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15 July 2019: The date has already been set in stone for Amazon Prime Day 2019, the biggest shopping event ever. Last year, more than 1 million products were sold and the whole event lasted for about 36 hours. Well, this year, it will go on for 48 hours i.e. 2 days! This is undoubtedly one of the most amazing opportunities for all the Amazon sellers out there. Millions and millions of buyers will be swarming in looking for the best deals possible. So, this is your chance to gain substantial profits, boost your sales, and increase brand awareness by attracting shoppers’ attention to your Amazon product listing.

That said, there are a lot of last minute preparations that you can do to ensure that you get the most out of this eRetail holiday.

Let’s get started with a list of things that you need to crosscheck:

Proper optimized listings

Proper optimized listings

Well, as you know, you’re not the only seller participating in the Prime Day sale. Millions of other sellers will be competing against you, trying to make their listings appear on top of the search results. To make sure that your listing qualifies for the topmost positions, you need to optimize it to perfection. Although, we’re sure you must have taken care of this part by now, but with the big day approaching, rechecking your listings won’t do any harm. So, just go through your listings and see what you can improve. Try tweaking the title, or change the description by adding a new detail, or check and see if your listing is missing out on any of the latest and relevant keywords.

Take to sponsored and social media ads

Now is the time to market your deals aggressively and let maximum people know. And one of the most effective ways is advertising, a sponsored ad, to be specific. Sponsored ads are not only good in terms of Amazon SEO, but they are highly effective in increasing the visibility of your listings and products. /include a connecting line, explain the sudden jump from sponsored ads to social media. What’s great about social media is that you can easily search and target your ads towards your preferred demographics. And a little personalization goes a long way. Sponsored ads will also create more number of inbound links for your page. The more clicks you get, the more your product page will come across as credible to the search engines. Moreover, running Amazon ads will prove to be beneficial for the long term, and not just the Prime Day. So, why not?

Don’t forget to check your content


Content is the key! And this is high time to make your product page’s content perfect. Your product page must be ready for the Prime Day, but a few quick tweaks will only ensure better chances of getting ranked higher and gaining customer traction. On that note, why not take to Amazon A+ content? And it ain’t that time consuming, at least not for professional copywriters. Go for A+ content writing services and get your work done in absolutely no time! Remember, you need to stand out, and your page’s content is going to help you do that.

Double check your product pictures

The most intriguing part of your Amazon product listing is your product imagery. Make sure your photos shine bright. Just run a quick audit of your listings and check to see if all your product images comply with Amazon’s rules. If your product pictures are lacking quality, you can get them edited by an expert by opting for product image editing services. Also, ensure that they’re optimized for the search engine. If you’ve somehow forgotten about the alt tags, it’s not too late. Include your targeted keywords in the alt tags to further increase your chances of higher rankings.

Go bundling


Discounted product bundles do get a fair share of customer attention. This Prime Day, your goal must be to sell as much as possible. So, bundle together similar items and create a unique ASIN for that package. This can be done for the slow-selling items in your inventory by attractive discounts on their bundles to gain maximum customer traction. Creating a new listing for these bundles will only take a few minutes. You can opt for Amazon product listing services to get it done even faster. Again, time is of the essence here, so you may want to contact us right away!

This is the time to load up on reviews

A lot of sales will open up the gates to a lot of reviews. But only if you ask your customers to leave a review. Well, sending individual mailers to each customer might not be possible amidst the Prime Day’s buying and selling ‘madness’ (once the numbers start coming in, you’ll echo our sentiments!) So, email automation is the way to go. Use a tool or a software that automatically generates and sends a mail as soon as an order is fulfilled. More number of positive product reviews will be good for your future sales as well.

Increase your advertising budgets and bids


Being the biggest shopping event ever, Prime Day will definitely make the competition tougher for the sellers. And even though you might be running PPC ads, there’ll be little to no respite. Because a lot of sellers will be rooting for a keyword which will make the CPC almost unaffordable. While raising a bid for a PPC campaign, you need to be sure that you are the highest bidder for the best keywords. Now, that sure means that you’ll need to spend a few extra bucks but hey, the biggest shopping event in the history of online shopping deserves it. So give it up for the Prime Day while you can!

Ace the lightning deals

The best way to participate in the Prime Day is to make use of the lightning deals. If you’ve not yet submitted your lightning deals, well, it’s too late now. The window for lightning deals submission already closed on May 10, 2019. But it’s never too late to start prepping for the next year. Your lightning deals need to follow some specific criteria set apart by Amazon, especially for Prime Day. Here are some of them:

  • Your deal must not run longer than 6 hours
  • The product must be at least 20% discounted
  • All the deals must be submitted via Seller Central
  • The quantity of your product must last for the entire deal duration
  • The minimum rating for that product must be 3
  • The listing must comply with Amazon’s rules

So, these are some of the last minute things that you can try to further increase the traffic on your product page. Buckle up! It’s going to be a wild ride!!

Get Going With SunTec India

It’s not too late to make some last minute tweaks. Let SunTec India help you make your listings Prime Day ready. Avail our Amazon product listing services, and watch our Amazon experts work their magic. Let’s get down to it at the earliest! Just write to us at info@suntecindia.com.

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