ReactJS Development Company: A Guide On How, Why, and The Cost To Hire One

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A Guide On How, Why, and The Cost To Hire ReactJS Developers

A click on a website here, a tap on a mobile application there, and you can do so many things that people earlier would take hours and days to accomplish. Such is the power of modern technology, particularly the internet. The societal transformation it has led to is beyond anything preceding it, and each day still brings something new to our lives. Websites and mobile apps continue to get better at what they do and how they do it, adding new features and facilities once considered only a dream. And they do so in a manner that makes the viewer want to remain on them.

Viewer retention forms the bedrock of online customer acquisition. The user experience provided by the user interface of the website/app determines everything about that retention. An attractive UI is one of the biggest benefits of hiring ReactJS dedicated developers. They are software developers who specialize in the ReactJS library that is essential to creation of customized UIs for all sorts of applications. They use their experience and skills in development to craft interfaces that will allow users to easily navigate and utilize the functionalities provided by the application, and by extension, the business operating it.

The World Loves A Polished UI

Remember the olden days of computing, where one had to input multiple lines of code onto a black screen to operate a computer? Wasn’t too exciting, was it? Imagine that it was the only way to operate every app on every gadget. You can be sure that we wouldn’t be having our phones in our pockets. That’s the difference an easy-to-use UI makes, the difference ReactJS development services can make to your application.

Statistics back this up very nicely:

  • Billions in revenue are lost each year due to poor UX implementation.
  • The ROI of UX is between $2 and $100 for every dollar spent.
  • 48% of mobile users felt frustrated and annoyed with non-mobile-optimized sites
  • 52% declared that they wouldn’t return to a website due to its aesthetics.
  • 61% of users said they’d leave a site if they didn’t find what they needed on it instantly.
  • 59% of people prefer an aesthetically pleasing website.

These numbers show that your business will not progress on its intended path if its website and mobile app’s user experience (UX) is poor. And an appealing, easy-to-use interface is at the heart of that UX. Such a polished UI is the result you get when you hire ReactJS developers.

Why You Should Hire React Developers

In a nutshell, React is a javascript library used to build user interfaces that are flexible, declarative, and efficient. Javascript is one of the major web and mobile application development languages, and a library is a collection of pre-programmed functions that are behind the functioning of the software built by a developer. When you hire dedicated web developers, they’ll make use of respective library functions to expedite the development and make it more accurate.

ReactJS is behind the real-time changes that occur in an application. React aims to be both efficient and flexible in reasoning about an application by letting a developer design simple views for the application’s every state. What it means is that React will only render and update the appropriate application component when the respective data changes. Its declarative paradigm makes the core more predictable and easier to debug (correct errors).

Thus, ReactJS is an indispensable component of your application development process. And with the technical expertise required to create an appealing UI using it, it becomes necessary to hire dedicated ReactJS developers for the job. That way, you can ensure that your final product will have a chance of meeting your performance expectations.

The Main Components of an Appealing UI

Human behavior is at the core of a successful UI. Quality developers anticipate how a person will want to use the application/website and work towards making it easy to operate. They may even enlist the help of designers to make the interface more appealing while maintaining its ability to provide all of the intended functionality.

A ReactJS development company will check for the following characteristics in any UI that it creates:

1. Clarity

Incorrect messaging is as good as not messaging at all. A brand not just lets a customer use its services via an application or website but also builds trust and value through them. If the brand messaging doesn’t reach out to the user via these media thanks to a lack of clarity, then that brand is doomed to fail. Your users must be able to figure out how to use the site/application intuitively in order for it to succeed at its task.

2. Brevity

Ever wondered why TL;DR versions of everything are preferred nowadays? It’s because of the concise manner in which they disseminate information. You should hire ReactJS developers who can offer that brevity in the UI they develop. Ovre-detailing in the name of clarity can draw attention away from the user, dropping engagement levels. The developer must keep the message clear and also concise to prevent the addition of unnecessary informational baggage that users might want to dismiss.

3. Relevance

Realize how it’s easy to start using your new smartphone after using your old one? Does the interface seem all too familiar to you? Well, that is a deliberate choice on the part of the developers. A UI that users are familiar with will catch on very easily compared to a distinct one, even if the latter has better functionality. Such a relevant UI that is intuitive and comprehensible needs planning, which is why you should hire React developers. They won’t just take into account the technical side of UI creation but its human side as well.

4. Consistency

A healthy routine can take a person very far. The same goes for UI development. If a company is creating multiple apps or is likely to have both an app and a website, then there must be consistency in all aspects of the UI between them. Users should be able to instantly recognize it’s from your business and be able to start using it just as quickly. Even the theme and the tone must be the same across the different platforms. Quality ReactJS development services make it a priority due to its importance.

