8 Amazon Product Listing Optimization Tips To Help You Sell More


Optimize Amazon Product ListingsOptimize Amazon Product Listings

Amazon has come a long way from being just an online bookstore to the world’s greatest eCommerce behemoth. With a customer base of about 310 million, it is the place to be, for online sellers. In fact, Amazon can help you bag significant profits if leveraged the right way. And to start off, you’ll first need to create a near-perfect product listing. But that’s an easy one. The real challenge is getting that listing in front of people. In other words, getting found. The task is taxing, sure, but not one that can’t be figured out, especially if you’ clearly know the fundamentals of optimization.

Optimization is the key to everything. Until and unless your listing is well-optimized, it is unlikely to rank in the Amazon search results, let alone lead to a sale. To be found, you need Amazon’s ranking algorithm (the A9) to notice your listing and place it higher in the search results, which is only possible if your listing is optimized with the right keywords. This is because A9 will rank your listing only if a buyer’s query matches with one or more keywords from your listing. That’s how important it is to optimize.

Before getting to the techniques involved in optimization, it is important to understand the primary purpose of it. The ultimate aim is to increase sales and make more profits, which is why your listing must not only be optimized but also grab a customer’s attention. Your listing must be crafted in a way that it instantly appeals to the customers and the search engines too.

On that note, here are a few Amazon product listing optimization tips that’ll help you in creating a perfectly optimized product listing:

1. Optimize for mobile devices first

Optimize for mobile devices first

The very first thing to consider is whether or not your product listing is optimized for mobile devices. Many users may access Amazon via mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Your listing must be double-checked to ensure that it is clearly visible to your audience, irrespective of the device it is being viewed on. For example, you might want to cross-check the quality or the zoom function of your product images when viewed on a desktop and a mobile device.

2. Keep the user intent in mind

Your listing must be created in accordance with the user intent. This is because a visitor will only click on your listing if it gives them what they’ve been looking for. You can use the following suggestions to find out what your customers want:

  • You must conduct a keyword research to find out what kind of patterns the visitors are using to look for a product. You can then include similar phrases in your listing to make it searchable.
  • An in-depth competition analysis will help in finding out what your competitors are offering, and what more can you offer to exceed the customers’ expectations.

3. Work on your product title

product title

Your product title is one of the most important parts of your listing and must be appropriately framed to address both the users and the search engines. Users will be persuaded to click on your listing if its title conveys the gist in the clearest way possible.

For example, the title “XYZ Men’s Running Shoe” is fine, but doesn’t really give away the details. How about this one? – “XYZ Men’s Running Shoe | Gray | 8.5 | Comfortable | Waterproof | Lightweight”. Offers a quick glimpse of the important details, doesn’t it?

Plus, it is also important to include relevant keywords so that Amazon’s search engine is able to recognize your listing and rank it for a search query. However, it must be made sure that you write for humans and not for the search engines alone.

4. Leverage the bullet points


Customers nowadays are short of time and most of them won’t even bother going through a wordy listing. What they need is a quick overview of the important details. The bullet points in your listing are like a quick read-through of your product’s details, which is why you must take them seriously. Including 5 or more points is recommended and all of them must mention the most important details or features of your product.

5. Hit the bull’s-eye


Prospects turn to your product copy to know more about your product. So, the product description part of your listing must be convincing enough to convert them into customers. The best way would be to combine each feature of your product with its respective benefit. Customers will be able to make a purchase decision easily once they know the benefits of owning your product. In addition to that, the description must also be optimized with the use of right keywords. For best results, use the keywords sensibly instead of simply stuffing them all across the copy.

6. Use the phrases that your “customers” use

targeted keywords

Sometimes, customers tend to use alternate phrases instead of targeted keywords while searching for a product. Your listing will have a higher chance of getting ranked if you include such phrases in your copy as well as in the backend search terms.

7. Give special attention to your product images

product images

The very first thing a customer notices about your product listing is your product image. High-quality and clear images tend to attract more eyeballs than ordinary ones. Zoomable pictures of a product on a white background, well-edited to reveal the intricate details will be difficult for the buyers to resist. You can get your product pictures professionally edited to bring out the best in them.

8. Build trust with product reviews

product reviews

Many customers turn to product reviews to get a fair idea of the product’s quality. Experiences shared by the existing customers reveal a lot, which is why you must work hard to maintain a good number of positive reviews. Use emails to ask your customers to post a review and aim for as many as possible.

With the aforementioned tips and tricks, you’ll not only be able to optimize Amazon product listings but also get the most out of them. A well-optimized listing will go a long way in bringing you genuine sales, especially if you cater to both the buyers and the search engines in a rather smart way.

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