How eBook Distribution Services Can Benefit Publishers in Long Run?


Top Benefits of Choosing eBook Distribution Services

The online world has given us numerous virtual augmentations that have changed the manner in which we manage our general surroundings. One such branch that has modified the course of data access and conveyance everlastingly is computerized content. According to Statista, revenue generated from the eBooks sector will be projected to US$15,635m in 2021. Growing at a rate of 3.18%, it is predicted to cause a market volume of USD 17,723 million by 2025.

In this blog, we will discuss various aspects related to eBooks and how eBook Distribution Services help you achieve your goal effectively.

What is eBook Distribution?

eBook distribution is the process of publishing books on different online platforms and makes them available for the readers to download and read. It can be done directly through a self-service portal or through an eBook aggregator.

eBook distribution is a complex and consistently developing interaction with new players continually entering the market as some current ones close shop. As the eBook distributing business develops, it is essential to stay informed concerning the changing business requests.

It isn’t sufficient to have great eBooks. As a distributor, you need powerful eBook dissemination benefits that will help you contact your crowd and furthermore scale as your business develops and you secure new clients, information, and assets.

What are eBook Distribution Services?

eBook Distribution Services are provided by various companies to help publishers and content producers manage, distribute, and monetize their content on different online channels.

This gives you the advantage of increasing your customer base to a global level. It can prove to be a win-win situation for publishers who are not creating geographically specific content.

How Publishers can Benefit from eBook Distribution Services?

According to Atlantic Council report, Markus Dohle states that “consumers stuck at home due to the pandemic are spending more money on books than ever before; global literacy rates and the general population are rising; physical and digital books share a “healthy co-existence”

According to Statista, the value of the global eBook market was USD 18.13 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to reach USD 23.12 billion by 2026.

Let us dig deep and understand the reasons in-depth why publishers should opt for eBook Distribution Services:

1. Reduced Expenses and Cost-Effective

  • Cost-cutting is quite possibly the main advantage of eBook publishing. Consider how much cash is spent on print releases, paper costs, printer charges, cover page delineation charges, and shipment energies that add to the expense of the book.
  • Additionally, if looking at the expense of distributing a print book and an eBook, one can list down numerous differences between them. This is because partnering with eBook distribution services eliminates the extra processes that go into traditional book publishing.
  • Also, it is beneficial for readers as they have to pay for the writer’s hard work and they can access it anytime, anywhere at a low cost.

2. Access to Global Audience

  • Another advantage of eBook distribution is the number of individuals you can entrap. With print distributions, flows will undoubtedly be controlled. Creation and delivery costs add up furthermore to courses.
  • Also, the internet is widely used around the globe which increases the chances of reaching a wider customer consumer base. All this can be accomplished at a lower budget.

3. Go Green with eBook Distribution:

  • Traditional book publishing also has a negative impact on the environment. Individuals are now more aware of their surroundings. Hence, eBooks are a great alternative to be environment-friendly without compromising on the flow of information.
  • eBook Distribution service providers conduct all their operations online and make sure that your eBooks are readable on mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

4. Track Distribution and User Behaviour:

  • Computerized distributing empowers to discover examples of dissemination. One can perceive the number of clients an eBook has been gotten to and henceforth downloaded. This is an ideal method to follow the numbers, as it permits you to see the number of individuals who have gotten to your eBook. Surveys can likewise be perused by the eBook.
  • With the traditional publishing method, publishers had to wait for weeks or months to get significant data of their book. Not anymore, eBook distributors make efficient use of the analytics to track data on the distribution and readers.
  • This assists them with arranging and if necessary, update their eBook marketing strategies. With appropriate information on distribution and readers, distributors can likewise discover their revenue.

5. Provides Vivid Insight to the Readers:

  • eBook distribution allows readers to experience a vivid reading experience.
  • Not exclusively would users be able to switch pages in an eBook, yet in addition zoom in and change text dimension as per their requirement.
  • Many interactive elements can be added to create more engagement among the readers. For example images, recordings, etc.
  • A search function can help readers lookout for a particular term or sentence.