5. Performance

The app/site may get used on a high-end or low-end gadget. However, they must perform similarly in any scenario. The UI should not be so taxing on the available resources that it slows down or even causes processing errors in the gadgets, especially the low-end ones. That is bound to lose you, customers.

Hiring a web development company that performs responsive checks on your app/site’s UI will save your business from bleeding customers as they will ensure similar responsiveness across varied device categories before and after launch.

6. Efficiency

The world has gone mobile, with laptops replacing many desktops for the majority of computing tasks as well. Statistics show that over 90% of the world uses mobile phones as the main device to access the internet. And they both run on battery power, which means your app/site should consume as little power as possible while maintaining full functionality.

When you hire ReactJS developers from a quality agency, they’ll design the UI with efficiency in mind. They’ll keep to the essentials and not allow bloat to take up unwanted resources that would drain battery power with needless processing.

7. Resilience

Not every user is tech-savvy; a mistake is bound to happen during the usage of the app/site at some point by someone. The UI design must be resilient enough to prevent damage to the data caused by the misuse, or at least provide a path to recover from the event. Knowing how to hire ReactJS developers who can build that recovery ability into the UI will help prevent app crashes and customer frustration that could turn them away.

The Top Reasons to Hire ReactJS Developers in India

The growing demand for conversion-driving UI has led to the blooming of ReactJS developer numbers the world over. Dedicated web and app development agencies scoop up such talent so that they can offer their clients well-rounded services in the UI development domain. This preparation gives UI development customers as you access to qualified professionals who can do the job quickly and effectively.

Thus, outsourcing UI development is the preferred method of going about it, and few places offer the combination of benefits pertaining to this like India. The country in recent times has become synonymous with outsourcing of all types of services, and for good reasons too.

When you hire a ReactJS developer in India, you will enjoy these benefits:

1. Cost Savings

Many factors can influence the cost of an App UI design and website. For example, the cost of hiring and maintaining a dedicated ReactJS developer can build up over time, hurting the bottom line, especially if yours is a small or medium business. India offers a very simple solution to this problem by means of currency exchange rates. You will be able to achieve cost reductions of up to 50% in some cases when you choose to hire web developers in India. You can use that money to invest in expanding your business or tasks you deem fit.

2. Quality Talent

Expertise and experience make all the difference between ending up with poor quality and good quality UI. India has an abundance of skilled ReactJS development personnel that is some of the best in the world. They will know the ins and outs of the technology and work to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the field. Thus, you should hire ReactJS developers in India to give you the quality and consistency required for your app/site to become a hit among your target audience.

3. Time Zone Independence

With India being on the eastern side of the globe, you get the benefit of your work progressing when you’re resting for the night. The abundance of professionals there also means they can work in round-the-clock shifts, providing you with quick turnaround times that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.

4. Customized Output

Indian professionals are among the best in the world because they are well versed with the unique traits of their many international clients. One of the top reasons to hire ReactJS developers is their constant exposure to the global markets. It has made them adept at recognizing the custom requirements a business may have and can deliver the same to satisfaction.

So, if you need to outsource your ReactJS development, you should keep India as your primary choice. Below is a table comparing the cost of ReactJS development services in India and other countries for reference:

Country Avg. Cost (USD per hour)
India 10
Ukraine 15
Netherlands 20
Spain 30
UK 35
France 40
Canada 58
US 60

As can be clearly seen, you can hire a ReactJS developer and count the significant savings that decision will bring you in the long term. The cost of development is simply unmatched by any other market with comparable quality, particularly local ones as they will escalate your expenses to new heights.

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How To Hire ReactJS Developers For The Best Results

The blossoming of the app market has led to an explosion of service providers who offer ReactJS development for all types of clients across industries. The good news is that you have a choice between many such providers for your development needs. The bad news is that not everyone will be able to meet the quality standards that your project deserves. You must be able to sort out and hire web developers that can offer you the quality and type of service you require at the price point that suits you.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that you hire the best developer for the job:

How To Hire Dedicated ReactJS Developers

1. Hire Through An Agency

The choice you will face when you have to hire a developer for your ReactJS project is getting an independent freelancing professional or hiring through an outsourcing agency. While the former may offer a lower price point, you will be taking an enormous risk as there is a chance that they may abandon the project for various reasons midway or not respond at all.

When you choose a ReactJS development company instead, you get the guarantee of hiring an organization that works via formal and enforceable contracts. You won’t have to worry about managing any aspect of the actual developer(s) as the agency will handle it all.

2. Check Their Credentials

There are many low-quality professionals masquerading as the opposite on the market. Likewise, there are many disreputable agencies that promise everything that they can’t deliver. In either case, you should do a background check on their credentials to verify if their claims about their proficiency are true.

