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Photo Editing Case Study for a Major US-Based Realtor

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Client Introduction

The client is one of the top realtor marketing service providers in USA. Client's effective marketing program has vastly helped real estate professionals, Property Managers, Investors and private property sellers by increasing their leads manifold, drastically bringing down their advertising expenditures and improving their overall productivity.

Established in year 2000, client proudly serves several thousand real estate professionals countrywide with digitally enhanced property pictures, 360° Virtual Tours, Panoramas, and high-end multi-media presentations, etc.

Client Needs

The Client needs real estate retouching services and supplies us with a mix of raw files from the camera to multi exposure and high dynamic range images to process and retouch. There are a variety of projects comprising of editing and retouching real estate photography including interiors and exteriors, landscapes, detail shots etc., adjusting color/exposure to improve the image quality, correcting the perspective, changing background color, removing color cast, etc.


Real estate picture editing and photo retouching jobs can be tedious and call for precision and accuracy. Our client had quite unique needs vis-à-vis real estate photo editing with some custom editing challenges. The challenges facing us were in:

  • Editing, retouching and finally producing 1500 and above high-quality images on a daily basis.
  • Ensuring 24/7 availability of real estate photo editors and retouchers to fit in with US working hours for a quick turnaround time of 10 – 12 hours.
  • Creating real estate Virtual tours and real estate panoramas through panoramic image stitching.
  • Ensuring on-time and error-free output
  • Property images crippled with
    • Mixed lighting sources, underexposed or overexposed photographs
    • Poor weather conditions, rooms dimly lit with sunlight raiding through the windows
    • Effectively adjusting shadows, midtones and highlights
    • Adding fireplace or removing the dishes in the sink, trash cans, car parked in the middle of nowhere
    • Perspective distortions occurring from shots captured from a flawed angle, etc.


Real estate photo editing is not always a quick and easy fix. Fortunately, the real estate image editing team at SunTec India is well equipped to deliver high quality images in a restricted timeframe of less than 12 hours, and at most competent rates.

Here is a brief insight into the solution that we devised to address the specific issues of our client:

  • We created a dedicated team of 15 Photo Editors/Retouchers with extensive experience in real estate photo editing and enhancement and superb Photoshop skills, and creative thinking and aesthetic sense.
  • We shared the FTP login details with the client through which they could upload the untreated images and download the processed images with absolute ease.
  • Due to tight deadline in hand and to align our functioning with Client Working Hours, the team members were allocated two working shifts: 8am to 5pm and 5pm to 2am – 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) to give the client unceasing support. The day service photo editors specifically take care of the return jobs and the additional retouching and enhancement requirements of the client.
  • Our Project Managers readily respond to client's queries, emails and messages concerning any aspect of the assignment to avoid any confusion.
  • We use latest licensed photo editing software applications and ensure complete maintenance of the infrastructure and tools used for post image processing.
  • We ensure complete safety of client's data and information through Secure VPN communication, anti-spyware and spam filters, and password controlled access to the files.
  • We help the client in making their property images impeccable by correcting the under/over exposure, moderating or removing the shadows, correcting perspective distortion, HDR image editing, blending and stitching images to create panoramas, replacing an overcast or grey sky to a blue sky, etc.

Photo Editing Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom

Communication Tools: Skype, Email, Phone, Google Talk


Given our strong sense of responsibility and good work ethic and attitude in addition to our quick and efficient photo editing with international standards and quality has helped us continue as a trusted partner for realty photo editing services to our client.

Cast a glance at the tangible benefits that our client has accrued by outsourcing its real estate photo editing services:

  • Tremendous cost savings for the client minus the hassles of investing in people or infrastructure
  • Quick turnaround time of less than 12 hours to meet and support the client's business requirements.
  • Time difference utilization
  • With process control & efficiency, client experienced substantial increase in the quality and details of real estate image listings, thereby helping its clients in turn to improve their sales conversions.

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