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SunTec Helps Client Leverage the Power of Long Tail Keywords to Augment Product Sales

New Delhi
September, 2014:

What sets online stores apart from the traditional shops is their ability to sell specialty goods by capitalizing on the research that the online shoppers are doing. SunTec, an end-to-end eCommerce service provider, helps niche eCommerce entrepreneurs capture micro market segments by optimizing their store for long tail keyword searches, thus helping them gain competitive edge and increase product sales.

Case in Point

One of the company's clients, running a multi-brand online store of kids' toys and other products, was unable to attract traffic as the store's rank in search engines was low. Professionals at SunTec conducted an in-depth research to find out what the consumers were searching for. They employed long tail keywords to help the client boost sales.

Since these products were not mainstream, the eCommerce store optimization professionals, through their research discovered that the potential buyers in order to understand the offering and how it can possibly benefit them, conducted a comprehensive research using a variety of search terms and phrases.

The professionals at SunTec began by reviewing and improving the product information. They created descriptive titles, image names, Meta titles and URLs by using brand's name, colors and other relevant details. Further, they ensured that all the required and pertinent information was furnished so that the prospect could complete the purchase easily. Highly trained and seasoned writers created informative and crisp product descriptions that included target keywords and phrases, thus improving search traffic volume. They also created 'Best Sellers' as a sub-category and placed it two clicks away from the home page to help the prospects find the products easily.

eCommerce Store Marketing and Promotion Services from SunTec

Providing high-quality eCommerce SEO/ Internet Marketing Services, SunTec uses latest strategies and techniques that help online merchants gain better rank in search engines, drive more traffic, increase sales and maximize profits. Considered as an effective eCommerce marketing solution, targeting long tail keywords help online retailers sell niche products in the market. The SEO experts focus on using long tail keywords that have less competition so that the product pages get a better rank in search engines and attract web traffic. For example: Using 'solid wood furniture' or 'metal garden furniture' over generic keyword 'furniture'.

As domain name builds the overall strength of the website, experts incorporate generic keywords and phrases in the URLs as well as content. They ensure that internal pages are directly linked to product detail pages, and they are focused on specific models and their brands. They also create a 'Coming Soon' page for the upcoming products and optimize them with specific long tail keywords that help in boosting organic traffic and conversion rates.

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"Very high quality of the files, deliveries always in times, rush conversions served properly, always available... whereas we are publishing technical ebooks with complex and various layouts for the professional market. Anyway, SunTec can process them easily. So we are very happy to work with the digital publishing services of SunTec. We really appreciate your services."Dominique, France

Sugeet Wahal, VP, Digital Content Solutions, SunTec