PDF to ePUB Conversion: How Digital Publishers Can Benefit From It?


Why Publishers Need PDF to ePUB Conversion?

With publishing, electronic books or eBooks are just as popular as printed ones. They represent the modern age where everything is available online or on a portable device to read on the go. Many eReaders have come forward to meet this rise in the demands of the consumer. Digital libraries like Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and Barnes & Noble Nook are popular ones that use different formats to publish their content. The two most popular ones include ePUB and PDF. As a publisher, you need to choose the right format to reach a wider audience fast, safe, and smartly. In this post, we are going to guide you through the benefits and each format and help you understand why PDF to ePUB conversion can benefit your publishing business. Keep reading to find out more.

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What is a PDF File and How Do You Use it?

This is short for Portable Document Format. As the name suggests, a .pdf file in the cross-platform compatible document type. You can access it through Adobe Acrobat Reader on any device like mobile phones, laptops, or a PC. You can even use it across operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux.

A PDF file displays a print-type document that has a fixed layout. This means that your .pdf eBooks will look the same regardless of the device you view them on. The fonts, lines, styles remain the same for an eBook reader, smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. Only the page size differs on different devices. You can create PDF files on any word processor or design programs like Microsoft Word, Pages, and InDesign. It is a popular file format that you can use for printouts and get physical copies of your eBook. You just need to know the finished size at which you want them to print.

What is an EPUB File?

This is a file type that you can access specifically through eReaders. It has a re-flowable text, much like a web page. This means that the text in the ePUB file can adjust according to the eReader’s font size, type, and layout. Such eBooks do not have page numbers and instead just have chapters, sections, and end of the book. Unlike PDF, you cannot print an ePUB file.

ePUBs are best if you are reading on an eReader. It can be a Kobo reader, Nook, Kindle, mobile device, iPod, tablet, etc. You may have to zoom in to read a PDF file on the small screen of such devices. You will also have to move a page left to right to read it all. An ePUB file and its re-flowable texts, provide a much better reading experience.

Benefits of Converting PDF to ePUB For Publishers

There are multiple devices available in the market with different screen sizes. Publishers need to keep this in mind while creating and distributing eBooks to remain relevant and competitive. Following is a list of other advantages of creating an ePUB file from a PDF file.

1. Better Distribution

The ePUB format is a popular open standard format. It is readily accessible through various browsers, platforms, and operating systems. This makes it easier for publishers to distribute eBooks and reach a wider audience.

2. Interactive Functionalities

You can add additional features like audio, video, hyperlinks, URLs, and responsive maps into your ePUB file. This way you create engaging and interactive content for students to make learning fun. Even PDF offers multimedia integration, but the experience and output may not be as efficient.

3. SEO-Friendly Content

HTML5 and CSS3 supports the ePUB format. This means that you can refer to internal sections of an eBook through hyperlinks. You can also have external reference links to gather more information on the subject. Readers can even benefit from SEO capabilities to search content based on a keyword. This makes searching for information much easier than compared to a PDF file.

4. Popular Amongst eReaders

The ePUB format has a re-flowable nature that means the text can adapt to different sizes and displays automatically. This makes it an ideal choice for many eReaders. Many popular eBook retail stores like Apple, Kobo, Amazon, etc. sell and purchase digital content in ePUB format.

5. Read in Multiple Languages

The ePUB files provide global language support to reach a wider audience. It also can handle the flow of the text Right to Left or Left to Right. This can help sell an eBook internationally and increase the revenue of a publishing house.

6. Traceable Content

Using ePUB files, you can interlink a vast repository of data manually. This will help you keep track of all the research papers, presentations, and training manuals from a single source. You can get the content you want any time without accessing each file one at a time.

7. Highly Secure Format

ePUB file format adheres to the DRM (Digital Rights Management) standards. This means that only the owner has the power to access and share the content. It prevents any illegal acts of piracy or copyright infringement. It also increases the security of the content and ensures authors of safe distribution. In PDFs, you can add a password to a document, but it has no way to honor copyright laws.

8. Better Return on Investment

The ePUB format provides a lot of benefits and chances to be profitable. The security measures, interactive features, and wider outreach, all contribute to better distribution. This means more sales for publishers and more profits. The cost incurred is to convert a PDF file to ePUB is minimal compared to the returns. You can easily recover all the costs of publication and distribution within a few weeks.

Methods to Convert PDF File to ePUB Format

There is over one way to achieve this. Here we describe the various methods for PDF to ePUB conversion that will benefit you as a publisher.

1. Using OCR tools

Such tools take pictures of a PDF file and save it in ePUB format. It may cause distorted images that may not be entirely accurate.

2. Using OCR to Extract Text

This will copy the text from images and save it in an ePUB file. There is no guarantee that the text will be accurate. There will be a lot of spelling mistakes, misplaced text, incorrect styling, or formatting in the outcome.

3. Edit PDF Correctly

This is an indirect way of PDF to ePUB conversion. It requires that you create a PDF file in a way that resembles the format of an ePUB file. It requires that you consider the styling according to the output device you are using like a Kindle eReader.Most of the time you create a .pdf file in a word processor like Microsoft Word. You need to use its built-in formatting styles to set up pages in a way that is easier for a reader. Following is a list of attributes you need to consider:

  • Choose a page size of 8.5” x 11” with a portrait orientation and .5-inch margins.
  • Use images in PNG or JPEG format with a maximum size of 600 pixels tall and 550 pixels wide. The picture should be in RGB color mode with 72 DPI.
  • Use a center or left alignment for paragraphs.
  • Use styles to indent paragraphs, format headings, and create bullet lists.
  • Use inline images so that one can write text above and below a picture. Do not use text wrapping for your photos.
  • You need to use 14pt to 18pt font size for headings. You must also use 12pt for the text.
  • Use page breaks to show the end of a chapter.

4. Hire Experts – A Perfect Alternative

There are lots of advantages of using an ePUB format over any other. If you are looking for solutions to converting your eBooks to this file type, you need professionals. SunTec India is a leading IT outsourcing company with experience of over two decades working in this arena. It is an eBook conversion services company that excels in providing you high-quality results within a quick turnaround time. Our services are affordable and can cut your overall operational cost by 60%. We will help your publishing business reach new heights and bring you a high return on investment.


With publishing houses looking for ways to stay relevant in the digital age, many opt to create eBooks for their readers. It gives them the traction, greater outreach, and cross-platform compatibility they need to be successful. If you are printing books and converting to digital format, you will need to outsource PUB conversion services. They can help you extract many eBook benefits and reach the right audience on multiple mobile and eReader devices. If you want to know more about different ways to deliver content digitally, contact us at info@suntecindia.com.

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