Converting Your Material To HTML5 Is Not A Cakewalk! Here’s Why You Need Skilled Professionals


Converting your material to HTML5 is not a cakewalk! Here’s why you need skilled professionals

What makes HTML5 so popular and why should you convert your existing content from Flash to HTML5 with the help of experts? Let’s find out in this blog…

The pandemic has changed the world in unimaginable ways. And one of such changes is the online delivery of content. And this is where the need for Flash to HTML5 conversion comes into the picture. With advancing technology and a greater inclination towards digital transformation, it is time for educational organizations & companies to turn to HTML5 solutions and leave Flash behind!

Flash to HTML5 conversion: Why should you go for it?

With new innovations & technology taking all over, HTML5 is indeed your to-go technology.

Wondering why?

Well, this is mainly because HTML5 is well equipped with all new features including cross-browser compatibility, rich media support, semantic enrichment, and a lot more! And so, all your eLearning course material websites, animations, audio & video content can be converted to HTML5 with the support of JavaScript for interactivities and CSS3 for layouts. This enables the users to easily download and access content on digital platforms, anytime, anywhere.

Let’s dive a little deep into why should you use HTML5 over Flash:

1. Comes with mobile compatibility- One of the primary reasons

Many devices do not support Flash anymore. Now that your customers/users are utilizing mobile devices like never before, do you not want to reach them on those devices? When it comes to the need to convert flash to HTML5, one of the obvious reasons stands that HTML5 technology is compatible with various devices including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Especially in the post-pandemic era when eLearning has been widely accepted, Flash-based content isn’t relevant anymore. This is where HTML5 comes into the picture! With HTML5, your learners can have easy access to your courses and content online, anytime, and using any device. Even the companies can use this technology to develop engaging eLearning courses to train their employees.

2. New & updated interactivities- Much needed in today’s times

With a greater focus on eLearning, interactivities play a vital role in content. With Flash being a heavy-code software, it created several complex interactivities which were not relevant. However, this is not the case with HTML5. With the help of HTML5 technology, you can create relevant and interesting interactivities that enhance the learning experience. As the technology comes with modern rapid authoring tools like Lectora Inspire, FlexJS, Articulate Storyline, Swiffy, Adobe Captivate, etc., you can include intuitive interactivities and prepare appealing course material.

3. Ease in multilingual conversion- Isn’t it great?

Today, users & learners expect quick access to content & multilingual support. Are you also the one looking forward to developing your content or course material in different languages? If yes, HTML5 is the best bet. Converting courses into different languages used to be complex and tiresome when using Flash. On the other hand, with its features, HTML5 allows you to quickly translate your content into different languages.

This is one of the reasons why organizations are increasingly turning to HTML5 as they can precisely and quickly turn their training material into multiple languages that are best suited for their employees overseas. This way, they only need to create courses once and then can convert them into different languages to train their global workforce.

4. Provides enhanced security: You definitely can’t compromise on it

Today, one of the major concerns for authors, publishers, and organizations is data security. And HTML5 address this! In fact, Flash was the complaint of being the reason for Mac computers crashing. The usage of Flash caused corrupted courses and at worst also resulted in the intrusion of Malware that infected the users’ device. On the contrary, HTML5 technology is completely safe and secure.

5. Enables offline access of learning assets: Much needed for learners

Even when your learners are on the move, or have no internet connection, HTML5 eLearning courses can be easily accessed offline. This can be done through a mobile app or through authoring tools like Storyline and Lectora, which enable you to publish offline.

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So now that you know, why converting your content from Flash to HTML5 should be your priority, you must be keen on doing so.

But do you know what hurdles you can encounter in the conversion process? Let’s find out

Challenges associated with Flash to HTML5 conversion

  • Converting complex animations- Also mentioned earlier, Flash allowed users to create complex animations. This could however pose a challenge while converting your material into HTML5. Only experts can help you seamlessly do so, with utmost precision.
  • Recreating Flash interactivities- Think about interactivities that are not compatible with mobile devices. Well, not all these interactive elements can be easily converted to HTML5. And so, dealing with non-compatible interactivities is one of the challenges. If you wish to make the interactive elements accessible on mobile devices, seeking expert help or creating them from the scratch is the solution.
  • Choosing the right authoring tool- If you have no prior experience in dealing with HTML5, you might get stuck with selecting the right authoring tools. With so many tools available like Lectora Inspire, FlexJS, Articulate Storyline, Swiffy, Adobe Captivate, etc. which have their own significance.
  • Quality issues- When converting your Flash content into HTML5, there can be issues with the quality of graphics & other elements. Hence, it is advisable to seek professional help and get the conversion done that ensures accurate & quality conversion.

