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iOS began the year on a record breaking note, while Android continues to be a evolving force in the tech industry. Businesses have a lot of contemplation to do when creating apps and products for their audiences. With app development creating an impactful touch-point between the business and the customer has become more important.

Dealing with Diverse Personas

For any business owners, knowing their audiences has become highly critical in the past few years. The approach to attract audiences has become more pragmatic and a generic targeting strategy no longer makes the cut. Audiences follow different browsing patterns and use different devices and platforms to materialize engagement. For some audiences iPads are all the craze while for others android devices or desktop serve as the preferred choice. Such things have to be kept in view for iOS and Android app development, in order to make certain that no audience quarter remains uncovered. Also the increase of personalized audience targeting has made it vital to include its scope in a business app whether android or iOS. Your app should be able to provide some kind of personalization to your audiences without fail.

Increasing the Scope of Re-Engagement

Apart from persona specific targeting and including avenues for personalization in your Android and iPad app development process, there also needs to be a way to stay at your audiences’ disposal. A real-time way to communicate with your audiences is by using push notifications to keep your app users updated with information and offers if any. The use of push notifications also opens the door of location based marketing and helps you to provide even more customized offers and notifications according to a specific location. Re-engagement is equally important in order to retain customers, and something that your app development process must be flexible enough to include.

Laying a Solid Foundation for Easy Updation

Given how frequently new builds and updated versions are released for mobile platforms, your app should be able to cope up with such change. The key to achieve the same is to have solid groundwork laid during your development process. Your app should be developed according to effective methodologies and properly put through trials and rigorous testing. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time an iPad or android update is launched. Your app should easily be able to streamline itself according to latest updates. It so happens that some updates don’t go well with certain apps and takes some significant technical fixes to make things work. To stop such hindrances your business app must be stable enough to handle change.

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