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Client Story Rewind: How We Secured 140% Higher Sales for an eCommerce Business

eCommerce marketplace management

‘Scaling a business across multiple online marketplaces and managing it all at once’ is the most common concern we hear when talking to eCommerce business owners. In this post, we talk about one such client and how we helped them grow from only a website to a successful digital presence across Amazon, eBay, and Walmart while minimizing their management load. 

How Did This Journey Begin?

This client (a retailer of automotive accessories in Texas) operated multiple physical stores and a website. The website brought in decent business and fueled steady growth. They also ran paid ads to bring more traffic to their website. Despite all this, the client witnessed profits but not the exponential growth in sales they’d hoped for. 

To find the cause, the client studied its competitors and realized that its top competitor companies were channeling a significant part of their profits by selling on multiple online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. This prompted our client to scale its operations across multiple online marketplaces.

“Despite spending big advertising dollars, I wasn’t getting exponential sales. So, I sought professional help. After speaking with the team at SunTec India, I gained confidence that they could come up with the right solution.” said the client.

How Did the Client Discover SunTec India

The client looked up best SEO companies on Google. They found us across several listings and decided to give us a call. While they also called several other companies present on those SEO listings, our approach to their issue caught their attention the most, thus landing us their project. We are also listed as a top SEO agency by

We Started by Assessing their Current eCommerce Setup

After an initial conversation with the client, a thorough audit of their eCommerce store, an a quick competitor analysis at our end, we observed the following: 

  • Their eCommerce website was user-friendly and well-optimized, with great UI/UX and valuable content.
  • Their PPC ads needed some modification to make them more compelling.

Additionally, we noticed the following: 

  • The client’s direct competitors were using online marketplaces to sell their products.
  • The competitors’ prices were relatively low compared to the client’s products. 
  • The client’s website offered five days of standard delivery.

With heavy discounts and offers, customers are more inclined to buy from online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Quick product delivery (2 days or even less) prompts them to purchase online. That understanding, combined with our observation that the client’s competitors were making good sales on online marketplaces, led to the conclusion that our client’s eCommerce business needed to sell there as well. 

What Next? Setting up Stores on the Three Biggest Online Marketplaces

Having communicated the possible reasons for stagnant sales, our client established that they must scale their operations on multiple online marketplaces. After rigorous brainstorming and consulting sessions with the client, we decided to 

  • Setup multi-channel marketplace stores on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. 
  • Create product listings and optimize marketplace stores for improved outcomes.
  • Run promotional ads (PPC ads) on each channel and market the products to increase visibility and attract qualified traffic.

Stage 1: Registering and Setting up Stores on Leading Marketplaces

Background: What’s the need for a multi-channel marketplace store setup?

Among the major marketplaces, Amazon continues to mark its dominance, and therefore, more brands/business owners want to consider selling on the platform. However, eBay wins for its competitiveness, lower fees, loyalty, and fewer restrictions; Walmart isn’t as crowded as Amazon & eBay, implying fewer competitors, which increases the chances of sales and conversions.

Further, businesses can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience by selling through multiple channels.

Solution: Registering & creating stores on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart

We allocated dedicated resources for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart who are familiar with the respective marketplace rules, registration guidelines, and store setup procedures.

1. Amazon seller account setup and listing creation

Our Amazon experts requested the necessary information from the client to complete the ‘professional seller account’ setup, including- 

  • email id and a password
  • Business location and type 
  • Personal information (country, date of birth, proof of identity, etc.)
  • Billing information (including a valid bank account and credit card number.)
  • Information of products 
  • Scanned images for identity verification (ID- license or passport and a bank statement)
  • Other relevant information 

After establishing a seller account, our Amazon listing creation experts created appealing product listings and uploaded complete details of the client’s products, such as SKUs, product titles, descriptions, images, pricing, reviews, and other attributes, following the Amazon listing guidelines. 

As we added products to the Amazon catalog, we decided to use the FBA method (Fulfillment by Amazon). Since our client wanted to be free from shipping hassles, going with FBA was the best bet for ensuring easy and fast shipping.

2. Seller account and listing creation for eBay and Walmart

We allocated eBay and Walmart listing experts for respective marketplaces. Our professionals followed the required steps to set up a seller account and filled in the necessary information on both marketplaces. 

Our eCommerce experts prepared a central product data repository, including titles, descriptions, prices, attributes, etc. Meeting the Walmart and eBay listing guidelines, we uploaded the products on both marketplaces simultaneously. We implemented a rigorous quality audit to ensure that the listing data on Walmart and eBay was up-to-date and accurate. 

Stage 2: Product Listing Optimization on All Marketplaces

With so many sellers registered on these popular marketplaces, well-optimized listings are the key to improved visibility and sales. (This applies to all marketplaces- Amazon, eBay, and Walmart). 

We reworked on their listing copies, carried out in-depth keyword research and competitor price monitoring, improved the description copy, and updated prices.

Our approach to listing optimization

Keyword research & optimization

Using advanced keyword research tools, we identified primary, secondary, backend, and long-tail keywords for the client. We compiled a list of keywords most relevant to the client’s products and were highly likely to increase the search engine ranking position for their Amazon, eBay, and Walmart product listings.

Product description writing

While auditing listings, we discovered that some of the descriptions used by the client were copied from the manufacturer’s sites. To have unique and compelling descriptions that inspire sales, we allotted a team of dedicated copywriters who produced SEO-friendly, keyword-rich, and engaging product descriptions.

