindle format. Mobi format is also well-known for its advanced features for users. Furthermore, as a publisher, if you have complex content to publish, it gives you control over complex content. If you are keen on adding additional pages, annotations, bookmarks, highlights, etc. this is an ideal format. eBook conversion & formatting companies can help you quickly convert from any format to this format.

3. AZW

This ebook file format is created by Amazon and is based on Mobipocket. However, with variations in its compression option, serial number scheme, and DRM formatting. This format is not necessarily used for Amazon Kindle, but can also be downloaded and read on different smartphones, computers, and tablets.

4. PDF

PDFs are widely used & are a highly popular format, as most people are well-familiar with them. Created by Adobe, this format is known for its ease of use. This format is supported by almost all mobile devices & eReaders. However, the content in this format is not reflowable, it can be difficult to read on a small screen. This format also has limited interactivity.

Other than the above-mentioned formats, you can also convert your ebook into other available ebook formats like AWZ3, IBA, LIT, etc by availing ebook conversion services.

What can an eBook conversion service company offer?

  • eBook creation
  • Conversion from printed manuscript
  • eBook conversion from one format to another
  • Data security & DRM solutions
  • Conversion of a huge volume of data
  • Ebook designing & formatting
  • eBook publishing on various platforms (Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Press, Apple eBook Store, etc)
  • Ebook distribution services & monetization

Do you want to develop your ebook or want to convert your existing book into an ebook? You might need ebook development & conversion services!

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eBook Formatting Services for well-formatted & enticing ebooks

Remember, a good ebook is not only one with great content but also by the way it is presented to the readers!

To make your ebook ready for publishing, it is vital that your ebooks are well-formatted & designed during the conversion process. No matter whether you are developing an ebook for children, cookbook, digital magazine, novel, or any other ebook type, giving a compelling format and ebook cover is necessary to catch readers’ attention and keep them engaged.

With the best eBook formatting & cover-design services, you can reach more people & deliver an outstanding reading experience. No matter how great your ebook content, it may not be worth it if your book has been badly formatted. At worst, it will also make you lose your readership. Hence, partnering with companies that have rich experience in ebook formatting and are well-known in ebook designing is the best solution.

These companies can help you with:

1. eBook proofreading

You certainly don’t want your ebook to have errors, spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes, isn’t it? However, proofreading your ebook without any help can be tedious, and may lead to loopholes. Hence, professional ebook formatting & designing experts can help you identify these errors and make your ebook error-free with their thorough ebook proofreading.

2. Custom designing

If you are looking forward to creating a custom-designed ebook, leveraging ebook designing & development solutions is the best thing to do! You can experiment with your ebook designing part & engage your readers in a whole new way. You may add rich multimedia content, make a four-column ebook, add read-aloud features and do a lot more!

3. eBook cover design

Your ebook cover is the first thing that your readers will notice about your ebook. Especially if you are thinking of publishing & monetizing your ebook on platforms like Kindle, it is important that you create an enticing cover. Though you have different tools & software to create ebook covers, however, when you leverage professional cover design services, you can get the best ebook covers that engage your readers & get them to download your ebook.

4. Add interactivities

You can add as many interactivities added to your ebook. You can add images, annotations, footnotes, animations, videos, assessments, quizzes, and a lot more to your ebook. As readers today are expecting new ways to learn and read, adding interactivities to your ebook is a great way to lure readers. Even if the present version of your ebook does not have any multimedia content or interactivities, ebook designing & formatting companies can help you add them & create an engaging ebook.

5. Page layout & paragraph formatting

Paragraph formatting, line spacing, white spacing, and other aspects of page formatting cannot be ignored. Turning to ebook designing services will ensure that your ebook is perfectly formatted and is well readable to the end-users.

6. Quality check

Most importantly, you want your ebook to look just as you want it to, right? eBook formatting services maintain the quality of your ebook and ensure that all the elements of your ebook are well placed and well organized in the converted ebook format.

How can you select the best eBook conversion services company?

  • Look for case studies & portfolio: Before finalizing your ebook development service provider, make sure that you check their portfolio & case studies. This will give you an idea about their quality of services and further let you know about the kind of projects the company has taken up. If the company holds a rich portfolio, along with positive reviews, you can go ahead with the company.
  • Look for experience & expertise: Companies holding rich experience in the ePublishing domain definitely can help you effectively convert your print titles into ebooks. Furthermore, a reputed company also has digital publishing experts who can better understand your needs and deliver excellent ebooks.
  • Look for various services offered: If you intend to create & publish your ebook from start to end, it is better to go with a company that provides several ePublishing solutions under one roof including ebook creation, ebook formatting, ebook publishing & ebook distribution. If your service provider offers all of them, it makes the best choice to go with them, rather than looking for each of the services separately.
  • Look for data security measures: Go with companies that provide DRM solutions and have stringent data protection policies to eliminate the risk of piracy and content theft. This will ensure that your content is safe, secured, and only shared with the authorized audience.

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