Lead Qualification Services: A great way to turn potential business leads into qualified sales opportunities

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Turn potential business leads into qualified sales opportunities with our lead qualification services

Getting qualified leads is a sure-shot way to get more sales for any business. However, most companies struggle to identify good leads and end up wasting time on poor prospects. To get more business, whether you are practicing cold calling, email marketing, or follow up on your contact list from the database, a great deal of your valuable time is wasted. Well, there can be several other reasons why sales are not good enough and one of the main reasons could be poor-quality leads, leading to poor conversion. However, with lead qualification services and lead nurturing services you can overcome the problem of poor-quality leads making their way directly into sales pipelines. Want to know how? Continue reading the blog…

“With every business out there competing for sales leads, lead qualification services can help you stand out from the crowd.”

To effectively market your products and services, there is nothing that works better than qualifying potential and existing leads and finds the leads who are willing and eager to invest in your services. As it can be disheartening to face the fact that the time, effort, and money invested in earning the lead will never bear fruit. And this is where a lead qualification company can quickly identify and disqualify leads that don’t fit the bill.

What is lead qualification? Why is it important

Lead qualification is a systematic process by which businesses can evaluate whether prospects fit your target customer profile and are able, ready, and willing to buy your products and services or not. The process involves determining whether a prospect is in need of your product, where does a prospect stands in the buying cycle, and if it has the potential to turn into a customer. Lead qualification can also help you determine if the prospect has the potential to become a long-term customer for your business.

If you are wondering why lead qualification is so important to your business, well it is because it helps you determine which prospects or leads are likely to convert into your customers. Without practicing lead qualification, your team would be wasting a lot of valuable time on prospects who have no potential to turn into new customers. Though based on the kind of products or services a company is providing, different lead qualification methods are followed and have their own criteria and a process to qualify leads in order to:

  • Bring sales efficiency: Every business aims to increase the effectiveness and keep their sales funnel going with high-quality leads. With the lead qualification, businesses can have a clear database of both qualified and unqualified leads that result in more sales, more revenue, and increased efficiency.
  • Identify bad leads and hot leads: Only because some of your prospects show a mild interest in your products or services, it does not mean that they are necessarily going to convert the same day. This requires “lead nurturing” by which you can develop and reinforce relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. This calls you to have a well-defined checklist of events and behavioral metrics so that you can separate your warm and hot leads and nurture cold leads to move closer towards your goal.

Still don’t believe in lead qualification & nurturing?

The numbers will prove you wrong! Give it a glance:

  • 61% of marketers believe that lead generation is their number one challenge
  • 53% of marketers spend almost half of their budget on lead generation
  • Leads are 9x more likely to convert when businesses follow up within 5 minutes
  • Outsourcing lead generation and qualification beats handling it in-house
  • A Hubspot report shows that the vast majority of companies generate qualified leads of less than 5,000 per month
  • On average, nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.
  • 74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority

Benefits of lead qualification services for businesses

Better quality leads & more conversions: When you Outsource Lead Qualification Services not only brings in more leads but also does ensure that the leads you have are of higher quality and more likely to convert. Availing of these services, you can generate leads through multiple channels, including social, email, voice, web marketing, etc. These services can further help your internal sales team to qualify, filter, sort, manage and follow up on the leads to boost your sales and conversion with better leads.

Increased Sales Productivity: Finding the most appropriate leads and separating them from the useless ones may seem a difficult task when done in-house when a majority of the sales agents’ time is spent contacting unqualified leads. Using qualification services you can be assured to redirect your efforts on prospects that are genuinely interested in making a purchase and can associate with you on a long-term basis. Lead Qualification Services Experts allot their time following up on leads with contacts, building relationships, and even stay in touch with converted leads in order to see if they can recommend potential customers.

