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Cloud computing has opened new doors into the world of application development. Many enterprises are already benefiting from developing applications on the cloud, experiencing increased agility and saving up on development costs. In fact, the public cloud market is predicted to reach 25% and bag more than $190 billion by the end of 2018, which was $87 billion back in 2015. The numbers are not that surprising, given the obvious benefits that developing on cloud offers.

Cloud computing is offering better ways to develop applications than the traditional ones. However, developing apps on the cloud also calls for a different approach. For example, the cloud offers some native features like auto-scaling, which must be taken advantage of while developing applications. The process can get a bit complex, which is why you must always go for cloud application development services to get the required expertise and help.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of Cloud:

  • Work with new platforms

    Programming environments such as .Net from Microsoft and Java Platform Enterprise Edition from Oracle have been in use since the beginning of application development. But it goes without saying, now that we’re jumping on the bandwagon and taking up cloud app development, there’s an inherent need to incorporate new and better platforms. Some of the best ones to work with are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, and Salesforce. Open cloud computing solutions like OpenStack and CloudStack from Apache are also good to go. The idea is to move out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons with the platforms that can serve the very purpose of cloud app development in a better way.

  • Take care of the security concerns

    Businesses nowadays work in a close connection with their customers. Customers need to be given access to the application, which is easily done when you’re developing applications on the cloud. But extending the business’s systems or sharing the data and processes with outsiders can pose a risk to data security. To keep such risks at bay, developers must focus on examining the connected components in cloud app development instead of simply laying emphasis on the applications.

  • Address the performance issues

    Performance issues can arise when undertaking cloud application development. Things are different in case of traditional application development that incorporates applications running on a few systems. Problems, in such a scenario, are easy to identify and solve. However, with the advent of cloud computing, identifying problems may take some time. This is because the cloud services run on multiple servers in large data centers. Often these systems encounter network problems, hindering the information flow. Potential lag time is also likely to occur since the information may go through multiple stages such as application servers, database servers, and web servers. Such issues are common, which is why it is advisable to develop cloud applications with enough resources at hand to deal with whatever gets in the way. Also, other issues such as server load time and bandwidth issues must be taken into consideration while developing the application.

  • Stand up to the integration challenges

    An application is comprised of a number of modules that constantly interact with each other. Monitoring and understanding these connections is a rather complex task, but an important one. While developing an application over the cloud, it is also important to consider the resources and infrastructure available. This is also true for the existing applications that need to be moved to the cloud.

    Developing applications on the cloud, when done right, can bring scalability and agility to your business. Following the aforementioned tips will greatly help you in hitting the right note and preparing well for the application development process.

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