Improve your ROI by 200X with these amazing real estate photo editing tips

Real Estate Photo Editing

Want to get impressive real estate photos? Must try these amazing real estate photo editing tips in 2022

It’s 2022, so what are your plans to boost your real estate sales in the coming year?

Not sure?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

This blog covers sure-shot tips that can help you take your real estate business to new heights.

Real estate photo editing: An indispensable task

Now that most people are looking out for renting and buying properties online, it is important for you to stay on top of the trends and best represent your properties online, isn’t it?

But with thousands of properties listed online, how do you ensure that your property images get the most attention?

Real estate photo editing is the solution!

Not convinced?

Well, let’s find out how real estate photo editing services can boost your business

1. Better sales & conversion

Real estate photos are the first thing that your potential customer would see online. So if your images are highly attractive and appealing, your customer will take further steps to close the deal. The more attractive your images look, using the photo editing techniques, it is more likely to attract a customer & make higher conversions.

2. Gives you perfect images

How often do you see a picture with shadows, dark lightning, and unwanted elements? Many times, right? Such images can turn down your potential customers. No matter how well you capture real estate images, there is always a need for retouching and editing, to give it a perfect look. Once you have faultless images (using background removal, photo retouching, colorization, etc), they are sure to catch customers’ attention & inspire sales.

3. Lead to better business opportunities

The more sales you generate, the more you get a chance to expand your business. With dependable real estate photo editing services, you can acquire a larger customer base and generate better profits. This, in turn, provides you with better business opportunities.

4. Make properties come alive

Photo enhancement services can turn your dull real estate images into striking and beautiful images that certainly can’t be ignored. Right from adjusting brightness, to color correction, removing unwanted elements, post-processing, and other photo editing techniques, and give a fresh and vibrant look to your property photos.

5. Improves your credibility & brand image

Dull and shabby images can hamper your brand image. On the other hand, high-quality, perfectly lit, and professionally edited pictures can improve your brand image and leave a positive impression on your customers.

6. Better ad performance

If you have any ads running for selling your properties faster, photo editing can be a boon to ignite interest among your potential customers and make the most out of your ads on social media & other platforms.

Now that you know the various advantages associated with real estate photo retouching services, the next question that must have crossed your mind is “what comprises of real estate photo editing,” isn’t it?

Well, coming to that, here is what real estate photo editing can do

1. Color Correction

Using photo editing tools, professionals can change, rectify and make your colors look more vibrant and pop. Often real estate photography is not enough to bring out the true colors of your property, hence, using the right color correction techniques, photo editing experts can help you do so.

2. Removal of unwanted elements

Imagine capturing a great image of your property and then finding a tree hiding the entrance gate. What would you do? Well, this can be taken care of with photo editing. If you want to remove background or any unwanted element from the photo, photo editing experts can do it with utmost precision.

3. Light adjustment

Whether you take your photos during the day or night, in dim lights or bright lights, with reliable photo editing services, you can adjust the brightness and make sure that your photos are perfectly lit and clear.

4. HDR image blending

This involves combining multiple images of your property with each of them having different exposure values, brightness, and contrast. And so, photo retouching experts can help you get stunning HDR image, bringing out the true grandeur of your property.

5. Image cropping & resizing

Image cropping & resizing

Before uploading your property images on listing websites or your own website, you must make sure that it adheres to the guidelines and is in the right proportion to what is needed. For this, image cropping & resizing plays an important role. Though there are many tools by which you can resize an image, it may often lead to distortion of images. Hence professional photo editing services will ensure that the image is precisely cropped.

6. Virtual staging

Do you have a vacant property, which is not attracting enough customers? Real estate photo editing can fix it. With photo editing services, you can create a view of fully furnished houses or commercial spaces with elegant fittings and furniture, which will definitely attract plenty of buyers.

7. 2D & 3D floor plans

yes, you read that right! The traditional method involved drawing floor plans with a pen and paper. But today, real estate photo editing services can help you come up with interesting 2D and 3D floor plans to engage your potential customers in a all new way.

8. Panorama stitching

Panorama stitching

Another advantage of leveraging photo editing services is that they can help you provide a 360-degree virtual tour of your property. Photo editing professionals make use of the latest stitching techniques & ensure that you receive stunning panoramic images.

Sounds interesting, right?

In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned points, photo enhancement services can help you in image enhancement, sky change, day to dusk conversion, digital decluttering, etc.

And the best part, enhanced property photos can help you sell property faster than unedited photos by up to 200 times.

But, here comes the big question:

How to edit the real estate images to get the maximum benefit?

