What is Amazon A+ Content and How Does It Make More Sales?


How Amazon A+ content can boost your brand position and revenue?

Amazon, even though it is the name of the world’s largest rainforest, brings in the image of a fascinating online shopping website where you can find almost everything you want. The first prominent e-commerce website that changed the course of the retail landscape, Amazon is one of the most influential platforms in the digital marketing arena. It has also turned out to be a very competitive space for brands. Everyone wants to monetize the reach of Amazon by offering their products to everyone across the world. One way to appeal to customers on this virtual platform is through appropriate and eye-catching descriptions. Hence, brands should take their Amazon A+ product detail pages very seriously.

Now, if you are a new player in this world of online business, it is likely that you have little to no idea about Amazon A+content services. So, let’s begin a little quest that will help you understand everything about this special kind of Amazon content and how it can benefit your marketing strategy on the world’s largest eCommerce website.

Amazon A+ Content Services- What is it?

Amazon is a vast sea of brands from different categories constantly fighting to stay at the top of the visibility chart and rope in customers to make more sales. This fight for better visibility and faster conversions includes several digital marketing strategies. Amazon A+ content is one such opportunity, provided by the e-commerce giant itself, to help brands stand out by offering bespoke brand communication.

Amazon introduced the A+ content service on 1 January 2018 and it was initially a premium service, available to certain kinds of vendors only. However, today it is a free service and is accessible to all vendors on Amazon. With the introduction of this feature, Amazon gave brands the power to tell their story in their own voice to their customers. This has helped brands create a special position for themselves in the minds of their target audience. Amazon A+ content services also help you to keep good control over your brand tonality and image by designing the communication in ways that are best suited for the niche industry.

A+ product detail pages are a combination of videos, infographics, and interactive FAQs. Such carefully curated content helps add substance to your product and gives it a certain personal appeal. By getting a platform to speak in extension, you get the chance to speak in a language that you believe in as a brand owner. This allows customers to forge a connection with the brand and build trust which eventually will lead to conversions, sales, and loyalty that will pay off for years to come.

Amazon A+ Content Writing Services helps in taking the convenience of online shopping a step further. It helps in enhancing the user experience, bringing it very close to that of physical in-store shopping where customers can ask queries to salespersons and get to know the product better. It extends an important Amazon value of keeping the platform customer-centric.

A+ Content writing services allows users to include content like enhanced product descriptions with the help of targeted custom paragraph headers and images, distinct images and text layouts, comparison charts, numbered feature index, visibility on the product description part of Amazon detail page. You will have 17 standard modules and basic images with 5 modules every page. The images can be up to 970 pixels wide. Amazon A+ product detail pages can boost conversions by up to 3%-10%.

A+ content allows brand owners to put up high quality integrated videos that can be up to 3 minutes in length. Hence, video marketing on Amazon is gaining immense traction these days. Several brand owners are, in fact, opting to outsource experienced resources that make sales-oriented Amazon-specific videos. They use the latest tools along with the right music, CTAs, etc. that pushes leads towards making a sale in the right way without being too pushy or promotional.

You can make use of the pre-formatted text and image templates provided by Amazon or you can even build your own. It takes around 7 days for Amazon to review the content and then either approve or reject it. When approved, the A+ content will appear on the page within 24 hours.

Any brand owner who is listed as a professional seller according to the amazon brand registry process along with new brand owners who are a part of selling programs like Launchpad and Amazon exclusive, can have access to A+ content. Your brand has to be approved and once that is done, you can put A+ content for products listed on your approved brand catalog.

A+ Content Writing Services and A++ content- Are they the same?

Amazon A+ Content Writing Services should not be confused with another very similar Amazon content, called Amazon A+ + content. There are a few differences between the two. So let’s take a quick glance at the differences.

Amazon A+ content is accessible to all vendors and is free of cost while Amazon A++ content can be accessed through invite only. Amazon A++ content is chargeable too. A+ offers 17 standard modules to work with, while A++ comes with 17 standard modules and 17 premium modules. The images for A+ can be up to 970 pixels wide while the same for the A++ module can go up to 1464 pixels. Users can put up 5 modules per page when it comes to A+ content but they can go as high as 7 modules per page in the case of A++ modules. A+ + content has been found to positively impact conversion rates by up to 15%.

