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Why Choose SunTec India For Hiring Software Developers?

Partner with SunTec to access top-tier talent adept in software technologies and frameworks. As a premier software development outsourcing company, we offer:

  • Access to skilled software developers,
  • Full-stack development support with Angular, React, Node.js, Java, SQL, NoSQL, etc,
  • Seamless integrations and feature enhancements for existing applications,
  • Cloud-native development and migration services,
  • DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) with IaC, Terraform, and CloudFormation.

We have a proven track record of assisting businesses in augmenting their staff with the top 1% of highly skilled professionals. Let us be your hiring partner while you focus on driving your business forward.

Explore Software Developers to Hire

SunTec empowers you to unlock a previously undiscovered level of efficiency and productivity by allowing you to hire software programmers from across the globe. With us, you can choose from several areas, including:

Hire Full-Stack Developers

Get access to a vast pool of full-stack developers for your projects. At SunTec, you can hire software developers to handle your entire SDLC, building robust and scalable applications.

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks
  • Database design and development using MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and other databases
  • Integration of third-party APIs and services
  • Progressive web apps for offline functionality
  • Microservices architecture design

Hire Cloud Developers

Whether you want to build cloud-native applications or migrate on-premises assets to the cloud, hire software developers to integrate your existing infrastructure with enhanced functionalities. We offer continuous support and maintenance to ensure cloud readiness.

  • Expertise in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, CloudFormation, or Ansible
  • Cloud security and compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS, ISO, GDPR, HIPPA
  • Serverless application development using Google Cloud Functions

Hire DevOps Engineers

Streamline infrastructure management and automate your delivery pipelines by hiring software engineers with SunTec. Our professionals offer:

  • DevOps adoption strategy and roadmap development
  • Expertise in DevOps tools and technologies (Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline setup
  • Containerization and container orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Test automation frameworks and execution

Hire Application Developers

Hire dedicated software development teams to design and build secure and platform-agnostic web and mobile applications. We combine the latest technologies and the most adept professionals to develop advanced applications with optimal code quality and performance.

  • Frontend and backend development with React, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Java, etc
  • Cross-platform development with React Native or Flutter
  • Native iOS (Swift, Objective-C) and Android (Kotlin, Java) apps
  • Windows-based applications (.NET, WPF, UWP)
  • Payment gateways, social media, and other third-party integrations
  • Rigorous performance and load testing

Hire eCommerce Developers

With us, you can hire dedicated software development teams that build secure and scalable eCommerce stores. We leverage the latest technologies and provide solutions that deliver a seamless shopping experience and drive conversions.

  • Headless eCommerce with Next.js, Nuxt.js, or React
  • Custom store development for Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify
  • Payment gateway integration (Stripe, PayPal, etc.)
  • ERP, CRM, and accounting software integrations
  • Stress testing for high-traffic scenarios

Hire Software QA Testers

Hire software testing engineers to ensure your applications' quality, reliability, and performance. Our experts conduct thorough testing to address any discrepancies and deliver high-quality software products.

  • Agility testing approaches (test-driven and behavior-driven)
  • Functional testing using using Selenium, Appium, Katalon
  • Cross-browser testing with tools like BrowserStack
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Defect tracking with Jira, Azure DevOps, GitLab

How To Hire Software Programmers With SunTec?

With us, you get a streamlined onboarding process when augmenting your software development teams with more people. Here’s how.

  • Initial Consultation

    Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, we'll discuss your requirements and goals. This will help us understand the scope of hiring software developers and assembling the right team for you.

  • Resource Identification and Recruitment

    SunTec has expertise in providing staff augmentation services. Over these years, we have built a vast network of certified developers. Based on your project needs, we identify the most suitable software developers to hire. We ensure they have the necessary technical expertise and industry experience to meet your requirements.

    The rigorous vetting process we follow:

    • Candidates undergo a series of evaluations, including written and online tests and HR interviews. This evaluation allows us to pinpoint and hire suitable software programmers.
    • We assess their technical proficiency in programming languages (based on past projects, using online coding assessment tools, or scenario-based questions). This ensures the software developers we hire meet the required standards for expertise.
    • Before making the final hiring decision, we evaluate candidates' interpersonal skills, such as communication abilities, to ensure seamless integration into your existing software development team.
  • Get Started with your Project

    Once the software development team is assembled, you can begin working on your project. Witness your product come to life with the expertise of our hired developers.

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Tech Stack we Support

Why Hire Software Developers From SunTec?

Having SunTec as your hiring partner allows you to access a global pool of software developers. With our experts, you benefit from:

Rapid and Customizable Development

Our software development teams quickly prototype and iterate, adapting to changes and feedback to deliver your products on time.

Cost Effective Collaboration

Leverage our offshore software development model to access top talent at competitive rates, offering up to 70% cost reductions.

Experienced Recruiters

Our dedicated recruitment team thoroughly vets and hires the best-fit software developers, ensuring seamless integration with your existing teams.

24*7 Timezone Advantage

We offer round-the-clock support for software projects by creating distributed teams with professionals from across the globe.

Explore our Software Development Projects

Discover how we helped clients hire software programmers and develop robust solutions, boosting sales and driving business growth.

Vodafone - VBC Silverwater

Telecom Services

An app that the Australia-based Vodafone Business Centre leverages to promote and sell its telecommunication services to local businesses.


Luxury Sanitary Ware

A sleekly designed, seamlessly navigable eCommerce platform for one of India’s most trusted luxury and mid-range bath fittings manufacturers.

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Hear it from our Clients

With a global clientele exceeding 1200, discover the tangible advantages experienced by clients who choose to hire software developers with SunTec.

The team is very adaptive, efficient, and communicative. All the developers who worked on my project maintained professionalism, quality work, and demonstrated excellent development skills throughout the project. Very impressed.

Moah Thomas, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring software developers, consider your objectives and requirements. Know what you want to achieve with software development and then establish a budget and timeline. Moreover, if you have a specific requirement (for example, you want to develop an iOS application), enlist all technical skills you expect from the hired software developers.

The cost of hiring remote software developers with SunTec depends on numerous factors such as the complexity of your project, your chosen technical stack, and your budget. To ensure that you get the maximum value, we offer flexible engagement models (project-based, skill-specific, part-time, etc). Contact us at info@suntecindia.com to discuss your requirements.

We understand the importance of staying in touch throughout the project and hence, the software developers we hire ensure consistent communication. Additionally, you will also have a dedicated project manager as your point of contact. You can reach out to them to coordinate tasks, discuss requirements changes, and address any other concerns in general.

Hiring a dedicated team of software developers with SunTec is preferable to collaborating with multiple freelance developers for several reasons:

  • Our established workflow minimizes risks and ensures compliance with industry standards.
  • We offer dedicated support including developers and project managers working solely on your project.
  • We have a rigorous hiring process that ensures you only get the top talent in your teams.

In contrast, freelance developers may lack established workflows and data protection measures. They often juggle multiple clients, leading to potential availability issues and reduced collaboration efficiency. All this may hamper the efficiency of your collaboration.

We assess your software requirements and identify the necessary skills and technical expertise you require. Then, our experienced recruiters vet the most suitable candidates based on their industry experience, technical proficiency, and skills. Once shortlisted, these developers are also expected to take a few practical assessments, ensuring they are capable of handling your project.

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We were specially asked to contact Suntecindia for our business product uploading services by one of our partners. Being in eCommerce industry, we needed a service provider who was adept at fast as well as accurate product upload, and we were fortunate to find the right people.

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