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Development of a SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform

Client: eDentiste

Client Background

eDentiste's SaaS platform provides complete clinic management facilities to the dentists. With eDentiste's aid, dentists can have a single integrated solution to manage their website, clinic and patient records.

Client's Objective

The client wanted us to develop a one-of-a-kind and robust SaaS platform with multiple features like dentists' social network, CRM system and several others. With the SaaS platform, the client wanted to help dentists worldwide learn from their counterparts and share their knowledge, besides managing their clinic, website and patient records more efficiently.

Project Challenges

The project was one with multiple requirements, which made it a challenging one. SunTec India was asked to complete the project with features like social network for dentists, multi-lingual capabilities, consultation management & project history, subscription management, etc. We were relied on to create a scalable architecture and a highly extensible system. The client wanted us to develop a full-fledged solution within a short time.

We had to also make sure that the platform could be accessed in multiple languages so that it could be used globally.

Solutions Offered by SunTec

Looking to create the first dental clinic centered 'cloud computing' platform with emphasis on UI design and usability, eDentiste got in touch with us. We provided them the following solutions by applying best practices, maintaining clear code and following agile methodologies:

  • As proposed by our client, we designed a special social network for dentists with a highly functional feature called Clinical Case. This feature allows dentists to share and seek advice from their global counterparts on some typical cases. The privacy of patients' information was also given due attention.
  • We integrated a multi-lingual extension to enable dentists from different parts of the world take advantage of this platform.
  • The platform features a multimedia library called Dentopedia which comprises clinical cases, treatment animations, images, videos and articles. Dentists who find anything interesting and helpful can share it on the social network and use it as a reference when they start a related discussion with the clients.
  • To help our client keep track of communication of the support executives with the subscribed clinics and dentists, we also integrated a CRM system.
  • Dentists can collect information about a patient's condition by asking them a series of different questions online.
  • Products used in the treatment of a patient can also be tracked via the unique product codes. Using Android powered tablets and iPad, dentists can capture the image of the product codes and attach it with the patient's consultation history and use it as a reference.
  • We designed a Tooth Selector tool on which the dentists can mark the affected tooth of a patient.
  • Patients who are made aware of their condition through animated and/or real videos, and approve the suggested treatment, can digitally sign their documents.
  • Our client can manage and build new subscription plans through the Administrative Section. They can choose a subscription plan, price and customize features for different plans.
  • We have also integrated the platform with an eSite which has multiple features like:
    • Templates
    • Slideshow
    • Google Map with Directions
    • Fact sheet comprising articles shared with the users
    • Newsletter Subscription
    • Team management feature enabling dentists to publish the photos of their clinic's team on the website
    • Patient access feature enabling the patients to track their medical and consultation history and print invoices
    • White labeled domain management section to help dentists run the eSite on their domain
    • Dentists can also manage their practice hours
  • To maintain high level of security of the patients' data, we integrated the eSite with a two factor authentication process through SMS and Medical Card or CPS Authentication.

Technologies Used

Two powerful open source technologies, Joomla and PHP, were used for the development of this robust SaaS platform and the eSite. Other technologies that we used were XHTML, CSS, jQuery and MySQL.


To develop the first dental clinic centered 'cloud computing' platform, choosing a web development company with the ability to design, develop, implement and provide support was difficult for eDentiste. They relied on us and the outcome of the project was a robust SaaS platform, which helps the dentists in complete management of their clinic. Dentists can keep track of medical history, examination details, and treatment suggestions, etc. Also, the cost and time of operating and developing the platform was lesser than forecasted.

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