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Product Data Entry Services

Online customers expect a quick and easy shopping process. Shoppers shouldn’t have to worry about typing in product information or searching for a link where they can add the product to their cart. The best online retailers offer searchable, up-to-date product information that is accessible with just a few clicks of the mouse. That’s why it’s so important to let a company offering eCommerce product data entry services handle your product information and categorization.

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Product Data Entry Services

If you want to outsource eCommerce product data entry services, below are the important pointers you should focus on.

1. Focus on Your Core Business

When you outsource your eCommerce data entry services to a company that specializes in e-commerce, you won’t have to hire and train staff members who can make updates directly on your own site. The responsibility for maintaining product content will rest with the vendor, freeing up your internal resources for other important tasks.

2. Save Time and Money

An eCommerce data entry company will furnish an extensive library of content that’s been created and verified by their own teams of professional copywriters, editors, and data-entry specialists. This means you can access a variety of accurate product information without wasting your internal resources on the tedious task of updating every single one of your products.

3. Increase Sales through the More Efficient Product Listing

Add relevant details about your products, such as images, video links, and specifications that will attract shoppers to the product page. You need a professional to do that. Hence, outsourcing is a better option.

4. Build Trust

Customers shop at online retailers like yours because they’re looking for a service or product they can’t find anywhere else. Increase customer trust by giving them confidence in your products with complete, accurate information on the product page.

5. Strengthen Your Brand Image

Customers are more likely to place an order when they have a positive experience with a site through high-quality content and great visuals. Let a company offering you eCommerce data entry services help you strengthen your online presence by creating clear, accurate product information.

6. Improve Search Engine Optimization

When you outsource to a top-rated provider, the content they create for you will adhere to all major search engine guidelines. This means that your product pages will be optimized for search engines and improve your site’s rankings.

7. Increase Conversion Rates

Visitors who are able to locate your products quickly and easily are more likely to place an order. By taking the time and expense out of updating product information, an eCommerce data entry company can increase your conversion rates by ensuring that your products stand out from the competition.

8. Repetitive Tasks

Product data entry is a repetitive task that doesn’t require any specialized skills – so why not outsource it. You can continue to focus on your company’s core competencies while a product data entry company handles the process of updating and maintaining your content.

Important Pointers To Focus On While Outsourcing Ecommerce Product Data Entry Services

With so many different products on offer, it’s hard enough for even the most organized business owners to stay on top of their eCommerce store – let alone all the other aspects of running a business. As anyone who manages an online shop will tell you, it’s important to work on improving your customer service at all times, which means keeping the product details up-to-date is a top priority.

Suntec India focuses on multiple key pointers when it comes to product data entry services.

1. Cleaning up the Data

We understand the importance of including information in your database, but data cleansing is also essential. This includes removing data that is no longer relevant or redundant. We’ll look for and clean up any such data.

2. Verifying Data

This step also involves checking the accuracy of the data. We check for duplicates and ensure that all the information is accurate by comparing it with related sources. The verification process binds us to deliver you 100% error-free data that ensures no redundant or irrelevant information makes its way into your database.

3. Converting Data into a Structured Form

In some cases, the data provided through an eCommerce store is not in a structured form. For example, it can be tabular, or in the case of images, there might be no relevant information available about them. Our team goes through this process by transcribing it into a database with relevant fields for easy searching and retrieval.

4. Formatting Data for Specific Product Database Platforms

Outsourcing product data entry needs can serve as a great way to gain access to services that are not available in-house. We have extensive experience of working with various eCommerce platforms, some of which are Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, and much more. Our team specializes in formatting the data according to your requirements.

5. Product Information Management (PIM)

The information provided on your eCommerce website is critical for your business. This data can be used in many ways, which include insights into customer preferences and market trends. All the data needs to be captured accurately so that it can be used in decision making processes at some point or the other.

6. Purge Old, Obsolete Product Data

Outsource product data entry services can be instrumental for your eCommerce business in many different ways. However, it is also important not to forget the purpose of this activity. Product information needs to be updated regularly, especially when you are running a multi-channel retail strategy. The accuracy and freshness of the data are crucial for making decisions and driving sales. Product data entry services can help you with all these aspects of product information management (PIM).

7. Cataloging/Classification of Products to Make Search Faster and Easy

Making product data available via a web-based interface will allow customers to access it conveniently. Make sure that the web portal is searchable so they can not only look up products but also use filters to narrow down their search. This is where cataloging/classification of products comes in handy.

8. Data Structuring/Database Creation

Product databases can become quite complex over time if micromanagement is not done. Our team specializes in creating structured databases through normalization. We have a good understanding of how different types of data can be structured for better usability and storage.

9. Product Images & Videos Cataloging

Retailers and manufacturers need to upload the images and videos themselves on the eCommerce platform. This is because product information cannot be complete without adding images that give an accurate representation of it. Adding images of varying sizes is also important to ensure that the right image appears in search results and other places.


If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of manually inputting everything in your eCommerce store, then outsourcing product data entry services can be the best option to do. It saves time, money and at the same time, lets you focus on the other core aspects of your business.

Offering dependable outsourcing since 1999, SunTec India has the expertise and experience in providing product data entry services to clients across the globe. We have helped clients in streamlining their business processes by offering effective services that complement existing systems.

To get in touch with us, write to us at info@suntecindia.com

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