Hiring experts: The best way to convert your Flash-based content into HTML5

You want your content in the best form and in superior quality, right? This comes with seeking professional help. If you want to convert all your Flash-based content into HTML5 most effectively, it requires skilled and experienced professionals to give you the desired results. And now that you know the challenges associated, outsourcing Flash to HTML5 is indeed the best option to address them.

When you hire Flash to html5 conversion services provider, you get benefitted from their vast expertise & experience. Their professionals can precisely select and structure the graphics, fonts, text, etc and get the conversion done, giving you complete accuracy. Furthermore, if you are keen on delivering an excellent reading experience to your readers, leveraging professional help is the best way to get customized solutions and make your content more engaging.

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Why do you need experts for Flash to HTML5 conversion in 2022?

1. Get a qualified team of experts

The primary benefit of outsourcing is getting the experts by your side. By choosing an experienced service provider, you have access to a talented team of learning and design experts, instructional designers, ePublishing experts, authoring tool specialists, etc. who have years of experience in mastering Flash to HTML5 conversion.

2. Get conversion done in no time

Converting all your legacy content may take a lot of time if you decide to do it in-house. On the other hand, hiring experts will ensure that all your content is quickly converted and delivered in the stipulated time, without compromising on the quality.

3. Deals with complex data

No matter how complex your content is, experts have the best solution to ensure a seamless Flash to HTML5 conversion. Whether you have complex animations, bulky text, or other interactivities, data conversion experts can transform them into HTML5 or can re-create essential elements which cannot be converted.

4. Content passes through several quality checks

If you have been worrying about the content quality, you need not be! When partnering with a reliable and experienced service provider, you can be assured that your content passes through several quality checks before getting finally delivered to you. This ensures that you receive the best quality conversion done with 100% accuracy.

5. Cost-effective solutions

To successfully transform your Flash based content into HTML5, you need high-trained resources and required tools for the conversion process. This can be highly expensive. On the other hand, hiring experts from outsourcing companies is a cost-effective solution and can save you a great deal of money!

6. Enrich your previous content

Since Flash-based content may have obsolete elements, they can be removed, re-created giving a modern touch. Furthermore, if you want to add new elements, animations, graphics, etc, the experts can help you fulfill all your custom requirements at once!

7. Get round-the-clock support

When you hire data conversion experts from an outsourcing company, you get benefited from round-the-clock support. Even if you want to get your project in a quick turnaround time, experts will be there to work meticulously to deliver your project on time.

8. Attain 100% accuracy

To convert all your Flash-based assets to HTML5 with utmost accuracy, only professionals can help you! When leveraging professional services, the companies take full responsibility for your assets and provide accuracy close to 99.99%.

9. Data security

If you have any data concerns, outsourcing companies can address them. These companies follow stringent data protection measures to make sure that all your content is 100% in safe hands.

10. Access to advanced tools & technologies

The market is constantly bringing up new things every now & then. As educational service providers, these outsourcing companies are well updated with all the new trends and keep themselves equipped with all the advanced tools & technologies to provide you with the best outcomes.

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What to look for in a service provider?

  • Check the company’s experience. Go with a company that holds rich experience in the industry
  • Check online reviews and testimonials given by other clients
  • Make sure that the company has a flexible hiring model
  • Ensure that the company has stringent data protection protocols
  • Look for a company that offers cost-effective solutions

SunTec India: Your reliable outsourcing partner

SunTec India is a leading outsourcing partner with more than 25 years in the industry. We have our team of experienced and proficient data conversion experts, instructional designers, content writers & developers who carefully develop, enhance, and upgrade your existing Flash-based courses without changing the core of the curriculum. Furthermore, our solutions are cost-effective that best align with your organizational objectives.

So don’t be at a standstill, hire our experts & get started with Flash to HTML5 conversion today.

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