Creating Amazon A+ Product Detail Pages- How to start?

Smart brand owners know that creating A+ content on Amazon should not be taken lightly. In order to make the most of this feature and appeal to the right customers, there are a few points that should be kept in mind.

Here are some simple tips that can help you gain that extra edge while designing A+ Amazon content for your brand.

1. Start with Amazon brand registry

To upload A+ content on Amazon, your brand has to be registered and approved as per Amazon brand registry. So, as soon as you list your product on the platform, apply for the Amazon brand registry immediately and also put up your product catalog for approval. Remember, only those products that fall under your approved brand catalog can have A+ content.

The Amazon brand registry process is very simple. You just need a registered trademark that is visible on your products along with the universal product code.

2. Invest in eye-catching design

With Amazon A+ content, you can go for the preset templates or create your own ones too. It is best if the templates you choose are in sync with your brand appearance and visual appeal. Plan the templates and images in such a way that every brand element feels that they are in coordination and gives out a single feel.

3. Plan an easy to consume content

Amazon is ultimately an online shopping site. Hence, it is very easy for customers to lose interest and move on to another product from a different brand. So you have to plan your content in such a way that it is easy for everyone to consume. Strategize words, keywords, and images well and lay them in a synchronized manner so that it is easy for the viewer to create an imagery and weave a story in favor of the brand.

4. Highlight the best features of the product

It goes without saying that the purpose of A+ content is to convince potential buyers about the usefulness of the product. Bring out the best features of your product using the right keywords and images that will compel the buyers to add the product to their cart.

5. Use A+ content to bring up lesser known products or new products

A+ content comes with a grid format too, that can be used to insert in links to other related products. This tool can be used to actively bring into notice products that are not doing great sales wise or divert the traffic to the latest product launches. This module is extremely beneficial if you have multiple products listed for your brand.

Amazon A+ Content Writing Services can benefit brands by driving sales

Amazon A+ Content Services can help in myriad ways. In a space that has several brands offering the same products, A+ content helps brand owners to target the audience in an authentic way. Yes, it is true that the ultimate goal is to increase sales but when it is through transparent communication, the entire shopping journey becomes a valuable experience.

A+ content services can help boost your sales by appealing to the right customers in the right way. Amazon actively invites all its sellers to use this feature wisely and there is a reason behind it. Some of the advantages of incorporating A+ content for your Amazon store that can push your sales are listed below:

1. Grab your audiences’ attention

The online audience of today is very smart. They want to know every detail possible about a product they wish to purchase. Satisfying this requirement with just a handful of images and descriptions that are restricted by a strict character limit. A+ content is an impactful way to ensure potential customers have good information about the brand and the products straight from the voices of the company. You can get your customers hooked to the product page with the help of a carousel and videos, all of which helps them frame a better image about the products.

2. Instant and targeted recognition on Amazon

Remember Amazon is also like a search engine where users search for different products. So, even here, you will have to put SEO into practice in order to boost your visibility. A+ content gives you the perfect way to implement all the SEO strategies. You can use high-volume keywords in descriptions and images and boost your ranking on the platform.

3. Increased conversions

A+ content is mobile-friendly. So you will be able to witness conversions from the smartphone using Amazon users too. Hence, with optimized A+ content like videos and interactive FAQs, you will have better conversions coming in from the wider spectrum of Amazon users.

4. Get higher and better reviews

With better product knowledge at hand, customers are likely to make wise buying decisions that will bring them better satisfaction. Hence, they are more likely to come back and buy again and also recommend the same to their friends and family. This way, A+ content encourages customers to share their positive feedback on the store page that in turn adds to improved brand image, positive publicity of the brand, and higher sales.

5. Boost your brand image

Professionally written, sales-oriented descriptions, high-quality images and videos, sharing the brand vision and philosophy with customers helps in building your brand among the targeted customer base. A+ content gives the customer a chance to identify their requirements with the brands’ solutions and invest their trust in it. All this helps in building a stronger and more positive brand image that will consolidate your marketing position for years to come.

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