Google Cloud Consulting Services

Hire experts to develop, modernize, migrate, or manage applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for enhanced performance and security

Empower your Growth with Google Cloud Solutions

Maximize your IT infrastructure investment and achieve greater agility and flexibility with our Google Cloud developers. As a trusted Google Cloud consulting company, SunTec India assists startups and enterprises in reviewing existing infrastructure, architecture, and processes to build solutions that meet current and future needs.

Unleash the boundless capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform, including data warehouses, built-in analytics tools, AI/ML, and the SAP-certified infrastructure, for unmatched speed, security, and user experiences. Our experts assess your business requirements and workloads to design and integrate optimal Google Cloud solutions into your workflow, ensuring your business is future-proofed.

Our Full-Spectrum Google Cloud Consulting and Development Services

With over 20 years of experience and a dedicated team of Google Cloud consultants, we are fully equipped to support you at any stage of your cloud journey. Whether you need to modernize existing solutions or migrate applications in a multi-cloud environment, our Google Cloud managed services help you maximize your IT infrastructure investment.

Google Cloud Consulting

Ensure a seamless and efficient transition to GCP with our Google Cloud consulting services. Whether you need to design a new cloud adoption strategy or assess the existing one, our Google Cloud consultants are here to assist you.

  • Assess current infrastructure to evaluate cloud readiness and identify areas for optimization
  • Develop a tailored roadmap for smooth migration and risk mitigation
  • Analyze cloud footprint, optimize costs, and implement governance best practices
  • Implement cost-effective strategies to maximize Google Cloud ROI

Google Cloud Integration

Enhance your digital infrastructure with our Google Cloud integration services. Our developers ensure custom Google Cloud app development and seamless integration to maximize efficiency, scalability, and performance.

  • Build and deploy custom apps using serverless architectures, Google App Engine, and Cloud Functions
  • Integrate third-party APIs and internal systems with Google Cloud
  • Facilitate real-time data integration across heterogeneous sources and formats
  • Modernizing legacy applications using cloud-native technologies and containerization

Google Cloud Infra Management

Streamline the provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and cost-efficiency. Our Google Cloud infrastructure management services include:

  • Automated configuration of computing, storage, and networking resources
  • Performance optimization with regular tuning and scaling using GKE and Cloud Load Balancing
  • Database management via Cloud SQL, Bigtable, Spanner, Datastore, and Memorystore
  • Cost optimization with efficient resource allocation and Google Cloud cost management tools

Google Cloud Migration

Enable seamless transitions from on-premises or other cloud environments to GCP with our Google Cloud migration services. Our experts ensure secure cloud migration with minimal disruption and zero data loss by:

  • Evaluating existing infrastructure and applications for migration readiness
  • Developing a tailored strategy for seamless data and application migration
  • Migrating workload and applications to GCP through refactoring and containerization
  • Syncing data across platforms using BigQuery and Cloud Storage and optimizing performance with Kubernetes and Cloud Run

Cloud Architecture Design

Reduce costs and optimize your operations with scalable cloud architectures. We design and implement cloud architecture that meets your specific needs for performance, security, and cost-efficiency.

  • Design efficient multi-tenant architectures to support multiple users securely
  • Implement advanced security measures with IAM, VPC, and Security Command Center
  • Design data storage and management solutions with BigQuery, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Storage
  • Develop and implement CI/CD pipelines for automated workflows

Transform your Cloud Journey with GCP

Let our experts integrate AI/ML, MLOps, DataOps, and GitOps capabilities in your Google Cloud solutions

Tools and Technologies we Use for Google Cloud App Development, Migration, and Maintenance

Our 5-Step Workflow for Google Cloud Consulting and Development Services

As a trusted Google Cloud development company, we adhere to DevOps best practices and an agile approach to efficiently develop, modernize, migrate, and manage your applications and infrastructure on GCP. Our process includes

  • Requirements Analysis

    • Analyze client's requirements and infrastructure to identify suitable Google Cloud services
    • Create a custom roadmap covering infrastructure, networking, security, and deployment strategies
  • Ideation and Design

