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With Responsive eCommerce Customer Support, SunTec India Helps Client Engage Customers and Propel Sales

It's the age of the customer. Offering a great product is not enough. Online retailers need to corroborate the offering with high-quality customer support.

SunTec India, industry's leading provider of end-to-end eCommerce services and solutions, lends a helping hand to its US-based client in bridging the gap between physical shopping and online shopping through reliable and responsive customer support services. From tracking orders, updating product's availability status to handling customer's queries and requests, eCommerce Customer Support Experts at SunTec managed the tasks efficiently.

SunTec India has deployed a team of well-trained and experienced order processing and eCommerce chat operators to support client's four online stores while maintaining two-way communication with both vendors to manage the buying side of the retail operations, and customers to deliver them a seamless shopping experience. The support team operates as per the US timings, managing over 250 – 300 mails, 60 – 80 product related queries and 110 – 150 sample requests on an everyday basis.

"Being part of a crowded market, with scores of competitors, the client was looking for an effective way to efficiently handle the orders, process all ongoing information about the status of product delivery, payment and any other enquires of their customers", said Ravi Kant, Vice President, eCommerce Division. "With our order processing and customer support services, we support the client efficiently deliver its products, reduce query response time, and increase the customer's confidence in the client's retail enterprise," he further added.

Taking steps to make customer's shopping experience as accommodating as possible, the professionals at SunTec respond to customer queries and order requests in real time, keep a tab on tracking numbers for each order, sourcing and vendor management, while updating the store's backend system. The project also involved handling stock, updating product's availability status, deleting unavailable products and managing address change request, quantity change request as well as order reserve request.

Our experts also liaised with the vendors regarding pending, unprocessed and unshipped orders while updating them about next lot of orders.

Through our live chat and email support services, we not only helped the client reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase conversions and boost bottom line but also build customer and brand loyalty for long term.

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