Ask individual professionals for their professional qualification proofs like degree certificates. For agencies, look through their website and verify the credentials mentioned there like awards and company details via verification sites. That way you know you’re about to hire dedicated ReactJS developers for yourself that are legitimate.

3. Look Into Their Past

How has the agency served its previous customers in similar matters? Who are the type of clients they’ve served and are currently serving? What has been the response by those clients to the services offered by the agency? A quick look into its past will reveal the answers to these questions and will let you gauge the quality of service you can expect from them.

A web development company that has existed for many years is likely to have survived that long by providing quality services to an ever-growing list of top-tier clients. You will find their testimonials on the agency’s website along with case-studies detailing the work done. You could also ask those past clients directly.

4. Check the Service Packages and Prices

Once you’ve confirmed the ability of the agency to deliver the quality of service you want, You then have to look into the types of services they offer, how those services are packaged, and what’s the price quoted for each.

It is common for agencies to bundle related services into packages for cost reduction purposes. Knowing how to hire ReactJS developers means choosing the right package at the right price point for you. Some adjacent services may also be offered as expansion or add-ons that you could opt for if needed. But such extras will be on the higher end of the price spectrum than if taken as a part of a bundle.

How We Can Help

SunTec India brings expertise and decades of experience in ReactJS based UI development into every project. We give you the advantage of outsourcing to a low-cost and high-proficiency market like India where we are based. We hire only the finest talent and provide them with the latest technological tools for the best results. We supervise our every work to keep it in line with the highest standards of the industry. We will coordinate with you constantly to ensure that your requirements are met at every step. We even offer guidance and assistance for the work that you require done, via our friendly and professional personnel. With SunTec India, you’ll have the end-to-end ReactJS based UI development experience that’s unparalleled.

Contact us immediately via email at that’ll give your app/website the UI it needs to capture the hearts and minds of your target audience, thus capturing the valuable market share.

The SunTec India Difference

SunTec India has been a renowned and reliable outsourced services provider to global companies since 1999. We are an ISO 9001:2005 certified company that is rooted in its quest to deliver exceptional services across a broad spectrum of verticals to clients across industries. We have successfully supported over 7000+ and counting clientele from around the world, many of them being Fortune 500 brands. We bring all of that experience and the expertise that is embedded in every employee to every one of your projects when you make us your outsourcing partner. Being nestled in the heart of India- the nation’s capital city of Delhi- we bring the many advantages that India as an outsourcing destination has to offer.

What We Do

Our roster of services goes beyond quality UI development with talented React professionals. We also offer every type of Photo Editing service, ePublishing support, eCommerce support functions, Data management and all associated services, full-fledged App and Web development, and Digital marketing. Along with these, we also support the many functions involved with eBook conversion. In essence, we are your one-stop-shop for every support service.



How reliable is ReactJS?

AThe React library is owned by none other than Facebook, along with other third-party development companies that are dedicated to its up-gradation and maintenance. Developers can reach out on forums for any issues related to it and they will get the answers they require. It is also the most used UI development tool, making it resilient to being replaced by another technology. Its popularity is also the result of its consistent performance over the years.


Why go with React?

AThe React library is an exhaustive one that provides functions for almost every scenario. Plus, it is also constantly getting updated with newer ones, covering any and all gaps that exist. Alongside this, it also offers quick development times, a cheaper development cycle, on-demand support from a vast community, future-proof qualities, lower maintenance costs, and more. Finally, using it gives a developer more experience.


Which applications use ReactJS for their UI?

AReactJS has found patronage among many popular apps available today. The top of the list is occupied by none other than its creator, Facebook. Facebook’s acquisitions, Instagram and Whatsapp, also employ this technology to give their users a dynamic and attractive UI. Some of the other top users of the technology are Netflix, Medium, and Udemy. Sufficient to say that going with Reract.js development for your UI needs means being in the same league as these top-tier online service providers.


How To Hire ReactJS developers from SunTec India?

ASunTec India has long been at the forefront of responding to every customer’s unique backend service requirements. Our team of ReactJS developers in India is no different. We are always ready to respond to your project requirements promptly and deliver on them just as much. All you have to do is contact us on our email ID and request for the service you need. You’ll have the best of the same in no time with all relevant details.


What are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers from SunTec India?

AAs a fully client-oriented company, SunTec India will offer every possible advantage an India-based outsourcing agency can for your ReactJS development requirements. You’ll get the massive cost savings that the country offers along with the quality talent. Your input will be considered at every step of the way to customize the output according to your specific needs. Our team of dedicated and proficient experts will also suggest improvements to your original plan if needed. And everything will happen according to your schedule while supporting you through our knowledgeable customer service at every step of the way. SunTec India offers the most benefits of hiring ReactJS dedicated developers for your time and money.

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