Better Alignment Between Sales & Marketing: By leveraging lead qualification services you can collect valuable information about the leads. The sooner their marketing team understands the prospects, the sooner they can formulate strategies to better serve the sales. This way you can align your sales and marketing efforts and reap the maximum benefits.

Leads from different sources: The lead qualification company can help you qualify, sort, and clean leads identified from various lead generation sources, such as:

  • Website inquiries
  • Online quotation requests and referral sources
  • Inbound calls
  • Website inquiries
  • Demo downloads
  • Events (Tradeshows, Webcasts)
  • White paper/case study downloads
  • Industry databases
  • PR sources

After collecting leads from different sources, lead qualification experts offer you a refined list of “sales-ready” leads, qualified on all the essential criteria to make sure that it brings in great returns and ensure that you make optimum use of your selling time.

More Effective Use of Time: Services from a reputable company can help you save a lot of your productive hours. This is mainly because when you know exactly where leads are in your sales funnel, you can prioritize the leads quickly and focus on the hot leads that can bring you more conversions. In the later stages, or simultaneously, the team can also nurture the warm and colder leads to gain results from them in the near future.

Better Follow-up on leads: Every business may have a plethora of leads over time and managing the leads in-house can get very difficult. Especially when it comes to following up with the leads, it becomes overwhelming for you to determine which leads are qualified to follow up. This can be addressed by utilizing professional lead qualification services. The company has the expertise to segregate poorly qualified leads with qualified ones and accordingly grab better opportunities.

Higher Return on Investment: Less time wasted plus better quality leads equals a higher return on time invested, this can happen only by using quality lead qualification services. You can precisely:

  • Track the ROI of your campaign
  • Get an idea about the cost per opportunity and improve your marketing ROI
  • Based on the results derived from the lead qualification process, modify your upcoming campaigns.

What to expect from your service provider?

Outsourcing Lead qualification services will quickly help you drive leads and build your brand awareness by prospecting lead lists and assigning team members to work on initial qualifying of leads before it reaches the sales teams. A professional company understands how to segregate leads and develops the criteria to assess each lead. They monitor, analyze and understand your buyer’s journey, devise a strategy for the overall campaign, and carefully craft qualifying questions to determine the validity or quality of the lead. Using the services can astonishingly improve your lead quality and closure rates through superior sales intelligence.

A lead qualification service will also remarket to the dead leads or cold leads with lead nurturing services for leads that showed some interest and thoroughly follow-up on leads so that no opportunity is missed. Using database and proprietary software and frameworks like BANT, CHAMP, MEDDPICC, SCOTSMAN, and FAINT, combined with their expertise, you can have a curated list of the right target buyers that convert faster with a shorter runway.

A lead qualification company can help you with the following tasks:

  • Contact Discovery & Database Management
  • Prospect Analysis
  • Account Profiling
  • Social Media Research
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Pipeline Management

Lead qualification made effortless with B2B lead generation & qualification experts from SunTec India

Now that you know the importance of lead qualification, it’s high time that you turn to professional services from an experienced service provider. A successful lead qualification program requires a full team of professionals including quality assurance specialists, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), B2B sales representatives, and more, outsourcing a team of experts who feels like an extension of your own team can act as the best solution!

With SunTec India, you can turn every potential business lead into a qualified sales opportunity. Right from cold calling to B2B lead chasing, marketing efforts, sales support, personalized campaign creation, and message curation, our services cover every aspect of B2B lead nurturing, qualification, & generation, we can handle it all! With more than 25 years of experience, we help our clients with reviewed and qualified prospective leads and transform those into sales opportunities. By using a combination of data quality processing techniques, tools & software, online research, detailed follow-ups, and a calling team, we examine and determine each lead. Our marketing & lead qualification experts work in close coordination with your in-house sales team to qualify your existing leads and provide you priming returns within the stipulated turnaround time.

So, gear up for building a sustainable relationship with prospects, get a healthy sales pipeline, and close more deals. Contact us today! Get in touch with us at info@suntecindia.com

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