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Amazon Vendor Account Optimization Case Study

Efficient Amazon vendor account optimization services by SunTec India helped a UK-based client in achieving high-visibility On Amazon

Client: A health and beauty products company
Website: Undisclosed
Business: One of the biggest manufacturer's babies bath toy products of famous characters such as Peppa Pig, Call of Duty, Eva Bath Toys, Paw Patrol, Little Pony Pretty & many more.

Client Background

With over 30 years of experience in Licenced Health and Beauty domain, Our client is one leading manufacturers of babies' bath toy products. The UK-based company is known for manufacturing popular character products such as Peppa Pig, Call of Duty, Eva Bath Toys, Paw Patrol, Little Pony Pretty & many more.

Business Needs

As one of the prominent manufacturers of babies' bath toys products, our client wanted to sell their products on Amazon. Client needed to achieve high-visibility to stay ahead of their competitors. Also, client wanted to increase impressions, clicks and sales of their products on Amazon.


The main challenge in front of us was managing the vendor account. Most of the industry experts know that vendor account has many restrictions like inventory issue, managing the campaign setting, proper keyword optimization etc. Our UK-based client also wanted to enhance their Brand Content Page with high-performing keywords.


Our team of talented managers looked at their business holistically and decided what would work for their Amazon Vendor Account. Some of the tasks we did are as follows:

  • Worked on the automatic and manual campaign of the products
  • Content & SEO team worked on the appropriate title optimization
  • Worked on the inventory performance of the low traffic products
  • Backend (hidden) keywords were added
  • Negative keywords identified and added
  • Got more specific traffic from the added keywords
  • Structured the brand content page
  • Optimization of title as per requirement
  • Dedicated team of designers worked on the images of the products. Issues like low contrast, high contrast were identified and rectified immediately
  • Keyword-rich product description was created by content writers and uploaded on the Amazon store
  • Created Amazon A+ page where product description, highly-detailed images, charts and narrative copy enhance the marketing content
  • Created EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) that resulted in higher conversion page, increase in traffic, and boosted sales


Owing to SunTec India's efficient Amazon Vendor Optimization Services, our UK-based client managed to get specified traffic from added keywords. Check out the overall performance for the month of August, 2018.

Spent - £ 220.29 Achieved Sales - £1702.25
Impressions increased 7.58%
Clicks Increased 19.44%
ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) dropped 25.12% to 12.94%

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