How To Win Amazon Prime Day 2023- A Last-Minute Guide For Sellers

Amazon Prime Day last minute tips

Amazon Prime Day is just a month away. While sellers should prepare for the event weeks in advance, there is no need to panic if you haven’t. Use this last-minute guide to prepare for a successful Amazon Prime Day 2023 by reviewing strategies and setting up the right practices. 

This time, Amazon Prime Day will be held on July 11th, 2023. Just like every other year, it’ll be a 48-hours event ending on 12th July 2023. Being one of the biggest shopping festivals, this annual sale is a goldmine for sellers. But, how can you turn this event into a profitable win for your retail business when it’s only a month away? Should you optimize product page listings, focus on creating deals, seek lightning-fast Amazon product upload services, or gather positive reviews?

Use this last-minute checklist to get your priorities straight and ensure Prime Day’s success.

Amazon Prime Day 2023- What You Need To Know

This year’s 48-hour-long Amazon Prime Day is undoubtedly an incredible opportunity for all the Amazon sellers out there. Millions of buyers will be swarming in looking for the best deals. This is your chance to gain substantial profits, boost your sales, and increase brand awareness by attracting shoppers’ attention to your Amazon product listing.

However, growing inflation and supply chain issues could mean big changes for sellers in 2023. For instance, last year, Amazon added a new 5% fuel charge for sellers who use its fulfilment services. The eCommerce giant has also been making substantial adjustments to FBA inventory limits, leaving behind sellers in the cloud of uncertainty.  

Some of the major concerns of sellers for this Prime Day are- 

  • Rising CPC advertising cost: This time of the year is accompanied by high competition among sellers. Unfortunately, with this comes ‘ad cost spikes’. And so, the rising cost-per-click has put eCommerce brand owners perplexed about whether to use advertising services or not. In 2022, the CPCs spiked by 123% across all categories. Even in 2023, sellers can expect to see a spike in ad costs. 

    But, here’s the good part: With rising CPC costs, the brands also saw an increased return on their investment. The profits exceeded the cost of advertising on the platform.
  • Competing marketplaces can steal the limelight: Amazon marked sales of $12 billion in 2022. Sounds great, right? But, compared to previous years, Amazon barely made any progress. Prime Day 2021 made $11.19 billion in sales, which was somewhat better than Prime Day 2020, which pulled $10.14 billion. That progression was harshly defeated in 2022 with a poor year-on-year growth graph that only rose from $11.19 billion to $12 billion.

    Reason: Prime Day “Halo effect”. It has been seen that Amazon’s share goes to other marketplaces like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, which launched their own deals & events close to Amazon Prime Day and saw increased sales. And 2023 will be no different. 

What does this mean for sellers? 

Despite these challenges, the success of Amazon Prime Day 2023 largely depends on your brand’s ability to adapt to the current market and formulate a winning strategy. 

If you can optimize your listings perfectly, invest in marketing, and follow the best practices- Prime Day 2023 can surely bring you rewarding returns. However, you must keep a tab on the market changes and customer behavior to turn this situation into an advantage & make the most out of this event. 

How to Win Amazon Prime Day 2023 – Follow This Checklist For Quick Results

Instead of blindly running ad campaigns, bothering your customers to gather reviews, or hurriedly outsourcing amazon product page optimization while panicking about the overall operation, use these tips to create a profitable Prime 

1. Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Start from the basics – make sure that your listings are well-optimized. No matter how wonderful your product is, all your efforts can go in vain if your listings are not visible to the target audience. 

Since there are millions of retailers competing for the same audience, trying to make their listings appear on top of the search results, Amazon product listing optimization services can help you gain better CTR and higher traffic. 

You need to make sure your listings win in your niche, at least!

Chances are, you have already taken care of this part by now. However, rechecking wouldn’t hurt. Look for opportunities to improve. Here are a few things to pay attention to: 

  • Keywords: Check if your listing is missing out on any of the relevant primary and backend keywords. Also ensure that your keywords are perfectly used in product titles, product features, and descriptions. 
  • Product Title: Make sure that your product titles are well-optimized. Don’t forget to add the most important information about your product- brand, size, quantity, model, colors, etc. 
  • Product Images: Your product images must stand out to grab shoppers’ attention. Make sure that your images perfectly meet Amazon’s criteria for uploading images. You can also turn to professional product photo editing services to ensure high-quality, enhanced, and enticing product photos that inspire better sales & conversion. 
  • Product Descriptions: Make sure to cover all important uses and benefits of your product & produce a compelling copy in the description section. To have professional descriptions that attract more customers, you can also hire skilled copywriters who can write keyword-rich, unique, and engaging descriptions.
  • Product Pricing: With competition at its peak, make sure to offer reasonable deals & prices. Also keep in mind that you are not just competing with sellers on Amazon but also with eCommerce players who are selling and offering lucrative deals on other platforms like Walmart, Etsy, etc. 

Overwhelming? Since there is a lot that you personally need to handle before Prime Day hits, you may also outsource Amazon support services or hire Amazon virtual assistant to handle all these tasks effectively. 

2. Revisit Your Sponsored Ad & Marketing Strategy

Now is the time to aggressively market your deals and spread the word about your Prime Day offers. Sponsored ads are the most effective tool to attract more buyers, increase the visibility of your listings and help you get more sales. Though ads are getting expensive (as Prime Day 2023 is fast approaching), don’t hesitate to use them. The more you advertise, the greater returns you get. Be prepared to increase your daily campaign budgets to 2-3 times than the normal daily allocation for Prime Day. 

