incorporate video marketing with images

How Amazon Sellers Can Use Video Marketing To Level Up


incorporate video marketing with images

So, you’re an Amazon seller? Great! But then so are about 5 million others. We’re sure you must have gained a lot of conversions by taking to this eCommerce behemoth. Or have you? Think about it. Anyone can be a seller on Amazon. But is that all you want to be? Just another seller? Or do you want to be a brand builder who actually leverages the world’s biggest online marketplace and creates something noteworthy i.e. a brand name?

Now now, becoming a brand builder may sound like an uphill battle, the reality, however, is different. You see, all you need is an effective marketing strategy, one that can help you grab all the eyeballs you can get. After all, a brand name is built only if you’re able to spread awareness and get maximum people to sit up and take notice. Well, to be honest, that takes some killer content, something that instantly attracts the customers. And in the present day and age, what better than video marketing to grab the customers’ attention? 87% of marketing professionals are already using video as their marketing tool. And why wouldn’t they? About 54% of consumers nowadays want to see more video content from a brand they support.

We know what you’re thinking. Will this really help me as an Amazon seller? Will I get more leads/conversions?

The answer to that is a big fat YES! And here’s the proof. Video marketers secure 66% more leads per year along with 54% increase in brand awareness.

However, adding engaging content and striking videos is only possible with A+ content for vendors or Amazon EBC for sellers. A+ content can help you increase your conversions by about 3-10%. That’s because you’re able to make your Amazon product pages even more intriguing with high-quality content including images, infographics, and videos.

Well, this certainly means that there’s a lot more to succeeding as an Amazon seller than just putting up perfectly optimized Amazon product listings. That’s not a problem because with strategic video marketing, you can accomplish a lot more than expected. Why must one merely depend on product pictures for their Amazon listings when they can get some super amazing videos incorporated along with the images? Why you ask? Read on to know.

  • The obvious one: Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is the key. If you’re able to grab a customer’s attention and hold it for long enough, you’re there. But the thing is spellbinding customers for long is a challenging task. You can’t simply create a video and expect it to work. Your video should be the right combination of information and entertainment. You must be able to educate your buyer about your product and your brand. And if you do it right, you may be able to build an emotional connection with the customer via your video, which is the whole intent of video marketing.

  • Get your logo in there

    Since we’re on to brand building here, including your logo in all of your videos will help you increase your recall value. Plus, whatever sentiment your video evokes, the viewers will be able to connect it with your brand if your logo is constantly visible.

  • Make your video’s focal point obvious

    Video focus on brand items

    The product images in your listing will focus on the product, but so should your video. A video that is to-the-point and doesn’t fail to address the most important things always clicks with the customer. For example, if you’re a seller of handbags, your brand video should focus on bags instead of the models. Like, you may zoom into your primary product to show its different angles, maybe an inside look, or a closer view of stitching would work. The best example for this is the iPhone X announcement video by Apple. They made it interesting with a unique concept and showed a variety of different elements in their product video. But somehow, they manage to keep the iPhone in focus by zooming into it every 3-4 seconds. You get the drift, right?

  • Music helps

    A cool, funky background soundtrack never hurts, as long as it is in sync with your video and its elements. If anything, it lifts up the quality of your video. But be sure not to include one that ends up taking the focus off of your video. A subtle one would do just fine, like the one in the iPhone X video.

  • Leverage quick cuts

    Use quick cuts

    Quick cut-ins and cut-outs not only look cool but help you display multiple elements in one go. Think of a video that focuses on every simple thing for too long. This may not work well if you want to keep the viewers hooked on for long. When you use quick cuts, you’re able to display a lot more in a lot less time.

  • CTAs, because leads

    The need for including a suitable call to action goes without saying if you’re looking for instant conversions. You’ll obviously want customers to act as soon as your video is over. Including a link to your official brand page could help in securing a conversion.

  • A speedy playback works like a charm

    Try speedy playback in videos

    Initially, you can create a simple video without really taking the playback speed into account. Later, you can test certain variations where you increase the playback speed with respect to your music and see how it looks. Sometimes, with the right music, it can end up looking way more cooler and interesting, which is the primary goal anyway.

  • Put together multiple clips

    Instead of shooting a video in one go, you can shoot modular or multiple scenes and then club them together to create a masterpiece. Now that takes skill. You can always look for motivation from big brands like Apple, Samsung, etc. and get an idea of what’s actually working and how it can be used in regard to your product.

  • A credible social proof goes a long way

    Social proof in videos

    Some kind of social proof, a testimonial or an example of some happy customers could help a lot. When customers see that your product is actually succeeding, they’ll be intrigued to give your brand a try.

    Final Thoughts

    Every seller aims for long-term growth. Amazon is the perfect eCommerce platform that can not only help you grow, but establish a brand name. You’ll be able to do just that if you leverage video marketing along with other visual content in the right way. Also, use social media diligently to spread awareness with your video and in no time, you’ll be more than just an Amazon seller. Yes, that’s what real success would taste like. You can also write to us at to get expert help for EBC and A+ content.

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