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CASE STUDY: Development of a SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform

Client: eDentiste
Website: http://www.edentiste.com/index.php?lang=en#

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Client Background:

eDentiste’s SaaS platform provides complete clinic management facilities to the dentists. With eDentiste’s aid, dentists can have a single integrated solution to manage their website, clinic and patient records.

Client’s Objective:

The client wanted us to develop a one-of-a-kind and robust SaaS platform with multiple features like dentists’ social network, CRM system and several others. With the SaaS platform, the client wanted to help dentists worldwide learn from their counterparts and share their knowledge, besides managing their clinic, website and patient records more efficiently.

Project Challenges:

The project was one with multiple requirements, which made it a challenging one. SunTec was asked to complete the project with features like social network for dentists, multi-lingual capabilities, consultation management & project history, subscription management, etc. We were relied on to create a scalable architecture and a highly extensible system. The client wanted us to develop a full-fledged solution within a short time.

We had to also make sure that the platform could be accessed in multiple languages so that it could be used globally.

Solutions Offered by SunTec:

Looking to create the first dental clinic centered 'cloud computing' platform with emphasis on UI design and usability, eDentiste got in touch with us. We provided them the following solutions by applying best practices, maintaining clear code and following agile methodologies:

Technologies Used:

Two powerful open source technologies, Joomla and PHP, were used for the development of this robust SaaS platform and the eSite. Other technologies that we used were XHTML, CSS, jQuery and MySQL.


To develop the first dental clinic centered ‘cloud computing’ platform, choosing a web development company with the ability to design, develop, implement and provide support was difficult for eDentiste. They relied on us and the outcome of the project was a robust SaaS platform, which helps the dentists in complete management of their clinic. Dentists can keep track of medical history, examination details, and treatment suggestions, etc. Also, the cost and time of operating and developing the platform was lesser than forecasted.

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