To reap the maximum benefits, you should run your Prime Day ad campaigns at least two weeks in advance. Don’t expect to see positive results if you simply turn your campaigns on for the first time on Prime Day itself. Running your ads beforehand will help you earn a sales history that improves your authority within Amazon’s platform. 

You can boost your Prime Day performance with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Display Video ads. Other than this, you should also work on social media and email marketing to drive traffic to your Amazon Store and product listings & amplify your visibility. 

Note: If you find creating & managing your Amazon ad campaigns difficult, it is best to take help from Amazon PPC experts who can monitor and optimize your campaigns in real-time.

3. Stock Up In Advance

When it comes to being prepared for Amazon Prime Day, make sure that you do not run out of inventory. It is always better to make sure that you are stocked up well. Amazon has already released Prime Day FBA inventory cut-off deadlines. All FBA sellers should ensure their new inventory reaches fulfilment centres 15 days before the commencement of Amazon prime day.

In case you want a backup option, you can also consider finding a third-party service provider to hold your stock or switch to FBM in order to complete order requests even if your FBA inventory runs out. 

Additionally, in case you are still trying to source products, we suggest going through the best-seller category of last year and observing related trends around what is expected to sell more in 2023. To help you optimize your inventory levels, here’s a list of the top 10 most popular & profitable categories on Amazon this year.

top amazon categories in 2023

4. Ace the Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are the biggest tool that Amazon Prime Day hands over to the sellers. Try to make the best out of it! 

Your lightning deals need to follow some specific criteria set apart by Amazon, especially for Prime Day. Here are some of them:

  • Your deal must not run longer than 6 hours
  • The product must be at least 20% discounted
  • All the deals must be submitted via Seller Central
  • The quantity of your product must last for the entire deal duration
  • The minimum rating for that product must be 3
  • The listing must comply with Amazon’s rules

Hope you’ve already submitted your deals by now. If not, well, it’s too late now. The window for lightning deals submission closed already. But it’s never too late to start prepping for the next year.

5. Offer Exciting Discounts & Promotions 

For a big event like Prime Day, sellers must have a plan to stand out.  To attract customers, you must offer great discounts and deals. This might even mean that you sell your product at a very low profit, but a high volume of sales, leading to overall profits & brand visibility.

  • Create a buzz around your deals with teasers or exclusive offers on products leading up to the event.
  • Use Amazon coupons. (However, Amazon has a deadline for submitting coupons so keep that in mind.)
  • Create exciting promotions like “Buy one & get the other at 50% off”, “Buy 2 get 1 free”, etc. 

6. Don’t Forget To Check Your Content

Content is the key to successful online sales!

Your product page must be ready for Prime Day, but a few quick tweaks will only ensure better chances of getting ranked higher and gaining customer traction.

Also, if you haven’t already, take the advantage of Amazon A+ content. Create exceptional copies (or hire A+ content writing services for the job) and drive sales through them.

7. Double-Check Your Product Pictures

The most intriguing part of your Amazon product listing is your product imagery. So, make sure your photos shine bright.

As a precautionary measure, run a quick audit of your listings and check to see if all your product images comply with Amazon’s rules. They should be of high quality, adhering to SEO, and posted with the right tags. You must also include your targeted keywords in the alt tags to further increase your chances of higher rankings.

If your product pictures are lacking quality, you can get them edited by an expert by opting for product image editing services. Product photo editing experts can help you remove imperfections from your pictures, leaving you with stunning, high-quality, and enticing images that inspire better sales. 

8. Go Bundling

Discounted product bundles receive a large share of customer attention. Bundling similar items and creating unique ASINs for packages can help you sell more on Amazon Prime Day 2023.

This can be done for the slow-selling items in your inventory by attaching attractive discounts on their bundles to gain maximum customer traction. You can also create a new listing for these bundles. It will only take a few minutes.

9. Load up on Reviews

Having loads of positive reviews is the key to performing better on Amazon. However, sending individual mailers requesting a review to each customer might not be possible amidst Prime Day’s buying and selling ‘madness’ (once the numbers start coming in, you’ll echo our sentiments!)

So, email automation is the way to go.

Use a decent email marketing tool or feedback management software that automatically generates and sends emails as soon as an order is fulfilled. If you have already joined hands with an Amazon service provider, you might also want to rope them in for prompt review management. Just, don’t skip this step. Prime Day is not only an opportunity to sell more but also one to cement the foundation of your online retail store on Amazon. More positive product reviews will be good for your future sales as well.

10. Increase your Advertising Budgets and Bids Tenor

Being the biggest shopping event ever, Prime Day will definitely make the competition tougher for the sellers. And even though you might be running PPC ads, there’ll be little to no respite because a lot of sellers will be rooting for a keyword which will make the CPC almost unaffordable.

While raising a bid for a PPC campaign, you need to be sure that you are the highest bidder for the best keywords. Now, that sure means that you’ll need to spend a few extra bucks but hey, the biggest shopping event in the history of online shopping deserves it. So give it up for Prime Day while you can!

Get Ready And Get Going for Amazon Prime Day 2023

While this list covers the most important facets that you need to handle for a successful Amazon Prime Day, there is much else that you can do.

  • Use Amazon Coupons
  • Adjust The List Price
  • Audit Your Listings
  • Send Your FBA Inventory on Time
  • Run Off-Amazon Ads
  • Automate Review Requests

It’s not too late to make some last-minute tweaks. Let SunTec India help you make your listings Prime Day ready. Avail our Amazon product listing services, and watch our Amazon experts work their magic. Let’s get down to it at the earliest! Just write to us at

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