    • Create detailed architectural designs with Google Cloud Architecture Framework
    • Provide cost estimates and project timelines
  • App Development and Migration

    • Develop and implement cloud solutions with GCP’s Cloud Build and Cloud Source Repositories
    • Set up the Google Cloud environment, configure services, and migrate existing workloads
  • Testing and Optimization

    • Conduct rigorous testing using Google Cloud's Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Debugger
    • Optimize resources and configurations with Google Cloud's Recommender and Autoscaler
  • Deployment and Management

    • Securely deploy solutions using containerization, GCP Cloud Deployment Manager, and Anthos
    • Provide ongoing management, monitoring, and support for continuous improvement

What Makes SunTec India the Reliable Google Cloud Consulting and Development Company?

As a CMMI-certified company, we offer reliable Google Cloud consulting services, helping businesses reduce overhead costs and enhance operational efficiency through cloud computing. From tackling scalability issues to optimizing workflows, we excel in developing custom Google Cloud solutions that address your unique business challenges with precision.

As a certified Google Cloud Partner, we have a proven track record of transforming businesses with next-gen cloud solutions Leveraging the vast expertise of our team and direct access to Google's latest technologies, we ensure you get the most advanced Google Cloud solutions tailored to your business needs

Embracing agile DevOps practices, we ensure rapid iterations, continuous feedback, and adaptive planning within the GCP environment. Through effective CI/CD implementation, our Google Cloud developers make sure that the solutions evolve effectively and swiftly in alignment with your business goals.

Prioritize your data's confidentiality with our stringent NDA policies. We enforce robust security measures and adhere to ISO best practices, ensuring that your proprietary information, sensitive data, and cloud infrastructure remain protected throughout our engagement.

Our value-based engagement models are designed to fit your specific project requirements and budget constraints. Whether you need a dedicated team of Google Cloud developers or project-based engagements, we tailor our offerings for optimal cost savings.

We combine the power of artificial intelligence with human expertise to deliver innovative, intelligent Google Cloud solutions that drive significant business outcomes. Our consultants work closely with your team to integrate AI/ML capabilities into your GCP applications and workflows.

We prioritize open communication and proactive support throughout the Google Cloud development and consulting lifecycle. Our project manager provides regular updates, addresses concerns promptly, and offers strategic guidance to ensure that cloud solutions align with industry best practices and your long-term goals.

Maximize your IT Infrastructure Investment with Google Cloud Managed Services

Let us handle the complexities while you focus on growth.


We implement a multi-tiered approach for disaster recovery on Google Cloud, including regular automated backups, geo-redundant storage, and real-time data replication. Additionally, our Google Cloud developers implement failover mechanisms to ensure minimal data loss and downtime in case of disruptions.

We have a dedicated feedback loop where we actively solicit client input through regular communication and meetings. Any issues or concerns raised are promptly addressed by our support team, following established protocols.

Yes, we provide custom Google Cloud application development services to build tailored solutions that align with your business objectives and seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure. Leveraging Google Cloud's robust APIs and tools, we can integrate existing systems or third-party applications on GCP for data interoperability.

Yes, we can assist you in leveraging advanced technologies like machine learning, AI, and IoT on Google Cloud. Our Google Cloud developers can build and deploy machine learning models using services like AI Platform and BigQuery ML. For IoT solutions, we can integrate with Cloud IoT Core to ingest, process, and analyze IoT data at scale.

Certainly. Our team can leverage proprietary tools like Cloud Functions, Cloud Scheduler, and Workflow Automation to streamline your existing workflows and reduce manual efforts. Our automation experts work closely with your team to identify repetitive tasks, design efficient workflows, and implement automation scripts to boost productivity and optimize resource utilization.

Our team specializes in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for deploying and managing containerized applications, Compute Engine for virtual machines, Cloud Storage for durable storage, and BigQuery for data warehousing and analytics. We are also proficient in Google Cloud's networking, security, and management services.

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I had a complex requirement of developing a multichannel marketplace management system. After thorough discussions on functionalities, their team has now successfully delivered the project which I am now planning to sell as a white-label solution. Highly impressed with SunTec India’s development team expertise.

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