Nov 24, 2021

5 Types Of Data Entry Services You Can Outsource

Nov 24, 2021 Data, Data Entry Services

Outsource these 5 data functions to make the most out of your business data

“Being one of the top data solutions service providers, a lot of clients approach us in order to make the best use of their data. While struggling to deal with complex and voluminous data, many clients have seen positive outcomes by outsourcing their critical data functions to us. Based on understanding the requirements of modern companies, here are five critical data functions, you should consider outsourcing to best enter, capture, process, and manage your data.”

For any business, data plays an indispensable role today. As enterprises generate voluminous data on a daily basis, the need for data solutions like data entry services, data processing services & data management services cannot be overlooked. As data grows, entering, processing, and managing this data often becomes very difficult and frustrating. This is where most of the companies decide to outsource data functions!

Are you also struggling to effectively utilize your data?

Consider outsourcing these 5 data functions…

Why should you outsource data functions?

To make the most out of the data assets, businesses need to choose whether to opt for building their in-house data solutions or outsource the service. As data functions require great technology, skills, and resources, outsourcing seems to be the best bet for the companies.

Here are more reasons why you should outsource data functions:

  • Get access to the best tools & technology: When outsourcing your data functions, you get access to the right programs, tools, hardware, scanners, and a lot more. Data experts have hands-on experience in implementing, integrating, and managing different business intelligence and big data technologies. Additionally, you can find all the required technology under the same roof. That means while outsourcing online data entry services, you can also outsource data cleansing & enrichment services without having to invest in expensive tools & technologies, as your outsourcing company has it all!
  • Quick turnaround time: No matter how complex or voluminous your project is, data entry companies ensure that your project is completed & delivered in a quick turnaround time. When done in-house, processes like data entry take a lot of time (especially manual data entry). Outsourcing can free up your time, so you can focus on your core operation and let data entry specialists deal with processing and organizing the data for your business in a short turnaround time.
  • Cost-effective solutions: The salaries of data professionals are only rising with time. Developing an entire data team within your company can be highly expensive. On the other hand, outsourcing data services is a cost-effective measure as you only have to pay as per your project requirements. Moreover, outsourcing data solutions eliminate the need to buy additional equipment and save money.
  • Data security: Data security is a growing concern nowadays. There are several data entry companies that are ISo-certified and ensure that your data is completely secure and safe. By outsourcing to these companies you can get rest assured that your critical data is safe and follow the best data security practices.
  • Complete support: When hiring an outsourcing company, you have full control over the processes. Additionally, their team works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This implies that you will be able to get in touch and get assistance from data experts round the clock.
  • Better data quality & accuracy: As your project is handled by data professionals who have hands-on experience in performing the data processes. And so, you can get the full range of data entry outsourcing services tailored to your needs, while ensuring 99.99% data accuracy and uncompromised data quality.

5 Data functions you can outsource

1. Data entry services

Be it any industry, every business deals with some kind of data entry task. As these data entry processes consume a lot of time, outsourcing data entry services are the best solution! Especially when dealing with bulk data, performing data entry tasks accurately without an error is almost next to impossible. Hence, it is better to outsource data entry services from an offshore company instead of performing them in-house.

Here are various types of data entry services that you can outsource including:

  • Online data entry services
  • Offline data entry services
  • Manual data entry services
  • Document data entry services
  • Image data entry services, among others

2. Data processing services

Now that data has taken a center stage for taking critical business decisions, data processing techniques cannot be ignored. Since data comes from various sources, this meticulous business function involves collecting raw data from various sources and presenting it in a format for further analysis. With data processing techniques you can turn your raw data into meaningful information.

Since data processing tasks involve dealing with capturing voluminous data and turning it into useful insights, it requires data professionals to use the latest tools & technologies and have specialized knowledge. Hence, data processing outsourcing is the best bet. It not just save your time & resources but also help you in saving your operating & management costs substantially.

There are several types of data processing services that you can outsource, including:

3. Data cleansing & enrichment services

Raw data is full of inconsistent data. Whereas, the success of your business decisions largely depends on the quality of data you are analyzing. Since dirty data cannot be put to use directly, data cleansing & enrichment functions cannot be neglected. Your data can only add value to your business when it is up-to-date and free from any redundant information. Data cleansing & enrichment is also a sure shot way to boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Cleansing dirty data requires specific types of tools. Also, data cleansing and enrichment is a time taking process and requires prior experience. And thus, it’s best to outsource data cleansing services to an offshore data cleansing company. Whether it’s for marketing campaigns, networking, sales efforts, or business growth, data cleansing experts can help you get a clean, standardized, and accurate data

Data cleansing services may further incorporate:

4. Data conversion services

Today, when digital transformation is taking over, converting your existing paper-based data into digital formats has become the need of the hour. And so, this is one of the most popular types of data functions that businesses are looking forward to outsourcing. This process involves converting data from one format to another. Depending on your company requirements, you can leverage data conversion services and easily convert your data in a quick turnaround time.

Data conversion services may involve:

  • Paper documents conversion
  • Data capturing
  • PDF conversion
  • HTML5 conversion
  • Word document conversion, among others.

5. Data analytics services

Data analytics can help you make faster, better, and more informed decisions. Data analytics services from a reliable outsourcing company are the best way to obtain data insights from internal, online, and external sources. As the salaries of data analysts are high, developing an in-house team can be highly expensive. And so, outsourcing is the best model under which you can entrust a service provider data and get access to insightful reporting. Furthermore, your data analytics outsourcing company can also take care of everything else including infrastructure setup and support, data management, and data analysis.

How to choose the right outsourcing partner?

You can find numerous data entry outsourcing companies, but the important question is, how to select the best company? Well, to hand over your project in the right hands, it is important that you do thorough research about the company before taking any decision & finalize your data entry outsourcing partner.

Here’s what you should pay attention to-

  • Quick around time: maintaining a quick turnaround time is critical to every business. Thus, before partnering with any outsourcing company, make sure that you discuss the timeframe of the project and ensure that the project will be delivered on the agreed time.
  • Scalability & flexibility: Make sure that your outsourcing company has a flexible pricing model (monthly basis, per-hour basis, etc) and offers scalable solutions. This will enable you to get support even when you have voluminous data to be entered, processed, or managed.
  • Technological infrastructure: Make sure that your outsourcing partner has access to the latest tools, technology & infrastructure to best handle your data needs. They must have robust processes and proven methodologies to deliver the desired output. Other than manual processes, the company must also have tools to automate tasks like data entry, data cleansing, etc.
  • Experience: Having an outsourcing company with rich experience in the industry not just ensures that the company is credible but also ensures that you have the best professionals by your side who are well aware of the industry’s best practices and current technologies.
  • Data security norms: Before handling your project to an outsourcing partner, make sure that the company has stringent data protection and security norms in place to ensure that your critical data is safe. It’s always better to hire companies that are ISO certified.
  • Reviews & Testimonials: Remember to thoroughly check for company reviews from other clients. Honest testimonials and reviews will help you make the right decision and will give you the confidence to go ahead with the company.

We’ve got all your data needs covered!

Now that you know how outsourcing can help your business save a lot of time, money, and effort associated with data functions, all you need is a reliable company like SunTec India by your side. With more than 20+ years of experience in the industry, we offer complete data solutions under one roof while maintaining the utmost accuracy in delivering final outputs.

Our data professionals have in-depth industry knowledge & expertise to help you make the most out of your company data. Whether it’s data entry, data processing, data management, or any other specialized data function, we have a skilled team, robust infrastructure & access to the latest tools & technologies to handle all your data requirements.

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