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Image Editing Case Study for a Health & Wellness Industry Expert

Client Introduction

The client is one of the major global online retailers of health & wellness products, sports nutrition, health supplements and health foods in the USA. Established in the year 2014, the client has made his name as a trusted brand in the market. The client's main aim is to bring good health to the masses and offering premium quality products at most competitive prices.

Client Needs

The client was facing the challenging task of converting average photoshoot images to HDR images. Owing to the lean size of their in-house design team, they were lagging behind in finishing the editing of raw images.


For help in improving its efficiency, the client turned to SunTec India for photo-editing services. SunTec India is known for offering customized photo editing services all over the world. The client's situation posed some of the challenges comprising of:

  • Editing, retouching and producing more than 200 images on a daily basis
  • Ensuring 24/7 availability of the photo editors and retouchers to fit in with the US working hours for a quick turnaround time of 10-12 hours
  • Ensuring highly-skilled and experienced editors are assigned for this project
  • Assuring 100% error-free output and timely delivery

Raw photoshoot images were having issues like:

  • The issue of too high brightness in images
  • No sharpness in the images
  • Colour correction
  • Incorrect white balance
  • Perspective distortions occurring from shots captured from a flawed angle


After understanding client's specific requirement and analyzing the time frame involved for the project, SunTec India team devised the following solution:

  • We created a dedicated team of 5 Photo Editors/Retouchers with major experience in health and wellness products photo editing and enhancement and superb Photoshop skills, and creative thinking and aesthetic sense
  • Ensured two level of QC (Quality Check), one by Team Head and another by Project Manager on various parameters considering project instructions, reference photos, and the end result
  • The FTP login details were shared with the client through which they could upload the untreated images and download the final images with ease
  • Project Managers quickly responded to client queries, emails and messages related to any aspect of the project
  • Latest licensed photo editing software applications were used and ensured complete maintenance of the infrastructure and tools used for post image processing
  • To make sure the client's data and information is not compromised, we used secure VPN communication, required spy filters, anti-spyware and password controlled access to the files
  • We helped the client in making their product images impeccable by removing dust, stumping, sizing, cutting-out images, brightness, contrast, sharpness, White balance, colorcast, color correction and more.

Photo Editing Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom
Communication Tools: Skype, Email, Phone, Google Talk


With the help of our strategic approach, the specific needs of the client were met on time who in the end was happy with the work done. The client was able to list the products on this website with HDR images. Have a glance at some of the benefits that our client has gained by offering the project to us:

  • Client achieved major cost savings without the stress of investing in people or infrastructure
  • Accomplished quick turnaround time of 12 hours to meet client's business requirements
  • Efficient utilization of the time difference
  • The client realized a major difference in the quality of images of health & wellness products listing, which thereby boosted sales numbers

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