Why are human-powered product descriptions better than AI copywriting?

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About two decades ago, not everyone knew how to send an email. About five years ago, people were ordering groceries to their doorstep using their phones. Today, they turn to AI, command it to place orders, take notes, write emails. That’s how exponentially technology has evolved. It is everywhere, barring no aspect of our lives.

Writing has been touched by the hands of artificial intelligence too. However, it leads us to ponder upon one question – Can genuine experiences and viewpoints triumph over AI bots?

This contemplation beckons us to explore the significance of human writing services, particularly in product description writing. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver results at one mouse click, nothing compares to the depth and connection that human-generated product descriptions offer, let’s understand why.

Pen or Processor: Human writers v/s AI for eCommerce product descriptions

65% of content marketers have reported that they plan to use AI tools. At the same time, 19% of businesses using AI for content creation have reported positive ROI on their content strategy, while 24% not using AI content generation tools have also reported success. There is no consensus yet on who may win in the battle of AI versus humans in content generation.

1. The authenticity battle in product descriptions

According to a study conducted by Stackla, 86% of consumers believe authenticity is a prime factor in deciding which brands to support. These findings underscore the importance of content that feels genuine, relatable, and trustworthy.

One of the major advantages of human-generated content is its ability to be authentic and unique. AI on the contrary, often relies on algorithms and data to mimic human language patterns. The content produced by AI might not be entirely copied but would lack distinctiveness that the consumers crave.

2. Expertise over algorithms

Writers, largely those who specialize in specific fields, have the advantage of domain expertise. They can use their knowledge and deep understanding of a particular subject to craft accurate, informative, and insightful content.

For example, someone with expertise in product description writing can highlight key features, benefits, and specifications of a product in a compelling and persuasive manner. More importantly, they can anticipate the needs and questions of potential customers and address them effectively in their communication. This expertise is developed through research, hands-on experience, and a deep understanding of the target audience which AI lacks.

3. Optimizing product descriptions for SEO success

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in driving organic traffic to a website or an online store. Most copywriters possess the knowledge and expertise to navigate the ever-evolving SEO landscape. They stay updated on search engine algorithm changes and keyword research and optimization techniques. Human writers can seamlessly integrate relevant keywords into product descriptions without compromising the quality or readability of the content. This adaptability ensures that the descriptions remain appealing to search engines and human readers alike.

An AI may not be able to achieve the same results without very specific instructions. Even then, SEO specialists will be needed for related research purposes.

4. Quality matters the most in product description writing

While AI copywriting tools have made significant advancements, they still cannot thoroughly assess the quality and accuracy of the generated content. Human writers can conduct comprehensive research, fact-check information, and ensure their content meets the brand’s standards. They possess the critical thinking skills to evaluate and refine the content before it is published. Additionally, human-generated product descriptions offer a personal touch, conveying authenticity and trustworthiness that resonates with consumers.

5. The emotional touch

Effective copywriting goes beyond merely stating the facts, it is about developing an emotional connection with the prospective buyers and the ability of human writers to do this is unparalleled. As per data, seven out of every ten buyers spread the word about a service or product they feel a personal connection to.

Human writers can infuse storytelling, humor, and personal anecdotes to create something that resonates well with the reader. They can take a call on the best content medium to utilize, depending on the eCommerce platform/sales channel to ensure high impact. By addressing the desires, aspirations, and pain points of the audience, human-generated content can evoke emotions that encourage engagement and drive conversions.

6. Brand voice amplified with human-written product descriptions

A crucial aspect of successful marketing is maintaining a consistent brand voice and personality across all communication channels to create a good consumer experience. According to the 2022 Sprout Social Index,  34% of consumers want to see content highlighting the brand’s personality.

Human copywriters understand the importance of aligning product descriptions with the brand’s tone, style, and values. They can adapt their writing to match the brand’s personality whether it’s playful, professional, authoritative, or quirky.

AI on the other hand lacks the understanding required to consistently convey a brand’s voice and may result in generic or even monotonous content.

7. Cultural edge

Human-generated content has an inherent advantage in understanding cultural nuances and context. Different products and brands may have varying cultural sensitivities as they target diverse audiences.

For instance, McDonald’s “Prosperity Burger” campaign in Asia demonstrates its ability to cater to cultural nuances and preferences during Chinese New Year. With localized menus and culturally relevant marketing, McDonald’s forges a strong connection with diverse Asian audiences. However, if McDonald’s would have relied solely on AI generated content for its marketing, the marketing content it generated may not have captured the right idea and the company wouldn’t have been able to connect well with the audience.

Human writers possess the awareness to tailor their content specific to demographics and markets. They can navigate linguistic subtleties and cultural references, local preferences making the content apt for the prospective buyer. This ability to adapt and connect on a cultural level enhances brand credibility and establishes a stronger rapport with the customers.

8. Creativity and uniqueness

Creativity is an intrinsic human trait that cannot be replicated by AI copywriting tools. Human writers offer a valuable perspective, bringing fresh ideas and a deep understanding of the target audience to the process. Their ability to craft unique and captivating product descriptions sets them apart, helping brands stand out from their competitors. The ability to think outside the box, experiment with different writing styles, and adapt to changing trends sets human-generated content apart and fosters brand loyalty.

On the other hand, if AI is used heavily for product description generation, it is possible that after a while, almost all such content will start looking similar, with nothing unique left to distinguish one brand from another.

Reaching the final verdict

While AI copywriting tools have their merits and can save time in content generation, human-generated product descriptions continue to outshine AI in several essential aspects.

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