All these features are not available in the offline printed books. eBook distribution services make it easier for the publishers to add all these components to boost eBook sales online.

6. Simplifies eBook Creation Process:

  • A lot of paper and capital is consumed in traditional publication. By finishing this old cycle and opting for eBook distribution, one can save the environment as well as cut down costs of publishing.
  • With eBook publishing, you get a wide number of options for the cover page outline and design.
  • One can add HTML, interactivities, intuitive components, etc. effectively with the help of an eBook Design and Development Services.

7. Editing is Possible After Publication:

Republishing a print book is heavy on pockets. It’s totally the opposite in the case of eBooks. With a majority of eBooks published online and stored in the cloud-based platform, you can easily edit and make corrections in the eBook.

Saves Time and Allows You to Focus on Content

While preparing content, one must be solely focused and stress-free to brainstorm new ideas. Opting for an eBook distribution service provider can take away all your hassle of publishing and the process of promoting it online.

What Do You Need to Know Before Publishing an eBook?

1. Convert Your PDF Into eBook

A PDF record is inert, and it contains fixed pages like an actual book. It resembles seeing a paper yet on a screen. This arrangement is ideal for printing. Though, an eBook substance can change introduction as per the size of the screen.

Here’s more on Convert PDF to eBook: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners.

2. Design a Professional Cover Page

  • Most eBook distributors suggest various measurements for the cover document of an eBook. For instance, Amazon suggests a JPEG record with measurements of 2,560 × 1,600 pixels (a 1:6 proportion).
  • As they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, the reality stays that the initial feeling a cover establishes is an enduring connection. Make sure that you have an expertly planned cover page with the correct measurements so your plan shows up as proposed.

3. Distinguish Your Keywords

  • While publishing your eBook on any digital platform, it is necessary to provide categories and keywords. The platform will then use it to feature and distribute your eBooks searching for the provided category and keywords.
  • The reason for setting keywords is various platforms like Amazon are algorithm-driven. It will only display your eBooks based on the category or keyword searched by the users.

What are the Primary Advantages of eBooks?

Many small businesses with a limited budget are exploring ways to approach their potential audience. eBooks can be a great way to do so. Therefore, consider these benefits if you are want to publish your eBook:

1. A Long-Term Investment

eBooks may take a long time to develop but it is worth an investment for the long run. Once it is created, you can publish it on different sites and cherish it for the readers. It stays as an intact piece of information that is going to stay forever. You can share the content with your target audience anytime in the future.

2. High Potential

Presently anybody with any book can make it rapidly accessible and easily venture with incredible desires for a bigger income return. All things considered, eBooks are less creation cost-escalated for everybody; consequently, it is a quicker, speedier approach to level the income sharing rates for all.

3. Optimized for Search Traffic

With the introduction of search engines and their algorithms, individuals can search for anything or everything. Hence, eBooks are in great demand as they are easily available online and readable too. All you need is a perfect SEO strategy that works to showcase your eBook on different platforms.

4. Repurposing Content

Making an eBook doesn’t need to be a totally new pursuit. Many companies offering ebook creation services also create digital books by few blog entries made on a similar point and merge them together to make an enlightening eBook that can furnish your intended interest group with data in a fresh format. In some cases, individuals don’t consistently peruse your blog. Giving similar data in a totally fresh format can help you attract a new audience to boost your sales.

How can You Distribute Your eBook?

The perfect plan for successfully distributing your eBook is to outsource eBook Distribution Services. As a leading ePublishing service provider, Suntec India helps publishers upload eBooks as per the specific requirements and guidelines of eBook stores and sellers. Our eBook distribution services are tailored to increase the client’s customer base across the globe by distributing titles through eBook distributors and online sellers. We also ensure to target niche markets and let no stone unturned for new sales opportunities.

Summing Up

Given its expense viability, online publishing empowers publishers to create more income than a printed book. Distributing constantly eBooks becomes substantially more advantageous with the best eBook creation services provider by your side. For more information on eBook Distribution Services, get in touch with us at

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