Product image editing

Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have specific image uploading guidelines. Our eCommerce product photo editing experts edited the client’s product photos to match all marketplaces’ image sizes, resolutions, backgrounds, and other requirements. We edited images’ backgrounds, resized images, added shadows, corrected colors, and adjusted exposure to turn ordinary images into enticing product images for better sales.

product image guidelines

Competitor price monitoring

Smart price management directly impacts sales and attracts more customers. The initial analysis had already deduced that our client’s product prices were slightly higher than sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Hence, we conducted competitor pricing research to analyze prices of similar products on the marketplaces and adjust the client’s product prices as deemed.

Ongoing product listing optimization

  • To ensure that the listings on all three marketplaces were well-optimized, our listing experts ensured the following- 
  • Listing titles were well-optimized (placement of words, integration of keywords, etc.)
  • Listings had bullet points to list out product features 
  • Product descriptions were well written
  • Product attributes were accurate and up-to-date 
  • Product prices were competitive and updated 
  • Listing content had all relevant keywords integrated 

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Stage 3: Setting Up and Running Paid Ads on the Marketplaces

Background: What was the need to run promotional ads when we’d already created a presence across marketplaces and ensured that the listings were well-optimized?

Having registered on all channels, in three months, the client witnessed a 40% spike in its sales (combining the results of all three marketplaces). However, this result was only satisfactory but not exceptional. 

With the fierce competition in the marketplaces (especially Amazon & eBay) and everyone trying to attract customers, paid advertising has taken up significant space and become critical. 

“Making our listings visible on the marketplaces was one of the biggest hurdles. After brainstorming what could be our next move, we finally gave a thumbs up to the PPC advertisement. We asked the team to come up with a well-thought-out multi-channel ad strategy.” said the client. 

We ran effective PPC campaigns on Amazon and eBay to obtain fast outcomes and meet business goals. However, we decided not to run paid ads on Walmart as we registered good enough sales on the marketplace by simply optimizing listings.

Amazon PPC Strategy

Amazon Advertising Modules
Sponsored Products: These ads improve the visibility of individual products. They appear in shopping results and on product pages. These ads feature products relevant to users’ shopping queries. 
Sponsored Brands: These ads work best for boosting brand awareness. These ads appear on product pages in shopping results and feature custom headlines, videos, and images. 
Sponsored Display: These ads can further extend reach and attract new buyers. The ads appear on and off Amazon. These ads engage Amazon visitors who browse, discover, and look forward to buying products. 
Video Ads: These ads help showcase your story. These streaming TV and online video ads establish the brands alongside audiences’ favorite movies, TV shows, live sports, and news. 
Custom Advertising Solutions: With Amazon, brands can also deliver their unique message by creating tailor-made advertising experiences based on their business goals. 

Our Amazon PPC specialists are experienced in creating hyper-personalized ad campaigns that bring high visibility, qualified leads, acute targeting, and more sales.

We decided to use Sponsored Products among the different Amazon ad choices to meet the client’s goals. Our PPC experts created a well-structured ad campaign with compelling ad copy, formulated a bidding strategy, and used the most relevant keywords to drive more audience to the client’s products. 

Here are the tools we used for tracking, optimizing, and reporting campaign results: 

Amazon's PPC Performance Tracking Tools

Using analytics solutions, our PPC experts kept complete track of advertising performance and optimized daily budget, bid, ACoS, CPC, etc. In a span of one month, the client witnessed an ROI of 90% on the ad spend. 

eBay Advertising

With so many sellers competing to attract visitors to their listings in the client’s niche, establishing the top spot in the search results is a challenge, but not with different advertising options on the marketplace! 

Promoted Listings Standard: These ads are one of the most popular ads used by sellers as they help you stand out among billions of listings by displaying your items in front of more buyers. For this ad type, you only pay for your promoted listing if it results in a sale. 
Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA: These ads use a cost-per-click campaign model and provide preferred access to the top slots in eBay search results. Sellers can set budgets and keywords to increase traffic to your listings and ensure high visibility.
Promoted Listings Express: These ads boost visibility for auction-style listings directly from the eBay app. Promoted Listings Express displays the sponsored listings to the buyers on similar listings’ pages, with an upfront flat price. 
Display Ads: Similar to display ads on Google, eBay’s display ads allow you to target the right users by displaying ads on eBay’s homepage and certain category pages to drive more traffic to your listings. 

Among the different ad choices on eBay, we decided to use promoted listings ad form to quickly give the client’s listings the boost they needed and attract buyers on the marketplace. 

While devising ad campaigns, our eBay PPC experts ensured using relevant keywords, high-quality product images, and enticing copy to attract customers and drive better sales. 

Result: By running promoted listings standard campaigns, our client enjoyed great success across 95% of its 500+ listings, ensuring notable positioning across eBay. 

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Client Experience with SunTec India

“With the SunTec team, scaling became very hassle-free for me. Investing in their multi-channel marketplace management services turned out to be one of the best decisions we took this year. Can’t thank their team enough for boosting my eCommerce sales by nearly 140% in such a short time.”

Maximize your sales opportunities with omnichannel marketplace management services

Backed by a team of skilled eCommerce specialists, strong infrastructure, and rich industry experience, SunTec India has helped thousands of clients take their business online, set up a multi-channel marketplace strategy, manage and optimize their processes, and promote their products on the marketplaces. 
To unlock your sales potential and register a robust presence on eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, etc., set up a consultation with our experts and pave your way to success. 
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