Let’s find out:

Top real estate photo editing tips to skyrocket your ROI in 2022

Tip 1: Make your images perfectly lit

When taking the photos of the property interiors, it is more likely that you fall short of natural light, isn’t it? Most of the real estate photography is done indoors, which means that there is not much natural light. In order to make sure that you have properly lit photographs, make sure that you adjust the hues, sharpness, brightness, and light exposure. Also, to ensure that the viewer is able to see all the elements of the image clearly, you must also focus on shadows & construct, which may otherwise disturb your images. With just basic brightness correction, you will have stunning property images that are sure to drive potential customers to sales!

Tip 2: Images’ perspective- Try experimenting

Raw images captured from the camera may have misalignment & distortion, which can be corrected using perspective correction. Also, there are times when simply changing the angle of the photo can make it look much better, and that’s the catch. Once you chance perspective, your images can do wonders.

Tip 3: Color correction- Must not ignore

Have many times have you taken photos but felt that the original color is better than the color which appears in the image? Many times, right? Well, this is where color correction can help. As your goal is to sell property, you must make your images look realistic and full of life. Using color correction techniques, you will get vibrant and vivid photos in no time.

Tip 4: Unwanted elements? Time to remove them

When capturing real estate photos, you may encounter several unwanted elements that can spoil your frame. For instance, trees, adjacent buildings, etc, can hide your subject, similarly, toys, mats, & other objects can be a distraction for indoor photos. You must use image resizing and object removal techniques to eliminate all the unwanted elements from your frame. This will ensure that your subject is always in limelight and your customers do not get distracted by unwanted elements.

Tip 5: Sky color change- It can work wonders

Yes, this can help. With sky color change services, you can create beautiful effects with clouds and sky color. This effect gives a dreamy feel and makes your images way more exciting. Making this small change will make your photos stand out and more attractive, thereby attracting more potential buyers.

Tip 6: Digital decluttering- Must do

Often your real estate images may look cluttered and messy. When you have too many elements in a picture, it may certainly turn off buyers. Don’t let that happen! With digital decluttering, you can have clear and visually-appealing pictures. From bedroom to kitchen, living room, and other spaces, digital decluttering is the right solution to get simple yet appealing pictures.

Tip 7: HDR blending- Give it a try

Use High Dynamic Range image blending which involves combining multiple images of a subject with different exposure and contrast. With HDR photo blending you can rectify even the smallest of flaws and present enticing images to your potential customers.

Tip 8: Color casts- Time to remove them

Another way to get perfect real estate pictures is by removing color casts. Using advanced photo editing software, you can get rid of color tints and can also adjust the white balance, without having to re-take the pictures.

Why should you outsource & get your photos edited & retouched by professionals?

With so many photo editing tools and apps already in the market, you must be wondering why should you outsource photo editing services, isn’t it?

Here’s why:

1. Save a great deal of time

Photo editing is a cumbersome task that requires time and patience. To bring out the best results, you need to use various techniques and tools, which may take you a great deal of time. On the other hand, when you outsource photo editing services to experts, they can edit your photos in a quick turnaround time, without compromising on the results.

2. Cost-effective solutions

Maintaining an in-house photo editing team can be highly expensive, on the contrary, outsourcing is cost-effective. Furthermore, you can save a hefty expense on photo editing tools, software, and equipment.

3. Access to the latest photo editing tools & software

Photo editing outsourcing companies are equipped with the latest tools & software. Additionally, they are also well familiar with the latest trends happening in and around the real estate & photo editing industry. And so, letting professionals take care of your editing requirements will ensure that you get outstanding images that inspire better property sales.

4. Boosts your brand image

Most importantly, outsourcing photo editing services can boost your brand image. When you have enticing real estate images, you can make your way to acquiring more customers and get maximum ROI on marketing and sales. Also, when you have engaging and high-quality images, your customers form a positive impression of your brand.

5. Helps you focus on your core objectives

As a realtor, your main goal is to sell more and more properties whether it is houses, buildings, office spaces, etc. If you invest your valuable time in editing pictures, you will certainly get distracted from your core operations. Outsourcing can help you take this burden off your shoulders while you can focus on your core business functions.

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Bottom Line

To skyrocket your ROI in 2022, leveraging real estate photo processing services is not just a choice, but a necessity. If you want your property images to stand out and move ahead of the competition, following the above-mentioned tips and finding the right outsourcing partner is indeed the best bet.

If you are looking for a reliable real estate photo editing company & proficient photo editors, speak to our experts today.

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